Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tazo Tuesday

I was tricked! I didn't want my picture taken, but Daddy held up a cracker and tricked me into posing. After Mama tooked my picture, I didn't even get to EAT THE CRACKER! What the paw???

I hope everybuddy has a way cool Tuesday! And may crackers rain from the sky!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Mancat Monday

So, during a rousing game of THoE, our condo took a tumble. (It almost squished those delicious pink ears, in fact. heh heh) Seeing our condo on it's side was pretty interesting and when The Mom tried to put it back the way it was, there was lots of milling around and snoopervising, so she just left it on it's side for us to check out. I liked it all falled over. It made a great place for spying. (Harley, I think you might want to look into this for your secret spy business.)

Mancat Rule of the Day: It is very manly to hide in your fallen over condo and then jump out at your The Mom or those delicious, pink ears when they walk past. heh heh

Friday, June 26, 2009

Favor on Friday

Hey, everybuddy, we have a huge favor to ask. A sweet Sibe guy named Laska was on his way to a forever home and ran away. He's been missing since last Sunday. You can get the whole story over at Khyra's. His foster mom contacted an animal communicator and here's what she had to say (we swiped this from Khyra):

For those of you who dont know, Laska, a recent rescue dog of mine, ran away from his temp foster home on Sunday. He was to be returning to me on Monday and ran away on Sunday :(

I am asking everyone to please visualize my Laska coming home surrounded by gold (helps to make people less frightened of him). I spoke w/an animal communicator last night. She says I need to tell everyone I know to do this. She is positive he WILL BE FOUND! Please everyone, if you could do this for me, I am begging! I will be doing a search party this sunday. If you are in the area and would care to join, please let me know!

Here's a picture of Laska and some gold flowers (for inspiration). You guys know the rest. C'mon Blogosphere, let's help Laska get home! Thank you!

Pictures from Khyra's bloggie

Please scroll down for a pic of some delicious, pink froot bats...

Froot Bat Friday

Yes, I am watching TV.
No, you may not "borrow" the remote.
Yes, we are watching Animal Planet and maybe some Scooby Doo.
No, my froot bats do not work like TV antennas.
No, I did not like that joke.
Yes, I suppose I could throw a little froot bat your way. If.I.have.to.

We are very, very glad that it's the weekend. We have big plans for napping, eating, and cuddling with Mom.
Happy Weekend, everybuddy!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday is Hurl's Day


I haven't been up to much recently. I hate to say it, but it's just been too hot this week to be evil. I am a little bit ashamed because I never ever thought I'd say that. In fact, with the exception of That Woman (who's been dancing around like a lunatic, singing the praises of warm weather), everyone around here is just laying around on the tile floor. I gotta tell you, when I was picking out my evil twin outfit, I didn't consider how hot a cape could really be. Duhr.


Update: I take it back. I have developed a brand new Hot Weather Evil Scheme. When That Woman is walking around the house, I walk around with her. And then just randomly flop down on the ground and stretch waaaaaaay out - right in front of her. The tripping and flailing as she tries to avoid squashing me is AWESOME. Try it, kittehs. It'll change your life.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Mancat Monday

Mancat Rule of the Day: It is very manly to let your The Mom post a ridiculous picture on Mancat Monday because it makes her giggle for some reason. Personally, I don't think it's all that funny.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Froot Bat Friday

Mom got me. She got me good. Ok, I admit that I made it easier on her than usual (only one gimme some frooooot baaaaaat). See, yesterday, I kinda freaked her out, so I didn't feel right making her work for the froot bats. Yesterday morning, while she was in the shower, I helped myself to some honey. About 8 oz or so. It was sooooo delicious. And so easy to get to. It was a plastic container, so after Hurl Grey whapped it off the counter, I chewed the top off and went to town. But I did learn something about my relationship with honey - it's temporary. See, I guess when you eat that much honey, it doesn't like to stay for long. While Mom was cleaning up what dripped on the carpet, she noticed that I was acting all nauseous and lip-licky. So she took me outside. And all that delicious honey came right back. It was kind of a drag. At least I got to hang onto that box of Lucky Charms for most of a day. So even though Mom was freaked out and all, she was a little bit happy that she didn't have to make another horribly embarrassing call to the v-e-t. She said she didn't feel like getting laughed at today. hehe

Happy Weekend everybuddy!

PS - Don't forget to scroll down and check out the twins' post for International Box Day.

International Box Day

We thought this sounded super fun, so we took Maggy and Zoey's challenge for International Box Day. Don't forget to post your pics!

