Friday, March 2, 2007

Skeezix and Zeus

Please, please, please don't stop blogging. You guys inspired us to start our very own blog. Skeezix, our Momma loves checking blog every day. Sometimes her eyes leak because she laughs so hard. She also bought two mugs with you on them because they make her smile.
Zeus, we thought it was very cool of you to hold a Mr. Litterbox contest. Even though Earl Grey didn't get to participate (because our Momma is technologically challenged and won't let us blog ourselves), we thought it was very nice of you to go through all the trouble.
Please don't quit blogging. We love to read about all of your adventures.

Titus, Tazo, & Earl Grey

PS - Earl Grey says:
Skeezix, Tazo has a secret crush on you. She thinks you are a very handsome guy. If things don't work out with Daisy, I bet Tazo would step right up.
Hey, Zeus! Do *you* have a girlfriend? How do you feel about girls with fur? *wink wink*

Tazo says:
Shut up, Earl Grey! *blushes*


  1. That is very nice of you to do this post.
    I also want to say I am sorry to hear about Oliver passing. He looked like a wonderful big man cat.

  2. Thank you! We love Skeezix and Zeus and hate to think that icky drama could make those guys stop blogging. We'd be very sad. :(

    Thank you for your kind words about Oliver. He was a very handsome and distinguished fellow.

  3. Thank yoo, guys, I appresheate it. I'm werking to take the steps nessessary to deel with the indivijuals hoo were thretning me, and then I'll probly git bak to blogging.... beesides, I have to promote yer blog this weekend!

  4. Hi everyone. Welcome to our cat blogging community. Tazo & Earl Grey are invited to join Coats of Many Colors,my social group for bi, tri & solid color cats.

    Stop over and see us.

    George (Founder, Coats of Many Colors)
    Tipper, Max & Misty E

  5. We just heard from Skeez that Earl Grey is sick. We hope he will feel better soon. Headbutts and Purrs.

  6. OH NO, Earl Grey...yoo gotta get bettur! Why wuld the V-E-T give yoo barfy medicine if yer already barfy!?!?!?!

    On a serious note, were sending TONS of purrs yer way and we've evun asked owr lady to put yoo in hur prayers!

    Get bettur!!
    Rosie and Cheeto

  7. Hugs, headbuts and purrayers your way.

  8. Earl Gray, Skeezix told us that you were sick and we hope you get well soon! We certainly hope it's nothing serious.

    And we're so sorry to hear about Oliver. Very sad.

    We send hugs to all of you.


  9. Earl Grey is sick! Oh no, we'll be saying purrayers fur him to get better quick. Poor baby.

  10. I'm really sorry to learn from Skeezix that Earl Grey is sick. My Mom and I are sending prayers and purrs.

  11. Hey there - we heard Earl Grey wasn't feelin' too good? We hopes he gets well soon!

  12. I heard from Skeezix that Earl Grey isn't feeling well. I hope you feel better soon! Sending lots of healing purrs your way.

  13. Earl Grey, Pixie and I are purring that you feel better soon!

  14. Sending Purrs and Kitty Prayers for Earl Grey. Beautiful Kitty Cats I might Add! Peace

  15. We just heard from Skeezix that Earl Grey is sick so we are sending Lot & Lots of postive prayers and purrs to you! Hope he is better very soon!

    China Cat & Willow

  16. oh we readed about Earl Grey at Skeezix's blog. we is saying many purrayers that he will be ok.

  17. Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers. We'll post an update in a minute.
    Love, the furry kids and their Momma and Daddy


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