Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 10

Thirteen Things We’ve Done This Week

Momma thinks we did this TT before, but there’s all kinds of new stuff to add to the list.

1. EG stole Momma’s loaf of marble rye, ran into the family room, and tried to hammer it down. When Momma tried to take it back, a tug of war ensued and EG actually growled at Momma. I tried to help him hang onto the bread by weaving around Momma’s legs, but it didn’t work. Momma pretended that she was going to let him have the bread and when he came up for air, she took it back.

2. EG and I have learned how to open the Snack Drawer. Or rather, the Former Snack Drawer. See, once we figured out how to open the drawer so we could check out the snacks, Momma cleared all the snacks out. All that’s left is some jingle balls. Which we now help ourselves to whenever we want. Hahahahahaha!

3. Titus raided the litterbox again and got sick. But he got to score some chicken and rice. He (so far) has narrowly escaped going to the V-E-T this week.

4. EG ran outside alone in the dark. Grey cat + dusk = really hard to find. Momma says she’s glad he’s got white feets, otherwise it might have taken her longer to find him.

5. We stole Momma’s pumice stone out of the shower (a pumice stone is a very cool rock that she keeps in the shower – she uses it on her paw pads to keep them soft and luxurious like ours). From the really hard to get to shelf. In the middle of the night. And we left it in the hallway, so everyone could see it. But from the sounds Momma made when she stepped on it with bare feets, we don’t think she thought that was such a good game.

6. EG got to taste strawberry-flavored kefir. He liked it. A lot. Now Momma can’t really enjoy her breakfast any more without a little, grey face in her glass.

7. EG and I worked together to score a taste of T’s chicken and rice. Momma was feeding him a snack and I grabbed the measuring cup and tipped it a little and some fell out. (This trick works great with kibble – EG taught it to me. The chicken and rice (or kibble) rains down onto the ground and then you get to clean it up off the floor.) While Momma was giving T the snack, we gobbled it up. It didn’t even askeer us this time. It was very tasty! (The last time Momma tried to give us chicken, it askeered us a little and we didn’t want to eat it.)

8. Titus went outside for his late night outing the other night and when Momma went to check on him, he wouldn’t come to her. Then she noticed that he was chasing something around the yard and throwing it up in the air. Momma had to go get him by the collar. Neither of them were very happy. Momma sent Daddy out to look for a body, but he didn’t find anything. Momma was very happy about that because it means that whatever it was got away.

9. Titus got to lay outside in the sun while Daddy worked on his car. He loves to nap in the sun.
10. EG pulled the garbage can over again. Because there was something tasty in there. Except this time we couldn’t get to it because Momma put a child lock on it. Rats!

11. I was playing jingle ball and got carried away and knocked the water bowl over. And it broke. Whoops! Momma didn’t yell though. She was just hoping she could get the glass cleaned up good so we wouldn’t step on any.

12. Momma emptied the litter boxes, washed them out, and refilled them with brand, new litter. Only she forgot to put a little used litter in with the new (EG is weird that way – he won’t use new litter until I break it in for him. And if he has to go before I do, then he pees (or something else) right in front of the litterbox). But instead of thinking outside the box (so to speak), he started eating the litter. Momma was not pleased. Yes, it’s all natural. No it does not belong in *anyone’s* tummy. She had visions of another obstruction surgery. Daddy asked her why she was crying…

13. EG woke Momma up at 2 this morning, trying to get one of the kitchen cabinets open. She flicked on the light and saw him running down the hall carrying a bag of pasta. Again, more tug of war and growling (from both EG and Momma). I supervised the whole scene. EG did a really good job, but Momma won. I think she usually wins anyway.

As you can plainly see (Momma loves it when Skeezix says that), we’ve had a very busy week. For some reason, Momma thinks we’re ganging up on her. :shrugging:

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

White Dawg Wednesday

This is a picture of me doing one of my very favorite things - perching on the couch arm, looking out the window. I think this picture is very, very artistic since it's actually a picture of my reflection in the TV.

In other news, my tummy is feeling better. I haven't ralphed and my 'tocks seem to be on the mend. Plus, I get to eat SMALL, FREQUENT meals of chicken and rice (score!) and it is very delicious.


