Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday EG News

Tazo here:

EG’s still not up for blogging. He’s eating and drinking a little. Momma’s still concerned about his litterbox stuff, but she’s waiting for the V-E-T to call her back. Don’t tell the V-E-T, but Momma took his cone off last night for a few hours. He got to groom himself a little and was really good about leaving his stitches alone. Momma kept telling him what a good boy he is. I got to see him up close last night, too. I didn’t even growl. Momma says I hissed a little, but I was just whispering to him. She can’t always tell the difference. But she did say that I was a good girl, too.

He went to work with Momma again today. She doesn’t think he likes it there as much today because they were making a really loud noise in the shop and it made him askeered.

I have a bug I need to go put the bitey on (a PBK is always on call), so I gotta go. Please keep EG (and Momma) in your prayers. Momma just wants him to get better. Thank you all.

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  1. My thoughts are with EG. Sounds like he is doing better, and hope he will keep improving.



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