Monday, March 19, 2007

Earl Grey & TItus Update - Monday Edition

Tazo here:

Momma and Daddy went to visit Earl Grey last night. They said he could come home because he had been eating and not puking since 2 pm. Momma and Daddy thought he should probably stay one more night just to be safe, so they’re going to pick him up this afternoon.

Momma said he had two IV ports in his arm just like before and he has a big boo boo on his tummy with lots of ugly stitches. He also has to wear a cone on his head because he tries to eat his IV’s. Momma said he looked real mad. I bet he was because he loves to groom and if he doesn’t get enough grooming time in he gets real mad. He’s real particular about how he looks.

The tech brought in the thing that they pulled out of EG's tummy. As soon as she set it on the table, Momma said, "Squeaky shoe." It was part of a squeaky shoe that Momma threw away almost a month ago. The tech said that Momma and Daddy could keep it as a souvenir. Daddy says it's the most expensive squeaky toy he's ever seen.

As for Titus, he did lots of pooping yesterday. He got a little bit of breakfast this morning. He acts better, so hopefully he’ll be back to normal in a day or so.

I got really bored last night and started chewing on the zipper pull from Momma’s coat. She yelled at me for doing that. I don’t know why. She said something about not wanting me to have a cage next to EG at the vet. I stopped chewing on it, but as soon as she’s not looking, I’m going to go check it out again.

I’ll be back in a minute. I’m going to try to post some pictures of EG at the hospital.


PS - Momma wants to thank everyone again for all their thoughts and purrayers these last couple of weeks. We appreciate it!


  1. Hmmm I finks you better stick to eatin yur kitty food, an not too much of that, eifur. Glad efurryone's doin better!

  2. we're furry glad to hear efurryone is feelin' mo' bettah--but if you keeps gnawin' on that, you'll be stayin' in a wing of the pet hospital named after yer mom & dad!

    ya better quit doin' that, sweetie--learn by example and save yourself some pain and save yer mom & dad's green papers. if they save money, that'll mean more stinky goodness for all ;-)

    purrs & headbonks from the meowers

  3. We're glad you's feelin better Earl Grey! And Titus too. But that peece of squeeky shoe doesn't look too tasty. Don't eet no more of them. We's stills endin purrayers for yoo to recover all way fast!


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