PS - Jeter, I heard that you are a life coach and I think maybe I need some help with my litterbox surfing problem. I think it's starting to affect my life in a negative way. Are you willing to work with dawgs? I know that you're not all that excited about our fair species, but can I please make an appointment with you? I think I have a problem.

Daisy, do you think maybe you could give me your medical opinion? Do I need to be hynotized? My Dad knows someone who got hypnotized to stop smoking and he hasn't smoked in 3 years. What do you think?

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tummy Tuesday

It's been pretty hectic at the house of the Furry Kids for the last few days, so I'm going to post one of Momma's favorite pictures of me. I'm taking a little nap on my Daddy.
In other Tummy news, Titus' tummy has been feeling a little sick. Momma thinks he ate a bunch of kitty box crunchies again, because he ralphed and has the squirts. Momma made him some chicken and rice and told him to get better or else he has to go to the V-E-T. She also ordered a super duper baby gate for the litterbox room so he won't be able to get in there at all now. He's not going to like that.
I'm sorry we haven't been able to visit everyone's bloggies lately. We'll catch up very soon.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Feel Better Soon, Rocky

Our friend and idol, Rocky the Gutter Cat, isn't feeling so hot. His people are taking super good care of him so that he get strong enough to hang out with his Spicy Vixens. We hope you feel better soon, Rock. We're purraying and sending pawsitive thoughts for you. Get well soon!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Trouble Tuesday

We get in a lot of trouble for doing this, since EG's 'tocks are planted on Momma and Daddy's plates. Momma sort of frowns on that.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Man Cat and Tell Momma Monday - Edition 3

I, Earl Grey, would really like to go outside. Mom says I can’t because I’m a little kitty and it’s a big world out there. Plus, she's just super protective of me after that whole eating the dog toy/obstruction incident. *much eye rolling* She did say that once I get my shots up to date and a microchip, she would probably get me a harness (and also reminded me that I’d have to wear a collar and tags outside with my harness – boo, hiss). She was wondering if there was anything special that she needs to know about harnesses. She’s been scoping them out at the pet store and the cat ones look pretty basic. Are those what you guys have?

She’s also worried because she had a dog once that would slip out of her harness and she certainly doesn’t want that to happen to me because I may run away and I won't come back like her dog did and she doesn’t want that to happen. It really worries her that I can get so boneless and rubbery. Has anyone slipped out of their harness?

Finally, she’s wondering about a leash. Titus has a ginormous 6’ leather leash that would be much too heavy for a mancat such as myself, but she’s wondering if the leashes that match the harnesses that she saw at the store are sturdy enough to wrangle me. I told her that she wouldn’t have to wrangle me because we’re not in a rodeo or anything.

Hmmm, I think after all these harness questions, I may have her talked into a stroller. *grins*
I guess that’s it for Tell Momma Monday.

Peace out.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 10

Thirteen Games Momma Likes to Play with Us

1. Titus: Chase Momma around the back yard like a lunatic. I don’t really like to fetch, but Momma will throw a ball or Frisbee and get me excited and then I chase her around the back yard. I do this really smooth move where I run right at her at full speed and then at the very last second, I run around her. It’s like a really fun game of chicken. She thinks I’m going to crash into her, but I don’t.

2. Titus: The Rawr Game. This game is generally played in the family room. Momma pushes me at my shoulders or hips while saying “Rawr” in a growly voice. Pretty soon I start saying “Rawr” and then we chase each other around the family room. EG tries to get in on this game, but it’s not that much fun when he plays because his claws come out and he puts the bitey on my cheek.

3. Titus: The Tummy Scratch Game. This usually follows the “Rawr” Game. After we are done rawring, then I usually lay down. Momma sits next to me and scratches and scratches and scratches my tummy. I smile and look cute and Momma scratches me some more. It is a very fun game.

4. Titus: Fishing for Tituses. This games requires equipment, usually a kitty fishing pole or a toy with dangly legs or floofy hair (stuffed octopi work great for this game). Momma dangles the toy above my head and waves it around. She puts it right in front of my mouth and just when I go to chomp on it, she pulls it away. The dangling part is always accompanied by her saying, “Fishing for Tituses, fishing for Tituses” in a really screechy voice. Every once in a while, I chomp on the toy and she screams, “I caught a Titus!” Then I get ear scratches.

