Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tummy Tuesday (sort of)

Earl Grey here:

I thought I better stop in and give everyone an update. I’m feeling lots better. I haven’t worn my cone since Saturday night (shhhh, don’t tell the V-E-T). Momma said that I could keep it off if I promised not to chew on my stitches. I’ve forgotten a couple of times (and Tazo has tried to help me out a couple of times), but I leave them alone as soon as Mom reminds me.

Mom kept me quiet and exercise restricted for 7 days, just like the V-E-T said. It was supposed to be more like 10 days, but I started squawking whenever she confined me to the dawg prison box. I started jumping on stuff again, even though she yells at me. But I’m so super fast that she has a hard time stopping me. She tells me I’m not supposed to jump, but I spent all those weeks feeling bad, that I have lots of stuff to make up for. The only down side is that instead of her checking my incision once a day, she checks it constantly, and tells me that if it looks bad because I jumped around too much, I might have to get more stitches and be on light duty again.
My stitches can come out sometime between Thursday and Saturday (I wonder if Dr. Daisy could take them out for me?). I can’t wait. I can get back to my regular routine. So can Mom. She’s been way nice to me lately. Getting up every couple of hours to check on me and give me medicine and snacks. I’ve been giving her lots of cuddles and laying on her a lot. I’ve even been purring for her – and I hardly ever do that to anyone but Dad.

I finished up all my medicine last night. No more eye drops, no more pepcid, no more pain pills (unless Mom thinks I’m hurting, but I’m lots better), and no more antibiotics. They were little blue pills. Mom and Dad joked that I had to take kitty Viagra. I don’t know what that means, but they’re always laughing about it.

I’ve started eating more of my regular food and less of the prescription stuff they gave me. I’m still eating small, frequent meals, but Mom is starting to stretch out snack times from every 2-3 hours to every 4-5 hours. I much prefer eating every 2-3 hours, let me tell you.

Mom freaked out about all the recalled pet food (even though we only eat kibble) and decided she’s not going to feed us any food that has anything to do with Menu Foods, so she started giving us a new kind yesterday. She’s hoping that our tummy’s adjust quick. The good thing is that it’s a food that we used to eat, so she thinks it’ll be ok. She’s just worried that it might be too much for my delicate system to handle right now. I keep telling her that I’ll be fine – just keep the kibble coming. Besides, if I can keep a giant piece of squeaky shoe rolling around in my tummy for a couple of weeks, what’s a little switch of the kibble?

This is my fourth day of going to work with her. For some reason, she doesn’t trust me and Tazo to leave my stitches alone. I didn’t want to go today. I hid under the bed and wouldn’t even come out when she rattled the food container. I’m on to her tricks. I did fall for her little Hansel and Gretel trick of leaving a trail of kibble leading into the prison box. Crap. I have to remember not to fall for that one again. Then I gave her the what for the whole way to work. She told me that she didn’t want to go to work either, but that she needs to support our kibble and ‘nip habit. The good news is that we get to listen to her favorite Sirius channel on her computer - 90s alternative. She says it reminds her of her college days.

It’s snack time, so I need to go. Plus, I need to help Mom with her billings today.
Thank you all for all your thoughts and purrayers you've been sending out for me. They have really done the trick. Mom and I are so touched by the outpouring of love and support that we've gotten from all the kitties from Catster and the kitty blogging community.
See ya!


  1. Wow, you get to go to work? That is pretty cool! The Lap Lady has to do billing this time of the month too. Latte was horrible with his sutures so I'm glad to hear you're doing well.


  2. Boy am I glad you are getting better, Earl Grey! My strict medical advice to you is to leave your sutures alone! I am still practicing suture removal on my Operation game... I mean study course. It is very great that you are all done with your medicines, too!

  3. We are so glad you are feeling better. We wish we could go to work, but Mommy says we would get her into trouble. (Daddy too.)

  4. I'm so happy to hear that you are on the mend! Keep up the good work and listen to your Mommy!

  5. I'm glad you're doing better, Earl Grey, and that you got through all that icky medicine. No chewing on the stitches, though!

  6. Thanks for the update Earl Grey! I am so glad to hear you are getting better. It is wonderful that your mom can take you to work with her to keep an eye on you! Try not to bite your stitches or be too active - we all want you to heal up quickly!

    Continuing to send healing purrs your way.

  7. They better give you a good paycheck for gettin up and going to work so much!

  8. Well, we are very glad to hear that you are getting better, and we concur that we would be very sick and tired of getting up and going to work every day!!! That's for the beans!

  9. This is supergreat news that you are feeling better. I am so glad you got rid of that cone for a while. resist the urge to nibble on the stitches!


  10. Thanks for the comments, everyone. This working business is hard. I had to take a nap on Mom's desk this afternoon. Whew!

  11. ooo, i'm not sure about the early hours, but i'd love to go to work with mommy. i get tired of being home alone.
    I'm very very happy you are doing better. We were very worried about you.

  12. we are furry glad to read that you are coming along nicely. too bad about having to go to work, though; do you get enough naps? enough attention? enough food? it must be exhausting, judging by how OUR mom is when she comes home: she feeds us and the dawgs as soon as she comes in, 'cause she sez if she sits down first, she'll fall asleep an' we won't get fed til later. (hah! that's what SHE thinks--no fallin' asleep on OUR watch!)

    anyway, earl grey, we're really glad you're almost all better and back to your perky self!!

    meows & purrs from the meowers

  13. I am very glad to learn that you have finished all your medicine and will be getting your stitches out soon. Be good and don't try to take them out yourself. I know that you are tired of being cooped up and want to jump around because you are feeling better, but try to take it easy for just a little longer, so you'll heal better.

  14. I wanna go to werk wif my mom! Wul, maybe once. I don't like her goin away efurry day an I don't mind ridin in the car. But Mom says I's not allowed, specially cuz she werks wif a lergic guy an cats are at the top of his list.

    I haf a furiend who got her ladygardenectomy this week, an when she tried to lick her scar, it hurted, so she growled at it. Then she licked again an hissed at it, so she stopped messin wif it. Also (sorry this is long) she was playin wif the e-collar an put it back on herself by accident! Her Mean Ol' Mom let her wear it a coupla hours.

  15. PS I forgotted to say, I's furry glad yur okay!


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