Thursday, March 22, 2007

Earl Grey Update - Thursday Edition

We missed our Wednesday EG update because Momma had to take EG back to the V-E-T. He hadn’t gone potty since early Tuesday morning and he hadn’t been drinking very much. So the V-E-T poked at his bladder and said it felt ok and had some potty in there. Dr. P said that he would probably go last night (which he did). She gave him some fluids under the skin again and gave Momma a syringe so that she can help EG drink if he’s still having trouble with his water dish. (He has to wear the cone until he gets his stitches taken out and he has a hard time drinking out of the dish). The tech had to help Momma give him his pain pill and eye drops while they were there because Daddy was at work and couldn’t help. EG didn’t like that at all.

The V-E-T said that EG’s incision looked great, but felt bad because his belly is all bruised. She said that she’s very happy that he’s eating and pooping. Momma just has to watch him and make sure he keeps eating and pooping and hopefully peeing.

He’s still pretty out of it because of the pain medicine. You can tell when it’s starting to wear off because he gets really wild and chatty. Momma took him with her to work today. He’s got a big dawg prison box with a litter box and fluffy towels to lay on and a water dish. Momma has to give him snacks every couple of hours, so he’s happy about that. I wish I could get a snack every couple of hours. That would be sweet!

I’ve got a lot of stuff to do today. My catnip sushi toy is calling me.
Thanks for thinking of us and purraying for us, too.


  1. Those cones are not very fun! I am glad Earl Grey's incision is looking good, and he is eating and going poop. He is lucky to get to go in to work with your Mommie, that would be fun. Thanks for reporting, Tazo, especially since you have so many important things to do!

  2. I wonder if Earl Grey knows how many cats and people around the world are worrying about his peeing and pooping? If he did, he would probably scream and hide somewhere.

    Good to know EG and Titus are both on the mend.

  3. I'm glad to hear that Earl Grey's incision looks good and that he's eating and pooping. I'm continuing to send healing purrs his way. I hope he's back to 100% soon!

  4. Thanks for all the thoughts and purrayers.

    R,A,L,&O ~ EG would definitely freak out if he knew we were talking about his litterbox stuff.heh heh

  5. purrrrrrs to Earl Grey - get all better fast!
    our Lady has gone nutso since she heard about this. she keeps telling the teenagers to pick up stuff and take stuff away from us so we can't chew and accidentally swallow something. we think the teenagers have heard "what if one of the kitties swallowed that?" about a squillion times now.

  6. I'm glad that Earl Grey is eating and pooping and that his incision looks good. I hope that he gets all better really fast. I'll keep sending good thoughts his way.

  7. Dorf and Obi say cones suck. They can empathize with EG.

    Luf, Us


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