5. Earl Grey: Peek-A-Boo with Whapping. When I’m EW’ing (that’s Earthworming, you know), sometimes Mom will peek under the blanket. She’ll say something like, “Hey, EG, what’s up?” I’ll pretend to be super drowsy and she’s lured in closer by the cuteness of my feet. I let her touch them for like a squillionth of a second, and then I whap at her and put the bitey on her. It’s super fun.

6. Earl Grey: Catnip Bubbles. Catnip flavored bubble juice. Mom’s lungs. Catnip bubbles floating all over. ‘Nuff said.

7. EG and Tazo: The Red Dot. This used to be called the Flashlight Game (which is not nearly as fun) before Mom got a Red Dot maker. That dot goes everywhere. We chase it. We catch it. It’s super fun.

8. Tazo: Catnip Sushi. Momma tosses my catnip sushi toy on the floor next to me. I pounce on it. Then I talk to it. Then I grab it and run down the hall.

9. Tazo: Wadded Up Paper. Momma wads up a piece of paper and throws it down the hall. I chase it, pick it up, and bring it back to her. Repeat until EG steals the paper ball and shreds it. Grrrr.

10. Tazo & EG: Roll of Paper. Momma unrolls (or tries to) paper towels or toilet paper to use for whatever and we grab the end that’s closest to the floor. We jump, we claw, we shred. It’s a ton of fun.

11. Titus, Tazo, & EG: The Paper Shred. Paper towels are especially fun for this game, but toilet paper works in a pinch, too. Grab a roll of toilet paper and shred it with your teeth (Titus, Tazo, & EG) or put the bitey on it and bunny kick the tar out of it (Tazo & EG). We just realized that this is a list of games that Momma plays with us. Now that we think about it, Momma isn’t really involved in this game too much except for picking up the paper we shredded.

12. Titus, Tazo, & EG: The Herd of Elephants Game. This one involves us running up and down the hall like a herd of elephants between the hours of 2 and 4 am. (If you decide to play this game, you must remember that it is only to be played between 2 and 4 am. Unless your people work nights, then you can adjust the time as needed.) Come to think of it, Momma’s not really involved in this game either, except to yell at us that it’s sleepy time.

13. Tazo & EG: The Wiffle Ball Game. Momma bought practice golf balls (which her junior high golf coach called wiffle balls, but now everyone she knows calls them practice golf balls – whatever. And yes, she now knows that wiffle balls are a baseball thing – sorry Jeter) for us. They are the best. We chase them, we carry them around, and drop them on the kitchen floor so they make a big noise. They are good for batting around. Momma says we look like soccer players with our fancy footwork. If Momma throws one down the hall, we fetch it and bring it back to her.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Where's Tazo Wednesday

Daddy didn't believe that *I* climbed in the cupboards. Momma got proof. Hee hee!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tabby Tongue Tuesday

Am I a tabby? I'm not sure, but it sounds good in the title. Check out my tongue. Mom thinks I might look a little like this guy (even though he kinda creeps her out). I must admit that he makes me kind of askeered, too.

Happy Tuesday!

PS - Thanks for all the advice yesterday about my floofy-ness. I feel lots better.

PS2 - Holy cats! I think I might really be a tabby! Yippee!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Tell Momma Monday - Edition 2

I'm just so embarrassed... I can't even look at the camera

Like we said last week, our Momma’s pretty new to this whole kitty thing. I mean, we’re the first kitties she’s ever lived with. Daddy hung with some kitties when he was little, but he says he doesn’t remember any of them acting like us. Momma’s read a bunch of books and talked to a lot of people, but there are still some things that she’d like to know. So we thought we’d dedicate the next couple of Mondays to asking all you kitties out there in the blogosphere how stuff gets handled in your house.

So, here’s this week’s issue...

Is it possible to have two kitties who are *both* a healthy weight? Momma’s never really known of any multicat household where all the kitties are at a good weight. It seems like there’s always one floofier kitty. Momma wants to give us the best, healthiest life that she can and wants us to be as fit as possible.

