Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 7

Thirteen Things we get yelled at for:

1. Titus: Eating kitty box crunchies from the litter box and bunny poop in the yard.

2. Tazo: Eating a plastic bag.

3. Earl Grey: Running out the back door. I just want to be outside. It looks like so much fun. Titus gets go outside. Why not me? "Better inside and fat than outside and flat." Poo! I don’t know how Mom comes up with that nonsense.

4. Tazo: Chewing cords – cable, phone, electrical, whatever. They’re just so tasty. Except when Momma puts that habanero sauce on there. That stuff makes my mouth a little hurty.

5. Earl Grey: Putting the bitey on Tazo and Titus until they cry. I’m just "playing."

6. Titus: Chasing rabbits and squirrels outside.

7. Titus: Getting in the trash can in the kitchen. But I only do that if there’s super tasty stuff in there. Which there never is anymore because Momma's wised up lately.

8. Earl Grey: Looking like I'm even thinking about eating anything other than kibble. I just do that to mess with Momma. It’s fun to watch her freak out. Like, I pretend to eat toilet paper and then she gets all excited. Then she says that she should have had the V-E-T put a zipper on my belly when I had my surgery. I don't like it when she says that.

9. Tazo and Earl Grey: Waking Momma up too early on the weekend. Our tummy clocks go off at the same time every day. Sorry, it can’t be helped. Breakfast needs to be served promptly at 5:37 am. Just wait until the clocks get set back in the fall. Heh heh

10. Earl Grey: Getting overzealous in my litterbox scratching and throwing litter outside of the box and onto the floor. I am just very thorough. What can I say?

11. Tazo: Putting the bitey on Momma’s kneecap and other places that we won’t mention on the internet. I’m just trying to wake her up. I'm sorry if it leaves a little bruise. My tummy is hungry. I'm not as careful in my biteys when I'm distracted by my rumbly tummy.

12. Titus: Playing lion tamer with the twins. They are the ones trying to stick their heads in my mouth. Momma then thinks she has to remind me that I can only put my mouth on their feet and tails ("Feet and tails, T, feet and tails. Remember?") – because she says they can live without those if I get too excited and chomp them. I’m not allowed to bite heads or tummies.

13. Earl Grey: Climbing in the cupboard where they keep the plates and bowls. I don’t see anything wrong with me sitting on their plates. My ‘tocks are clean. Super clean, in fact. I’m very into ‘tock maintenance. Well, except for that one time…

Limericks for Karen Jo

Finnegan suggested that we write limericks for our pal, Karen Jo, to help cheer her up while her toes heal. So we gave it our best shot. We hope you like them Karen Jo. :)

There once was a lady named Karen Jo
All day long she had hurty toes.
The doctor was quick,
He said they were fixed.
Her new bandages were white as snow.

There was a lady named KJ
She wrote limericks about kitties each day.
Her limericks were cool,
She didn't even need school.
She's super nice, is her birthday in May?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tummy Tuesday

Here's my tummy (sort of), three days after I got my stitches out. I'm not really all about taking tummy photos. The lighter part in the middle is where my fur is shaved.

Due to the graphic nature of the rest of this post, parental discretion is advised. (I added links instead of posting pictures in case anybody is squeamish.)

This picture is from my first night home after my foreign body surgery. That bloody looking splotch is *not* blood. It is a bruise. Unfortunately, my Mom didn't know that at first and kept trying to wipe it off. Then she felt bad because she found out it was a bruise and she'd been poking at it. Ouch. No wonder I got squirmy, Mom. *eye rolling*

This is my tummy right before I got my stitches out. The doctor who took them out (Dr. Greene) was super cute, but not as cute as Dr. Daisy. Oh, and please excuse my Mom's crazy jammie bottoms. She wears them all the time. *more eye rolling* Silly Mom.

That's about it for my tummy.

Peace out,
Earl Grey

PS - Guess what?! Titus ate a bunch of kitty box crunchies and then threw up all over Mom and Dad's bedroom. It was a disgusting mix of puke, dawg kibble, poo, and Swheat Scoop. I did my part by running in there and trying to cover it up, but for some reason Mom freaked out about me helping. Whatever. Anyway, Mom got most of the stain up, but she doesn't think the carpet will ever be the same. heh heh Mom and Dad slept on the air mattress in the family room last night because their room just REEKED. Mom's checking out scent killing spray today...

