Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Earl Grey Update - Wednesday Morning Edition

Earl Grey’s Mom here:

Dr. Matt said he had a great day yesterday so he got to come home last night. His ALT value was down to 260 yesterday, so it’s headed in the right direction. He’s got three medicines that he has to take (an antibiotic, a tummy medicine to help things move through, and an antacid). He didn’t like getting his medicine at midnight. He ate a little snack after that. So far he hasn’t barfed up his food or medicine.

He didn’t seem to act that great when I got up this morning. He ate a little breakfast and fought us less than he did last night when we had to give him his medicine (which worried me a little). There was also some diarrhea in the litterbox this morning. I called the V-E-T and they said that the diarrhea might be from the enema that he had yesterday. As long as he’s eating a little, it’s ok. If he acts really listless and/or stops eating, we’re supposed to take him right back. Otherwise, he doesn’t have to go back until he gets his liver values checked on Monday.

I just called to check on him and his Dad said that he and Tazo were cuddling in bed with him. Which is very good because Tazo was very askeered last night. She was growling and hissing at Earl Grey.

Please keep praying for his continued healing. We’re still pretty worried about him. Thank you again for all your thoughts and purrayers.


  1. YAY!! Earl Grey is home!!! Tazo prolly smelt the icky v-e-t on him and that's why there was hissing.

  2. Yay! Earl Grey is home :) We's furry glad. We'll keep sendin purrayers n purrs til he's all way better tho. Keep eatin, Earl Grey!
    Sanjee, Boni, Mini, Pepi and Gree

  3. so glad to hear earl grey is home. we will keep purrayin fer him.

  4. We are very glad Earl Grey is home. We hope he continues to improve. Refusing to take pills is just a matter of prinicple with cats.

  5. I am still keeping Earl Grey in my thoughts. I am glad he is home.

  6. Earl Grey is home! We're so happy. Don't worry, we'll keep sending heeling thoughts to him. I'm sure being home will help him a ton.

  7. Yay, we'z so glad he'z home. Dat is da best place to heal up. We'll keep saying purrayer dat he gets all healthy and stuff. Keep eating EG, yoo don't wanna hafta go back to da vet to stay.

  8. how wunnerful!! mr earl, you will be much more likely to perk right up at home! we hopes it was only the "no-go" that made you sick, an' that you gets back to eatin' and playin' toot sweet. don't worry about tazo hissin'--it was just vetstink she objected to, not YOU!

    hugs an' purrs from
    the meowers

  9. Hi! Thanks for visiting our site and sending purrayers and pawsitive thoughts for our Dorfie when your own little Earl Grey has been so ill!!! We'll send him purrayers and pawsitive thoughts right back!
    Efurrybody needs to get well NOW!

    Luf, Us

  10. We're still sending lots and lots and lots of purrs and purrayers yer way!!!!!


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