She measures our food religiously (unfortunately for me since she gives me less than she gives EG, grrrrr) and makes sure that we get some cardio in every day. But I’m still a *little* heftier than EG. We’re not large kitties (we have smallish heads and little feets), but I’ve got a bit of a poochy belly. (When you look at us from above, EG’s belly sort of caves in in the middle and mine sort of pooches out – we’re just like those examples on those posters at the V-E-T’s office.)

Am I just meant to be floofier? Is it a girl thing? Does anybody else have this problem?


Friday, May 11, 2007

Seven Random Facts About Me by Earl Grey

I got tagged! Kachow!

Samantha tagged me for the 7 things about me mememememe meme!

Here are the rules. Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write on their own blog about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

1. My full name is Earl Grey Phillip. Sometimes, Mom will call me Earl Grey Phillippe (fill eep’ pay) if she’s feeling silly.

2. I like to be up high. I like to sit on top of the refrigerator and the kitchen counter and the shelf by the back door. It gives me a great view for when I have to supervise things.

3. I’ll be two on July 31. (Tazo is my sister – Mom refers to us as “the twins.”)

4. I’m bummed because the fur is growing back on my tummy and covering my scar. I know that chicks dig scars so I’m afraid that I won’t be able to pick up chicks if my scar doesn’t show. Maybe I can get Mom to shave my tummy for me…

5. I like to ambush Titus when he comes in from outside. I’ve trained him so well that if I’m sitting on the step by the back door, he won’t even come in the house because he’s afraid I’ll beat him up. Mom has to pick me up so T is protected from my ferociousness.

6. I’m very social and curious. I will flop down in the middle of the floor if Mom and Dad have company. I also like to rub up against people who don’t really like cats that much. Heh heh. If there's something going on, I'm right in the middle of it.

7. I am working on patenting my Earthworm Move. It is the best. You go boneless (like an earthworm) and then burrow under the covers (also like an earthworm). Then you can put the bitey on your Mom or Dad when they least expect it (not too much like an earthworm because worms don’t have teeth). It is a very effective tactical move. Mom and Dad think I'm being cute and lovey and then BAM! Heeeeere's BITEY! Heh heh

It was sort of hard to find some cats that haven’t been tagged. Sorry if I’m double tagging you.

DaisyMae Maus
Oscar the Puppy Cat

Thursday, May 10, 2007


TeaCup from the Bad Kitty Cats crossed the bridge last night. Our eyes are leaking and leaking. Rest in peace, sweet TeaCup.

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 9

Thirteen Things Our Mom Has Learned About Us
By Tazo Tea Gizmo

1. Kittens teethe. For what seems like forever. (We were the first baby animals Momma ever had.) But we did like to chew on a frozen washcloth. Mmmmm.

2. If one of us gets riled up, we all do (Titus included). And sometimes it’s hard for us to calm down. Most of the time, we end up having a WWE cage match on Momma and Daddy's bed (sometimes while they're lying in it). Sometimes, somebody (usually EG) has to get a timeout in the litterbox room.

3. Titus doesn’t mind his collar, but me and EG hate them.

4. Heartgard heartworm pills make Titus’ tummy sick, so he takes Sentinel. But Momma has to sneak it into his kibble while he’s not looking. Otherwise, he’ll just roll it around in his mouth and then spit it out.

5. EG and I hate it when Momma and Daddy put those icky flea drops on us. EG gives her laser beam eyes. I just hide under the bed. Titus laughs and calls us wimpy.

6. Titus will eat almost anything. Anytime. Anywhere. See #9.

7. Kitties can get into any cupboard if we put our mind to it. And we will eat anything we find. See #8 and #9.

8. A Heartgard pill made for 51-100 pound dawgs eaten by a 6 pound kitty will not kill the kitty. But don’t try that at home.

9. Baby locks and baby gates aren’t that hard to install.

10. Titus likes belly rubs and ear scratches and scratches right above his tail. EG likes ear scratches the best. I like belly rubs and cheek scratches. We all like to be brushed.

11. Dawg shedding season starts in late April at our house. Mom thinks Titus probably sheds enough hair to make a sweater. She doesn’t really know how much we shed because T’s hair pretty much takes over. The scary vacuum comes out pretty much everyday at our house. Especially after EG pretends to eat the clumps of hair that T leaves on the couch. Ewww.