And, as a bonus, one of Mama's faves:

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday is Hurl's Day


So here's the deal. I helped EG have the.best.adventure.ever. Last Friday, when That Dad Type Guy camed home, I helped him sneak out the door. (I would've gone myself, but I was afraid that That Dad Type Guy would notice my cape whipping past him. It's quite difficult to be inconspicuous with a cape, let me tell you.) Anyway, That Woman and That Dad Type Guy were preoccupied with their broken cold box thingy, so they didn't notice that EG was missing. That Woman was wondering where EG was when the cold box thingy was pulled out to reveal the marvelous stash of milk jug rings and jingle balls - that's not the kind of thing that he'd miss. But she figured he might've needed a little alone time like he does most evenings and didn't think any more about it. But then That Dad Type Guy lefted to go pick up a pizza and That Woman noticed that EG wasn't hanging around like he usually does and he wasn't having alone time in his alone time spot. So she did a quick check of all of our (mine and EG's) hidey spots. He wasn't in any of them. Here comes the best part. She freaked right out. She was running around the house, looking under all kinds of furniture, opening the door to the Forbidden Room, rattling the treat bag, and dropping treats all over the house. It.was.awesome. Finally, she got really freaked out and started crying and ran outside. She called for EG and ran around the corner of the house and there he was, doing just what I told him to do - acting all calm, cool, and collected.** So That Woman was crying and carrying on and acting all a fool. She carried him in the house and gave him lots of hugs (the horror!) and kisses (more horror!). We all did score some treats, too, but only after we had to listen to another lecture on not running out the door when That Dad Type Guy isn't looking. About how it's better to be inside and fat than outside and flat. About how Outside can be dangerous for kittehs - we could have a run in with those vicious, rabid, golden retrievers again, or get sucked into that Hairy Tazo's street gang. Blah, blah, blah. I was just proud of my boy, EG, for getting to taste freedom for those few minutes. The fresh air, the grass under his feets. I hope he eated some rabbit poo from the yard, too. My boy done good. Til next time, kittehs.


**The Mom's note: EG wasn't all that calm, cool, and collected. He was pretty freaked out. In fact, he ran right over to me and practically jumped into my arms and his little heart was racing. But I didn't tell Hurl Grey that - I gotta protect my Grey Baby's rep, you know.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Toes, Tongue, Tattletail, & Tazo Tuesday

It's important to keep your speckles very sparkly.

Now for the tattletail part: Last week, Daddy was going to have a bowl of cereal for dinner because Mama can not cook to save her life. Oh, wait. That is not the tattling part. Anyway, he poured the milk all over his cereal and it came out of the carton all chunky. It grossed him out, plus he was a little bit mad because an entire bowl of Cap'n Crunch was wasted. hee hee Mama started feeling around in the refrigerator and everything was warm. She was a little bit crabbilated because she had just bought lots of groceries the night before. She wented to work and told everybody about the refrigerator and they all told her that you have to clean off the coily parts every once in a while. (That's a little bit of the tattletail part because the refrigerator is 8 years old and they'ver never pulled it out before - hee hee) So Daddy camed home on Friday and Mama had him pull out the fridge and they cleaned everything out (AND found a ton of jingle balls and milk jug rings and my very favorite disembodied ear from one of Titus' stuffies). It still didn't do anything to help it be colder. And Mama started pricing the refrigerator of her dreams (she really doesn't like our fridge at all). A few hours later, everything was still warm so Daddy started poking around in there. And here's the tattletail part (hee hee): there was an empty pretzel bag pushed up against the venty part waaaaay in the back of the fridge. Once Daddy pulled it out, the fridge kicked on and started cranking out the cold. He was happy. Mama? Not so much. Her dreams of a new fridge went right down the drain. hee hee

And I bet you're asking why on earth there was a empty pretzel bag in the fridge? Well, if you throw anything remotely tasty-smelling in the trash, the boys pull it out. And EG will nom on plastic like there's no tomorrow (he really has helped us become a greener household since Mama doesn't really want to go throught the whole obstruction thang again - hee hee). So sometimes, if the trash isn't ready to be put outside, Mama and Daddy will just chuck it in the fridge for safekeeping. She says they probably shouldn't do that any more. Unless, she wants to get a jump start on a new fridge...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Mancat Monday

Mancat Rule of the Day: It's super manly to act cool and aloof when your The Mom is trying to use the flashy box on you.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Froot Bat Friday

Here I am waiting for a piece of delicious cereal to fly into my mouth. PS - It didn't.

And, just because it's a special occasion, I let Mom post this pic of me again. But only because it's Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals.

Let's Go Red Wings!!!

Happy Weekend, everybuddy!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday is Hurl's Day (With Lots of Thankful Too)


So, I've been really into my job lately. Last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, I was up all night. That Woman hadded to get up at least once every hour to investigate suspicious noises. Mwahahahahaha. In other news, I whapped a glass off of the counter onto the floor at 5:30 am the other morning. That Woman hadded to get out of bed and clean up glass before she even hadded any coffee. And then she was too awake to go back to sleep.


