Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tazo Tuesday

Mama can not resist the paw dangle. hee hee

Monday, June 27, 2011

Mancat Monday

Skeezix and his Food Lady came to visit last week (as those delicious, pink Froot Bats told you on Friday).  Look at this picture of two handsome mancats. It's almost too mancatly to handle, don't you think?  I really like Skeezix and his Food Lady.  The Food Lady knows all the good scritchy spots (like my ears and my cheeks and my 'tocks). I almost gotted her convinced to rub my belly, but The Mom warned her that its a trick and I would bunnykick her and give her the bitey. Whatever, The Mom.  Anyway, as a welcome to The Mitten State present, I horked up a nice hairball just for her, but Dad got home and freaked out and cleaned it up before she got to our house.  How rude is that?  Now she thinks I'm a terrible host. :sigh:

Photo stealed from courtesy of The Food Lady

In other news, me and Tazo hadded to go to the v-e-t on Saturday.  We had our check ups and each gotted one shot in the booty. That part was not fun.  It was nice to see Dr Tara again, though - she knows a handsome mancat when she sees one.  Tazo hid in the carrier the whole time. I preferred to hide chillax under the chair instead.

This is from Saturday afternoon.  Somedawg thinks his ears aren't safe. Somedawg might be right. heh heh

Have a great week, everybuddy! Stay mancatly!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Froot Bat Friday

Picture stealed from The FL's facebook page courtesy of The Food Lady

OMD!  You will not believe what happened at Casa de Furry Kids this week.  We had two extra, super special visitors - The Food Lady and Skeezix!  They were in town for some bizness stuff and they came to our house.  It was soooo exciting!  I never met real live innernet celebrities before, and Skeezix is like one of my froot bat idols!

They came over to our house and we talked and got petted and then we had a photoshoot.  Let me tell you, Mom has nothing on The Food Lady.  The Food Lady is a professional pet photographer - she knows all the tricks to make you look good and she even uses a real camera like Mom used to before she got lazy and just started snapping pics with her phone.  She talked real nice to me and didn't say "gimme some frooooooot baaaaaaat" even once unlike somemom I know, and it was treat-o-rama.  Which is a nice change of pace, even though I had to share treats with EG.  Mom was trying to be the assistant, but she's not that great at that either, though I will give her props for her treat-throwing ability.  Now that I know what she's capable of, my standards are going to be higher. Just a warning, Mom.

The Food Lady and Skeezix brought me a super cool crocodile guy.  He's a puppet and he's got a squeaker and he's long and has great floppability (which means if you give him a good shake, he flops around and bops you in the head.  That's my favorite part - it's super fun!). I still have to take pictures of him, though.  We tried to last night, but every time I tried to play with him, EG tried to play with him, too. That was sort of not a lot of fun because when EG gets excited, he tends to forget and then he chomps on my delicious, pink ears.

Anyway, after the photoshoot, The Food Lady and Flat Skeezix and Mom wented to a pub and boozed it up ate lots of roast beast sammichs and cheeseburgers and stuff.  Would you believe that they did not bring me any leftovers??? It's tough to be a froot bat sometimes.  They also gotted to talk to Jeter Harris's Mom on the phone!  Can you believe it?  They didn't get to talk to JH, though - he was outside giving Joba the stink eye.  Anyway, you can read all about our visit over at Mousebreath!

I gotta say that it was so cool to meet them.  And Flat Skeezix didn't even chomp on my froot bats. He's an awesome kitteh.

Have a great weekend, everybuddy!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tazo Tuesday

Mama had a busy day at work yesterday.  She needed something to perk her up, so she gotted this drink.  She said this Tazo was ok.

But she really would've rather had this one.

And yes, I am named after a brand of tea. hee hee  Well, EG is named after a tea, too, but this is Tazo Tuesday, so he'll just have to deal with it.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Mancat Monday

Mancat Rule of the Day:  It is very manly to sprawl out in front of the bathroom and swipe at your The Mom's feets when she walks by guard the bathroom. It makes your The Mom's feel real safe when they're in there.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Froot Bat Friday

Doods, I was on there first.  Then somekitty just moseyed over and cuddled up on my bed. So not cool.  But he did leave the froot bats alone (for once!), so I just let him stay there. Mom was pretty impressed at how relaxacated my froot bats are - lately when EG's around, they're pretty tense. Because he keeps trying to taste them.  Wouldn't you be tense, too?  Just sayin'. 

Have a great weekend, everybuddy!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tazo Tuesday

So Mama had this cup of coffee (with cream - yum!). And I kinda wanted to have some of the cream, but it turns out it's kinda hard to separate them once they're in the cup together. I sniffed it and pawed at it and I couldn't get the cream to jump into my mouth. Here I am giving the coffee a very dirty look.  Because coffee is not delicious at all.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Monday, June 6, 2011

Mancat Monday

So I was chilling on Dad's lap, having a nice bath, and he took this picture.  Is nothing sacred?  I guess it's a good thing he only caught me washing my paw.  It definitely could've been worse.

Then he sent The Mom this picture and said, "Pai Mei." They haven't called me that in a long time.  Pai Mei is a character in the movie Kill Bill Vol 2.  He has luxurious, white whiskies and The Mom says that my luxurious whiskies remind her of him.  Here's a couple of pictures to compare:



What do you guys think?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Froot Bat Friday

It's been a busy couple of weeks.  I had to get my teeths cleaned last week.  They shaved my arm and my delicious, pink arm skin was showing.  I was afraid that somekitty would try to nom on me, but I guess it's not as delicious as my ears.  Dr Tara also stoled one of my teeths.  It was just a little one and it was real loose.  I gotted some pain medicines just in case it bothered me (it didn't seem to - I was chowing on kibbles as soon as I gotted home).  Mom had a staycation last week, but she got sick, so me and the twins had to take care of her.  It was exhausting.  Here is a picture of me taking care of Mom.  Or maybe taking a nap.  Either way. hehehe

On Memorial Day, we wented to Gramma and Papa's house for a picnic. It was pretty fun.  There was a little dawg there that growled at me when I drank out of his bowl.  I didn't like that.  But Papa gave me tons of scritches and it was awesome.  I also gotted to eat the ends of Mom's hot dawg (she hates hot dawg ends - they gross her out).  They were super yummy.  Gramma also made some dawg cookies for me, so I gotted to have some of those.  We also took a big walk.  It was awesome to sniff all the different smells and taste the local rabbit dookie.  BOL  By the time we left, I was pretty tired.  Here is a picture of me on the ride home.

Here is another picture.  Sorry about all the furs on the seat, Dad. hehehe

Last night, me and Dad and Mom ated dinner out on the patio.  Well, they ated and I watched for dropped foods.  When they were done eating, Mom fed me a potato wedge in exchange for flashing my froot bats.  That potato wedge was pretty nommy.  I could definitely get paid for photoshoots with potatoes.  I'll have to have a talk with Mom.

Have a great weekend, everybuddy!