12. We work together to get in the trash. Depending on which trashcan we've set our sights on, either Titus or EG will drag it out and get it open and then we all share in the contents. It’s a blast!

13. Even though sometimes we do naughty stuff, Momma loves us so much she doesn’t know what she did before we came into her life. She says she can’t imagine her life without us.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

White Dawg & What is That?! Wednesday

Here I am modeling with a new friend for White Dawg Wednesday. I just got back from a grueling leisurely walk with Dad, so my tongue is really, really hanging out. When we got home, Dad told Mom that he thought he was going to have to call her to come and pick us up because I started lagging behind. Dude, it was hot out. I overheat easily. You could have carried me home. The good news is that I did get some ear scratches from the neighbor and she said that she was happy to see me. She hadn't seen me around very much lately (ahem, ahem, that's probably because someone's been slacking in the walk department recently).

I am posing here next to our brand new friend. (This is the only kind of bird that Mom isn't afraid of.) Don't we look great together? I think the pink in her feathers perfectly sets off the pink in my ears, don't you? Tazo thinks her name is George. Mom wants to name her Flora. Dad brought her home yesterday for Mom's anniversary present (their anniversary is today). It made the neighbors laugh a lot. I think Dad was a little embarrassed. Mom decided to go easy on Dad and put her in the back yard, so he wouldn't have to listen to the neighbors giggling all the time. The best part is that Mom forgot she was on the patio and when we went outside this morning, she made Mom jump. It was pretty funny.

Happy 9th Anniversary to our Mom and Dad! We love you lots.


PS - Daisy, do they have these kind of pink birds where you live? Are they really named George, too?

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Tummy, Toes, & Tinkle Tuesday

It’s already been a super busy Tuesday in Furry Kid Land this morning. First, check out my tummy. This is one of Momma’s favorite poses. Whenever I do this, Momma always says, “Good evening,” in a vampire-y accent because she says I look like I should be in a Dracula movie or wearing a little cape or something. It makes Daddy laugh. Maybe you just gotta be there. :)

Second, Titus, Earl Grey, and I set our tummy clocks back a little last night before we went to bed. So they went off at 5:11 am and woke us up. (Usually, they go off a little before Momma’s breakfast alarm goes off, but we just amuse ourselves by tearing around the house, while she begs us to nap for a few more minutes.) We all decided that we couldn’t wait for the breakfast alarm, so EG took it upon himself to wake up Momma in a different way. Her toes were sticking out of the covers (which is very rare at our house since Momma always has freezy toes), so he put the bitey on them. She didn’t really wake up right away, so he had to grab her foot, put the bitey on her toes, and then bunny kick her foot. And guess what?! It worked! She jumped out of bed really quick and then fed us to keep us quiet. Score!!!

And lastly, heh heh, we got Momma back for trying to get ideas on how to keep us out of the kitchen while she cooks. Heh heh heh Somebody (and we’re not saying who ~ well, except that it wasn’t Titus because he’s a goody two shoes) peed on the carpet just outside of the litterbox room while she was in the shower. Whee! See, in addition to gathering all sorts of information on how to keep us from getting good snacks while she cooks helping her in the kitchen, she dared to add clean litter to the litterboxes, without covering the new litter with the a little bit of old. Grrrr. We thought we had her trained. Mommas – can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em.


P.S. – Momma says thank you to everyone who offered advice to her Tell Momma Monday question. She’s going to be firm and consistent and fill that squirt bottle up.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Tell Momma Monday

Our Momma’s pretty new to this whole kitty thing. I mean, we’re the first kitties she’s ever lived with. Daddy hung with some kitties when he was little, but he says he doesn’t remember any of them acting like us. Momma’s read a bunch of books and talked to a lot of people, but there are still some things that she’d like to know. So we thought we’d dedicate the next couple of Mondays to asking all you kitties out there in the blogosphere how stuff gets handled in your house.