PS2 - Earl, I don't think it's very nice of you to go telling everybody about Titus' tummy problems. Even though it is Tummy Tuesday. You should probably tell him you're sorry. He feels bad enough about the ralphing.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Get Well Soon, Lilly Lu

We're purraying and purraying for you to get better real fast.
Hang in there, Mama Laura. (((hugs))) and purrs to all of you.

PS - Thank you, Daisy, for letting us use the get well image you made.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Froot Bat Friday - Dawg Edition

Can dawgs be froot bats? Sometimes my ears look a tad froot batty.

PS - I guess I should post a Public Service Announcement about Dawgs (or Woofies in layman's terms). It has come to my attention that not all kitties know about Dawgs. Although I get along with Tazo and Earl Grey just fine, some dawgs, or woofies, do not care for kitties. In fact, some can be more vishus than vishus deer. Which is really bad. In the interest of public safety, I would just like to convey that you all should treat all stranger dawgs/woofies as though they are not kitty friendly. Or at least make sure you are accompanied by an adult human if you have to go near them. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 6

Since we did last week's TT on our Momma, we thought we'd dedicate this one to our Dad. (He doesn't really have laser beam eyes. It just looks that way in this picture.)

13 Things We Love About Our Dad

1. He works different hours than Momma, so he stays up later and gets up later in the morning. That means we get to sleep in most every morning, too.

2. He has very big muscles and he can pick us up for lots of cuddling. He can even pick up Titus (but Titus hates this very much). His big muscles also help him lift up the couch so that Momma can dig out our jingle ball stash.

3. He doesn’t really measure out the food that accurately, so we usually score more kibble when he’s in charge of mealtimes.

4. He does the best belly rubs ever!

5. When he takes me (Titus) for a walk, we always go on adventures.

6. He likes us to cuddle in bed with him – as long as we don’t hog the covers.

7. He has gray hairs on his head. We think he’s speckley like Tazo. Hee hee!

8. He wears glasses which are very fun to chew. I (Tazo) find the ear pieces quite tasty. The lenses aren’t as tasty, though.

9. He’s a good medicine giver. He’s super fast at it. And he gives great belly scritches and ear scratches when we’re done.

10. He does awesome manicures and pedicures. He holds us in his lap, Momma scratches our bellies, and they both tell us how good we are and how much they love us while Daddy does all the clipping.

11. He lets us eat whatever he drops on the floor, and doesn't even tell Momma about it. It's our little secret.

12. He didn’t get mad when we (the twins) chewed through his pants pocket to get to a mint that he had left in there.

13. He buys us the best toys and treats.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

White Dawg Wednesday

I am still commandeering the blog. So in honor of White Dawg Wednesday, here is my nose. I think it may be my very best feature. It is pink with some freckles and is very good at sniffing. Especially when there is food around. Or something really stinky like kitty box crunchies or bunny poop from the yard. My nose rocks! It also has a little scar on the top of it from when Earl Grey vishusly attacked swiped at me. :(

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


The twins have been blog hogs lately, so I'm taking it back today. Check out my toes!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 5

Thirteen Things we love about our Momma:

1. She has curly hair that is fun to play with. It is especially fun to put the bitey on.

2. She feeds everyone as soon as she gets up in the morning and as soon as she gets home from work – before she does anything else. Even drink coffee!

3. She makes sure that everyone gets equal pets and scritches as soon as we’re done with our meals.

4. She makes sure to pick us up and cuddle us once a day whether we like it or not. We pretend we don’t like it sometimes, but we really do. Titus always gets a big hug from her because he hates to be picked up – and Momma’s not really strong enough to pick him up anyway. He weighs a whole 59 pounds!

5. She gives us bottled water because she says if she won’t drink the water at our house, she won’t make us drink it either (sometimes the water is brownish grey - ewwww).

