Thursday, March 1, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Oliver Edition

T, Tz, & EG say:
We decided to do one TT today in memory of our cousin, Oliver. Aunt Jen called Momma this morning and told her that he passed away suddenly this morning. Aunt Jen, Opie (his brother), and Momma are very sad. We know he’s up in heaven and that Shadow will take good care of him.

Oliver, We Miss You
October 2000 – March 1, 2007

Thirteen Things about Oliver:
1. He was very cuddly.
2. He had the pinkest nose and paw pads.
3. He had a loud motor.
4. He had a very long, tail – and it was very strong. Momma always tried to play with it because it was so different from Tazo's tail. He had a very strong, manly tail with big tail mussels.
5. He gived Momma lots of kisses whenever she stopped in to feed them when their Momma was out of town. Everytime Momma walked in the door, she would crouch down and he would come over and give her kisses and then rub his cheeks on her head.
6. He had a heart on his left front paw.
7. He and Opie were the first kittens Momma ever got to play with, so they have a special place in her heart.
8. He loved, loved, loved belly rubs.
9. He loved Aunt Jen’s bare feet.
10. He cuddled lots with Aunt Jen whenever she was sick or sad.
11. He started out as a little, baby kittie and grew into a very handsome man cat.
12. He liked playing with his chirpy wand when Momma came over.
13. He gave Aunt Jen the privilege of being with him when he passed away and being able to say goodbye.

We love you, Oliver, and miss you a ton.


  1. This is vary vary sad. Yoo and yer famly and Oliver's famly will be in owr thots and purrayers.

  2. What a sad way to start the day. Furry good luck to you, Oliver ... May the Rainbow Bridge be especially good for you.
    DMM and the Feline Americans

  3. Thank you for visiting our blog and keeping Oliver's Mom and brother in your prayers. We're all pretty sad.

  4. It sounds like Oliver led a great life and was loved very much! Now it's his turn to look over Aunt Jen, Opie and yer lady. Oliver is a handsome guardian angel watching out after all of you.

  5. We'z so sorry to hear this. Yoo guys gots yoor very own gardian angel now.


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