So here’s this week’s situation:
Momma doesn’t care if we get on the kitchen counter, which she thinks might have been her first mistake. She thought it was cute when she first brought us home because we could jump up on anything. So she just let us have the run of the house. (She constantly wipes off the counter all the time with wipey stuff – which we don’t understand because we’ve got very clean paws! Grrr). She doesn’t really like us getting on the stove (EG burned his paw once when we were really little and it made her feel really bad), but it’s a glass top and she doesn’t think we can tell the difference between the counter and the stove. We don’t really get people food (unless Daddy drops it on the floor and even then Titus usually gets it before we do), but if we even think we hear food, we’re immediately on the counter. It really cuts into Momma cooking, or even just getting a bowl of cereal. In fact, she’s pretty much given up cooking very much unless Daddy’s home in the evenings to distract us (which isn’t that often). And it takes both of them to pour a bowl of cereal. Hee hee! She doesn’t like having us help her cook by sticking our faces and paws into whatever she’s doing. And she really doesn’t like us helping her with the stove. She’s tried the whole squirt bottle thing, and it works on me, but EG just squints at her and keeps doing what he was doing. She thought she could maybe put us in the litterbox room for a little bit while she’s cooking, but that makes her feel bad. If she’s home, she likes to be around us.

So kitty blogosphere, what happens in your house? Does anybody else help their Mommas and Daddies cook? Should Momma just suck it up and put us in the litterbox room for a little bit? Should she get a giant squirtgun? Should she just stop cooking (which would make her very happy, by the way)?

Friday, May 4, 2007

Ear Fur Friday

My ears aren't froot batty, but they sure are furry. Mom teases me sometimes about my "old man ear hair." Then she tries to play with my ears. Um, I don't really like that. I much prefer scritches behind the ears or on my cheeks. Moms these days...

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 8

Thirteen Places We Like to Take Naps

1. Titus: On the couch, preferably laying next to Mom or Dad. They are just so snuggly sometimes, especially when it's cold out.

2. Tazo: In the basket on the ledge in the family room. Momma bought some baskets for the bathroom shelves and had one left over. She set it on the ledge so she would remember to take it back to the store and I immediately hopped in there and fell asleep. She said I looked so cute napping in there that she couldn’t bring herself to return it. I scored a new napping spot! Hee hee

3. Tazo: On top of the cable box, especially when Momma and Daddy watch TV. Sometimes, I’m so tired that my feets flop over in front of the sensor thing, so they can’t change the channel. Hee hee

4. Earl Grey: On Mom’s lap, EW’d under her blanket. EW'd (pronounced as ee' dubbed) stands for "earthwormed" - this is what Dad calls it when I creep up onto the couch/bed and scootch myself under the covers. I'm really good at it because I can make myself go boneless - like when a toddler has a tantrum and gets all rubbery and hard to hold onto. Heh heh

5. Titus: At the foot of Mom and Dad’s bed. Or on Mom’s side of the bed if she’s not in there.

6. Titus: On the kitchen floor if it’s hot out. That ceramic tile feels really good on my tummy.

7. Titus: In the grass right by the patio (if it’s sunny out).

8. Earl Grey: At night, I like to sleep on top of the covers, right on top of Mom’s legs. Sometimes I'll sleep on Dad's legs, but Tazo's usually hogging him.

9. Earl Grey: On top of the scratching post.

10. Earl Grey & Tazo: On the back of the couch, with the curtains open a little, so the sun hits us just right in the afternoon.

11. Tazo: In the disposable litter box (don’t worry – it’s clean) that Momma put on top of the dryer. It came to be a good napping spot pretty much like the basket from #2. Momma had it left over and set it on top of the dryer for a minute and then I hopped up there, laid down, and fell asleep. When the dryer is running, it is just about the best place to take a rest. It's super warm and I get lots of tummy rubs because Momma says I look so cute laying in there.

12. Titus & Tazo: On Daddy’s lap when he’s watching TV. This makes Momma very jealous because I (Tazo) almost never lay on her lap.

13. Earl Grey & Tazo: We take turns napping in Mom’s lap when she’s working on the computer. She loves it. Then she lets us play Stack the Cats when she’s done working. It is soooo much fun.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


These are my toes. Mom always wants to grab them and smoosh them and play with them. Sometimes I let her. Most of the time, I don't. Heh heh