Monday, April 30, 2012

Mancat Monday

Mancat Rule of the Day:  It is very important to make sure that your The Mom's lap stays warm and properly furred.  Please note that she is wearing grey pants so that we match. I approve.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Frootbat Friday

Yep. Treats. It was a good night.  Other than the smoochie kisses from The Mom that I got on the nose and between the froot bats.

Now, you may notice that there are a lot of photos of me in this room in the exact same pose. This is not a case of The Mom just re-using the same picture over and over (if you look in the background of the pictures, the toys laying around are different - or there's different trash on the floor hehehe).  It is actually because she is lazy and just sits her 'tocks down in the same chair every Thursday night and refuses to move we have pretty much the same routine every Thursday. Dad comes home, they eat supper, and I wait for the treats that may or may not show up. :sigh:

Have a great weekend, everybuddy! Hope you all get lots of treats!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tazo Tuesday

Here I am in another part of the Tower of Terror.  Neither of us have ever tried this part.  Daddy put me in there just to see what I would do.  He didn't think I'd like it.  Well, I showed him.  I took a bath and then took a nap.  It's pretty comfy, but it's at a good level for Mama to swing by and smooch on me (which is not fun if you're trying to sleep), so I'm not sure how this is going to work out.  Maybe I'll just hang out in here when she's at work. hee hee

Monday, April 23, 2012

Mancat Monday

This is the tippy top of our Tower of Terror.  I like to hang out up here and look down on The Mom.  heh heh

Friday, April 20, 2012

Froot Bat Friday

Tazo would not leave me alone last night.  She kept trying to get me to play Lion Tamer with her, but The Mom was hanging around SQUEEing at us, so I had to stay strong.  It was tough.  I did manage to get a bite of burger out of it though.  Sometimes it pays to act cute.

Have a great weekend, everybuddy!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Mancat Monday

Mancat Rule of the Day:  It is very manly to share your favoritest spot on top of the dishwasher with your sister.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Froot Bat Friday

Last night, Dad was eating dinner and he gave me what I thought was going to be a delicious, nommy bite.  It wasn't.  It was a raw green bean.  Which is not a delicious, nommy treat. To add insult to injury, he said to The Mom, " Let's see if he'll eat a green bean."  Well, I took that as a challenge.  As undelicious and un-nommy as that green bean was, I gave it my all.  I was rolling it around in my mouth and making terrible faces, but I just couldn't choke it down.  Because I am a meatamatarian, not a vegematarian.  Finally, Dad pried my mouth open (because I was NOT going to let that nasty bean win) and tooked it away.  I was very relieved.  Because raw green beans are not delicious. If they were covered in bacon or something, that would be a different story.  Anyway, The Mom felt super bad for me so she gave me a couple of cheese curls.  They were delicious!

Have a great (and green bean free!) weekend, everybuddy!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday - The Mancat Edition

DOODS!  CHECK OUT MY TENT!  My Dad gotted it for me (against The Mom's better judgement heh heh).  Isn't it PAWSOME????

Me and Dad and Titus hanged out outside on Saturday.  I gotted to sniff the outside air.  OUTSIDE.  And I hollered at some berds.  It was PAWSOME.

You can find it HERE. But if your The Mom (or Dad or OTW or NTM) is the worrying kind like my The Mom is, you might want to wait until they go hunting or fall asleep and then just borrow their plastic card thingy and order it on your own.  Because if it wasn't for my PAWSOME Dad?  I'd be tentless.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Froot Bat Friday

Froot Bats in action:

The Mom ordered some teethspaste from Daisy and Harley's Mommeh's work. I think Daisy and Harley's Mommeh knew it was for me because they mailed a nommy treat with it. But see, sending a nommy treat all packaged up in a box with teethspaste makes everything in the box smell like nommy treat. So I ate the nommy treat and then I started sniffing around looking for more.  I thought for sure that the teethspaste was a nommy treat because it smelled like nommy treat. It wasn't. Why does everyone have to mess around with nommy treats?  That was kind of a dirty trick.Teethspaste is NOT a nommy treat.

Have a great weekend, everybuddy!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Mancat Monday

We gotted a new rug yesterday.  Here I am investigating:

This looks promising

Hmmmm, I'm really liking this one

I approve.

The only thing that would make this better would be a sprinkle of nip.  

Mancat Rule of the Day:  It is very manly to approve all rug purchases.  And get your furs all over everything.