Tazo here. In other, way better news, yesterday was Aunt Jen's one year remission-versary. Last year, we asked everyone to purr and purray for her because she hadded leukemia and was real sick. But she kicked it to the curb and she's got one year of remission under her belt. No signs of those bad, bad blood cells. She's feeling pretty good and her head furs are growing back, too. Mama is super sorry for not updating our bloggie sooner, but she just couldn't talk about it. She hadded a really rough time watching her best friend since kindergarten go through all those tough treatments and side effects. But Aunt Jen is doing well and she and Mama both gotted a new perspective on life - mainly to just be grateful for every day that you are blessed with, and not to sweat the small stuff. We just wanted to thank everyone for their purrs and purrayers and for being our friends. You guys helped so much and you didn't even know it! Whenever Aunt Jen was having a bad day and feeling really sick, Mama would come across a bloggie that made her smile and she'd send a link to Aunt Jen to cheer her up. We'll forever be thankful for you guys and we can definitely say that the cat blogosphere is one powerful place when we all band together and send energy and purrs and purrayers out for someone. Please know that we're sending lots of thankful purrs out for all of our friends.

Happy Thursday!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Mancat Monday

Mancat Rule of the Day: As Parker says, it's important to keep a clean machine.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Fashion Froot Bat Friday

Doods, this blows. See, Mom is friends on that horrible Facebook with the Mom of this other white dawg with delicious pink ears. The problem is that they are Pittsburgh Penguins fans and we are Detroit Red Wings fans and well, their Pens and our Wings are fighting for the Stanley Cup right now. This other dawg has a ton of pictures of him with tons of Penguins swag and his mom told my mom that I needed to get in the spirit, too. So, I guess you guys can all guess what happened:

It.was.horrible. I do not do fashions - kyoot or otherwise (sorry, Daisy and Skeezix). Fashions are horribly paralyzing and excruciatingly embarrassing. Look at the look on my face! It was awful. I didn't even want to look at the camera - let alone let the froot bats fly. I did manage to score some treats for modeling (which is a first, now that I think about it - duhr). But honestly, there are not enough treats in the world to make this fashion stuff ok in my book.

Anyway, I hope everybuddy has a great weekend!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday is Hurl's Day

I'M BACK, BABY! I heard that the masses were yearning for my return and well, let's be real. I can't let them down.

Back by popular demand, here's what I've been up to this week:

  • Practicing my hunting skills by pretending that I am a giant jungle cat and That Woman is a lowly wildebeest and jumping on her back and trying to take her down. The screaming is AWESOME.
  • Rousing games of Thundering Herd of Elephants every morning at 2 am.
  • A wicked bad WWE Cage Match on That Woman at 3 am.
  • Regularly scheduled Earthworm with the Biteys just as That Woman dozes off.
  • Hiding from That Woman when she's trying to do the daily headcount before she leaves for work.
  • Running out the back door.
  • Staring and hollering at "nothing" when That Woman is home alone at night.
  • Chewing a hole in a plastic bag before That Woman can take it away
  • Swallowing some of said plastic bag - heh heh
  • Which then leads to That Woman "digging for gold" in the litterbox for the next few days - heh heh heh
  • Getting all hopped up on the 'nip and attacking Tazo and/or those Delicious Pink Ears.

It's feels great to be back!


Um, yeah, sorry about that. Tazo here. I just wanted to ask you guys to swing by the Whiskers & Purrs gang today. Our good furriend, Mazie Grace, is having her eyeball operation today and she and the gang could use some extra purrs and purrayers.

Graphic from the Whiskers & Purrs bloggie

We're purring and purraying for you, Mazie Grace!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Well, make it almost Wordless. See, I was sitting on the couch arm looking out the window and Titus was in his spot, looking out the window, too. I reached over to make biscuits on him (like I often do). Except I missed and slid down the couch arm on my head. Mama thought I would get up and shake it off, except I stayed there. She also thought that maybe Titus would move off the couch, but he didn't - he just kept looking out the window. So, I stretched out a little bit and then I took a bath. And then I dozed off. All upside down on Titus' 'tocks. Mama was squee-ing like crazy and taking tons of pictures. It was kinda annoying, but me and Titus don't often let something get in the way of a good nap. hee hee

Monday, June 1, 2009

Mancat Monday

Mancat Rule of the Day: It is very manly to take keep your The Mom's seat warm when she gets up from the couch. It is also very manly not to give it back when she tries to sit down again. heh heh

Mancat Rule of the Day Part II: It is very manly to stand at the back door and holler for hours while those delicious pink ears get to be outside and you don't. Because someone has been slacking in the whole airing up the tires on your stroller thing. Grrrrr. I'm thinking Hurl Grey may make an appearance this week...