6. She leaves Titus’ nose prints on the window sometimes because she thinks its cute.

7. She made a special bedtime routine for us. For Titus – “Good night, Momma loves you. Come and get me if you need me. And come sleep with us because we love it.” Then he gets a big smooch on the top of the head and some ear scratches. She gives me and Tazo special ear scratches and tells us goodnight and that she loves us too.

8. She always tries to get us to kiss her by wearing fruity smelling chapstick. Sometimes it works on Tazo.

9. She makes sure that Titus has a tower of beds in the family room and the bedroom.

10. She likes it when we take naps with her.

11. She takes lots of pictures of us because she thinks we’re cute.

12. She always celebrates our birthdays – she buys us lots of toys and treats.

13. She took really good care of EG when he was sick. She was so scared and her eyes leaked a lot, but she did what she had to do to help him feel better. Tazo and I helped her by giving her lots of cuddles when she was feeling scared and sad.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

White Paw Wednesday

Goin' Orange

Happy Birthday, ASPCA! We're Going Orange for Animals Around here today. Click HERE to find out more.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Opie - In Loving Memory

Aunt Jen's other kitty, Opie, unexpectedly crossed the bridge on April 4, 2007. It happened a little over a month after his brother, Oliver, crossed the bridge. Opie was a very handsome man cat, who loved to play with his squeaky birdy fishing pole and drink out of the bathroom faucet. He also had one black whisker, which we thought was pretty cool since he was orange and white with pink paw pads and a pink nose. Aunt Jen is very, very sad. We're keeping her in our thoughts and purrayers.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Feeling Better Friday

We are all crossing our paws and knocking on wood - but Tazo seems to be feeling lots better. She chowed down her dinner and bed night snack and then breakfast again this morning. She was making her rounds to look for bugs so she could practice her PBK (that's Professional Bug Killer) skills. Mom did a puke walk last night when she got home from work and then again this morning before breakfast. That means that she walks around the house and checks all the hidey spots for puke spots. She learned to do that when EG was puking all the time. I don't mind helping her (since I can usually spot the evidence way before she does), but it cuts into my meal time. She won't feed us til she makes the rounds and my rumbling tummy makes it really hard to concentrate on finding any evidence.

Anyway, we think she's feeling better *knocking on wood & crossing everything that can be crossed* and we want to thank you all for all your thoughts and purrayers.


A Note from Jersey's Mom

Jersey's Mom sent this e-mail to our Mom:

I just wanted to write a short note to thank you all so much for the prayers, support, positive thoughts, and well wishes during our time of need. As you know, Jersey went over the Rainbow Bridge on March 26th. We miss him so much and we know that our lives will never be the same without him. We were blessed to be able to call him our own if only for a short time. Thank you so much, again. Keeping all of you and your furbabies in my prayers, as well.

Furmom to Jersey

Thursday, April 5, 2007

You're Not Going to Believe This

but Mom's worried about Tazo now. She didn't eat as much supper as she usually does and the same with breakfast this morning. She was acting real quiet this morning, too. She didn't even wait in the bathroom while Mom took a shower. Then Titus found a throw up spot in the living room - and I swear I didn't do it this time. So Mom's super worried and her eyes were leaking. Me and Titus are saying lots of purrayers because we don't want Tazo to be sick now, too. Could you guys please keep Mom and Tazo in your thoughts today? We appreciate it.

~Earl Grey

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Way Back Wednesday

Here are some pictures of our very first Christmas (when we were little baby kitties - Momma says we were almost five months old in this picture). This was a toy that we got from our Grandma and Papa. We thought it was a lot of fun. We still have it, but we can drag it around a lot easier now since we're mostly all growed up.


Momma's At It Again

Please bear with us. Momma's messin' around with our bloggie.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Tails Tuesday

EG here:
Mom STILL hasn't downloaded my tummy pictures. Grrrr. So today, we leave you with our tails. (Mine is the grey one (duh). It has a big kink in it, because when I was a tiny baby kitty, it got shut in a door. Tazo's is the stripey one. I think her's looks like a racoon tail.) I was looking out the window, just minding my own business and out of the blue, Tazo just lays down on me. I felt a little like Skeezix & Mao.