Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - V-E-T Edition

Momma counted everything up yesterday and discovered that she’s made 13 trips (well, 14 now – which really depressed her) to the vet recently, so that’s what we’re doing our TT on this week.

Thursday Thirteen - Momma and EG's V-E-T Trips

3/3/07 (morning) – EG had thrown up lots so Momma took him to SVH. They gave him some barfy medicine and some fluids.

3/4/2007 (early morning) – EG kept throwing up all day on Saturday, so Momma took him to the emergency V-E-T. They ended up keeping him because he was dehydrated and had scary liver enzyme values.

3/4/2007 (evening) – Momma went to the emergency hospital to see EG. She got to hold him and pet on him and give him lots of scratches. He had a yellow bandage on his arm.

3/5/2007 (evening) – Momma went back to the emergency hospital to visit him. He had a purple bandage on his arm. His liver enzyme value was half of what it was on Sunday.

3/6/2007 (evening) – Momma and Daddy went to the emergency hospital to pick him up. His bandage was blue this time. The techs said that he talked to them all day. He was tearing around the house and hanging out. I thought he smelled really bad so I hissed and growled at him.

3/8/2007 (evening) – I finally stopped hissing and growling at EG’s stinky self. But then Momma noticed that he wasn’t acting right, so she took him back to the emergency V-E-T. They drew more blood and gave him some fluids under the skin. His liver enzyme was still improving.

3/10/2007 (morning) – Momma took EG back to the V-E-T for a re-check. He was doing ok. His liver enzymes had dropped to almost normal. He got an x-ray which showed that his intestines were sort of bunched up, but the V-E-T thought that might be from one of the barfy medicines he’d been taking. He got more fluids, just to be safe, and got a special prescription food to eat. (I really like this food! It is soooo good, but Momma won’t let me eat it.)

3/12/2007 (morning) – Momma took EG back to the V-E-T for his last re-check. His x-ray showed that his intestines looked normal and his liver enzyme was normal. The V-E-T said he should continue to take his barfy medicine for four more days and eat some prescription food for another week.

3/17/07 (morning) – EG started throwing up the night before so Momma took him back to the V-E-T. Dr. P sent him to a specialty clinic for an ultrasound.

3/17/2007 (afternoon) – Momma took him right to the specialty clinic. The specialist did an ultrasound and found something weird in his tummy. She said he needed surgery and he had to stay there. They called Momma around 6:20 pm and told her that they were getting ready to take him into surgery. They called back at 8:30 and told Momma that his surgery went well and they removed a piece of purple plastic from his tummy.

3/18/2007 (morning) – T ate two pounds of kitty food and Momma had to take him to the V-E-T.

3/18/2007 (evening) – Visiting hours at the clinic were from 6 to 9 pm so Momma and Daddy went to see him. Daddy took lots of pictures of him. They stayed for a while and petted him. The tech said that he could go home that night, but Momma and Daddy asked if he could stay one more night so the techs could keep an eye on him and so Momma could maybe get some sleep.

3/19/2007 (afternoon) – Momma went back to the clinic to pick up EG and bring him home. He has to stay in Titus’ old dawg prison box. I can smell him (he stinks like sterile hospital), but so far I haven’t felt the need to hiss or growl at him. He’s slowing starting to smell better, so I think by the time he’s all healed up, I won’t have to be scared of him.

3/21/2007 (afternoon) – EG hasn’t been going potty, so Momma took him back to the V-E-T. The V-E-T said that he was doing well and gave him some fluids to keep him from getting dehydrated and to make him go potty. The V-E-T said that she hopes everything goes well and that she doesn’t have to see any of us back there until we go get our shots.

Momma has to take him back next week to get re-checked and get his stitches out. She’s really hoping that it’s the only trip she has to make.



  1. I hope yoo don't have any more TTs like this one!

  2. Skeezix said what we was gonna say!

  3. Sounds like Meowmy and me this exact time last year! I'm so glad it was a happy ending and EG is recovering from the ordeal. Stay at home and don't go to the VET this much!

  4. Than and bubba are keeping their paws crossed that next week is much better and there are no more emergency trips to the v-e-t

  5. Thank you! Momma is soooo tired of going to the V-E-T. I told EG to cut her some slack and keep eating and going potty and not touch his stitches. He promised he'd be good.


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