Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Earl McGrey Update - Tuesday Edition

Earl McGrey’s Mom here:

Earl McGrey had to go back to the V-E-T yesterday for another check up. He didn’t have to get any bloodwork done because his values were so good on Saturday. He did get another x-ray and more pokes in the belly (which didn’t seem to hurt this time). His x-ray showed that the bunched up spot in his intestines that was there on Saturday was all gone. No more bunching! :) Dr. Montgomery doesn’t think he has an obstruction any more, but he may have pancreatitis or inflammatory bowel disease. He wouldn’t hold still for the techs to draw more blood to do the check for pancreatitis, so we’re not sure what it is at this point. He has to take his barfy medicine until Friday and continue on his bland diet for 7 days. We can start adding in his regular kibble little by little and if he doesn’t throw up as we’re adding in the kibble, then we can think that it’s pancreatitis.

He was jumping around on the counters yesterday and trying to play with O’Titus, so he’s pretty much back to normal. I stayed home from work yesterday and we all did lots and lots of cuddling.

Thank you all for all your purrayers and thoughts. Last week was a really scary week and it means a lot to us that you all were thinking of us. I appreciate all the supportive notes and e-mails. I’m really new to this whole kitty thing and it’s sooo scary when they’re sick.

Thanks again. The Furry Kids should be back blogging in the next day or so. They’re getting sick of me hogging the computer. :)


  1. thank you for the update, fk's mom! we purrrays that earl g shows continued improvement, and hopes for the best possible outcome of all this!!

    love & purrs from
    the meowers

  2. We're so glad that EG is acting more like himself and that the x-ray showed the blockage or whatever it was is gone. We're continuing to send EG pawsitiv thoughts and purrayers!!

    Luf, Us

    Pee Ess. Dorf is sorta, maybe, kinda, almost getting back to what might be normal for him?? Thanks for your kind thoughts.

  3. Thank you everyone for the pawsitive thoughts and purrayers.

    We're glad to hear Dorf is getting back to normal.

    Headbutts to you. Love,
    Titus, Tazo, & Earl Grey

  4. Sounds like Earl Grey will be back to checking out the chicks in no time! I'm so glad he is feeling better.

  5. We'z glad dat Earl Grey is almost back to normal but we'll keep purraying fur him until he's all better. Speedy has dat IBD stuff and it's hard on mom cuz he gets sicky alla time. She's getting better at knowing what he can and can't eet.

  6. Thank you!

    Speedy, I'm sorry to hear that you have IBD. I hear it takes some time to figure out what foods make your tummy upset. Make sure you give your mom lots of cuddles and purrs - it sounds like she takes awesome care of you.

    O'Titus, O'Tazo, & Earl McGrey

  7. glad to hear earl grey is gettin back to his old self. will keep purrayin for efferyoe.

    yuki & kimiko


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