Friday, January 30, 2009

Froot Bat Friday

So yesterday, I was still hungry, even after the whole fish oil thing. So I ate a whole box of Lucky Charms. I don't know why Mom started crying when Dad told her he found the empty box. But they tasted so good! The good news is that my tummy and 'tocks were ok. The bad news is that I didn't get much for dinner. Only like 1/4 cup. That's like nothing. Mom thinks maybe I'm bored because we haven't been playing as much or even going outside lately since it's been crazy freezy cold here the last couple of weeks. I think it's just that I'm hungry.all.the.time. I have a feeling that there are some walks in my future. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Oh, and the stoopid, horrible evil twin name poll thingy ends February 1 at midnight EST. Please vote! Because I'm starting to think having an evil twin around here might not be a bad idea...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thoughts on Thursday: A PSA

By Titus Theodore

I am thinking that it wasn't that great of an idea to eat like 50 of Dad's salmon oil pills yesterday morning. I just thought you all should know that in case anyone was thinking of chowing down on anything like that. Thank you.

Your pal,

PS - JH, I'm sorry. They just smelled so darn good. Please don't be disappointed in me.

The Mom's note: *Somekitty* (and I'm told it's the evil twin) knocked the bottle on the floor and Titus chewed it open and ingested some of the pills. I called the Dawg ER and was told to induce vomiting. I induced, he did his part, and neither of us will ever be the same. I won't go into details, but it was pretty gross (which probably says a lot since I'm (unfortunately) very used to having to make him vomit) and that smell seems to be stuck in my nose. Anyway, we accounted for 45-48 of the pills and all is well. The tech at the ER was very polite and tried really hard not to laugh when I called. When I called him back to let him know that our mission was successful, he didn't try that hard any more and was laughing right out loud. Count on the Furry Kids to make someone's day. I'm just glad that I didn't have to call our regular v-e-t. They've come to expect this kind of call from us and don't even try not to laugh any more.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tazo Tuesday

Mama said this is my glamour shot. hee hee

Oh, and I'm supposed to remind you guys to vote in that horrible, horrible evil twin poll that EG's so excited about. :sigh:

Monday, January 26, 2009

Mancat Monday

I got the best spot on the dryer yesterday. It was all warm and toasty and good.

I would like to thank everyone who has voted on my evil twin's name. This is very, very exciting. And I'm really quite relieved. Because now when someone gets The Mom up at 2:30 am, it won't be me, it'll be my evil twin. :wink wink:

In other news, we had to get rid of our E*ntrecard. It was giving us problems and stuff and The Mom even said we could poop on it's pillow if we wanted to. heh heh Sorry to those who've been trying to advertise or drop on us. We didn't intend to hold up your credits for the last week.

In other other news, we're still trying to catch up on our visiting. The Mom switched everything over from bloglines to Google Reader and then she couldn't get used to it, so she switched it back to bloglines and it's all been downhill from there. We're catching up slowly, but surely, but mostly slowly. :glares at The Mom: Thank you for still visiting us, even though we've probably not been visiting you. :glares at The Mom again:

Friday, January 23, 2009

Froot Bat Friday

This was taken right after me and Mom played a rousing game of Chase-Mom-Around-the-Backyard-Like-A-Lunatic - complete with screaming, laughing, and RAWR-ing. It was super fun, but it's very tiring as you can see.

Oh, I'm supposed to remind you guys :rolling eyes: to vote in EG's poll, if you haven't done so already. Personally, I don't think we need another evil twin around here. We've already got one, and it ain't Tazo, if you catch my drift.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thinking on Thursday

I'm really thinking I need an evil twin. Certain things have happened this week that I had absolutely nothing to do with like taking a taste of a delicious pink ear or a mysterious scratch showing up on Titus' nose or all the water being splashed out of the water bowl. The Mom keeps asking who's responsible for these goings-on, but I don't really have a good answer. Of course, *I* didn't do anything even remotely naughty, but she's not really buying the whole Not Me thing.

As you may or may not know, I really admire Hendrix and Bendrix. Inspired by them, I toyed with the evil twin idea a few months ago and got some great suggestions for a name, but I can't decide. So, there's a poll over on the right side of the bloggie. If you have a minute, please scope it out and vote.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tazo Tuesday

I'm just thinking that this might be a bit comfier if there were warm towels in here. Bert, you wanna come over and cuddle today?

Friday, January 16, 2009

Froot Bat Friday: The Foiled Again Edition

The Predator

The Unsuspecting Prey

The Delicious, Pink Ear

The Mom: Errol! Don't even think about it!

Crappity crap crap crap. And my grrrr

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thinking on Thursday

I'm thinking that it should be pretty obvious to Mom why I seem so stressed out lately. She's playing with that flashy box and she just keeps sticking it in my face because I'm the only one who doesn't run away when it comes out. Now tell me: would you want your nose on display for the whole world to see? I hope I don't have any bats in the cave, if you know what I mean.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tattletail Tuesday

We've got some good stuffs to tattletail about this week. But first, a couple kittehs asked about this guy in Titus' Froot Bat post last week. His name is Marko. Mama gotted him for Daddy for his birthday a squillion years ago. He even lived at their old house. He even lived there before Titus did! He used to be in front of the house (like Parker's friends, Sigfried & Roy), but there was a rash of lawn cheese thievery in our neighborhood a couple of years ago, so Marko hangs out on the back patio now. He's not usually that snowy, but Daddy threw snow on him with the snow eaty thing and it sort of froze on there. Mama tried to brush it off, but it was too cold out there for her, you know, because she doesn't have cool, speckley furs like me. Now that I'm looking at him, I'm thinking he's got some froot bats going, too. Hmmm.

In other news, I have a couple of things to tattle about. First, Mama letted us run out of stinky goodness. Not because of the snow or anything. Mostly because she didn't feel like going to the store. The horror! Can you imagine? Me and EG don't feel like getting up in the morning to help her get ready for work, but we do it every day. What is with beans? It's like they take and take and take, but there's no give, you know? :sigh:

The second tattley thing is that Titus gotted into our litterboxes again on Friday. And had bad 'tocks trouble :whispers: in Mama and Daddy's bedroom while they were at work. Daddy felt bad because he's usually home during the day, but that was the one time he wasn't. Mama gotted it cleaned up and begged Titus to talk to Jeter some more, you know, because Jeter is his life coach and helps him with his indiscriminant competitive eating problems. Let's all hope that he seeks help. Mama and Daddy's bedroom carpet will never be the same. hee hee

The last tattley thing is that Mama tried for 2-1/2 hours to update the firmware on her camera and gotted so frustrated that she put on her Grinchy jammies and poured a large, adult beverage. Maybe she should talk to Jeter about her "problem" too...


We sure hope things are calmer at everyone else's house.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Mancat Monday

Mancat Rule of the Day: It is very manly to make sure that your The Mom has your back when you're eating supper. Because otherwise your sisfur will steal your kibble or stinky goodness if The Mom would ever go to the store. We're on Day 3 of no stinky goodness. That is all kinds of wrong.

Update: The Mom boughted stinky goodness on her lunch break. Whew! Now I feel a little bit bad about dropping that dookie right outside the litterbox she just cleaned and then trying to cover it with her favorite towel. heh heh

Friday, January 9, 2009

Froot Bat Friday

Don't be trying to sneak a Froot Bat Friday picture. (She thinks she's soooo sneaky, but I'm on to her.) Grrrrr.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thinking on Thursday

I've been thinking. With the new year and all those resolutions that beans make, I would've hoped that The Mom would have made a resolution to not let us run out of stinky goodness. Or to scrub out the litterboxes when she says she's going to instead of just adding new litter and thinking we don't notice. Or to not let Dad do mani/pedis on us. But no. We're out of stinky goodness, she has been promising to scrub the litterboxes for two weeks, and Dad gave us mani/pedis two nights ago. What the paw? Poor Tazo has even gone so far as to give her the back of disrespect:

I'm really thinking about trading in The Mom for a funner model. Anybody ever do that before? Anybody know of any new The Moms for sale?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tazo Tuesday

Here is a picture of me after I got tired of waiting for Mama to help me blog. This is a very special picture because I almost never sit on Mama. Ever. But she had the space heater on and I couldn't resist. hee hee Please ignore the delicious pink ear in the lower right corner. Please also excuse Mama's Grinchy jammies. Mama's can be soooo embarrassing...

Monday, January 5, 2009

Mancat Monday

Mancat Rule of the Day: It is very manly to show tin foil who's boss. Everyone says cats hate foil. So not true. Tin foil can be your friend. Especially when there are snacks under there.