Sunday, March 18, 2007

Earl Grey Update - Good News Sunday Edition

Tazo here:

Momma’s really worn out, so she asked me to give you guys an update. Sorry it took so long to update this, but we do have some good news.

Earl Grey’s surgery went great. They removed a piece of purple plastic from his intestine. They told Momma that they saved it for her to look at, but Momma’s pretty sure that it’s part of the purple latex squeaky shoe that she threw away last month. She thought Titus ate it, but now it looks like EG got some, too. All of his other guts looked fine, so we think he should be fine after this. *KNOCKING ON WOOD* As of 11 am this morning, EG is doing really well. He does have an ulcer on his eye now, though, because his eye got too dried out during the surgery. The V-E-T says it should be just fine, though. Visiting hours are tonight from 6 to 9, so Momma and Daddy will probably go see him and tell him that you guys are all rooting for him to get better. Thank you all so much for keeping him in your purrayers. It’s been pretty rough around here lately.

In other news, Titus got into our kitty food and ate about two pounds of it this morning. Momma had to take him to the emergency V-E-T because he was so uncomfortable and whining a lot (and he NEVER whines). They said his tummy is twice as big as it should be, but that the food is moving through, so they didn’t want to make him barf because he might not be able to stop barfing and then it would turn into gastritis. He got some fluids and he can’t eat anything else til tomorrow morning. Plus, he has to stay quiet and not get rowdy or play. Who’s going to play with me today since both my brofurs aren‘t feeling good? Grrr.

Momma’s worried that something’s going to happen to me now, but I keep trying to tell her that I’m lots more careful than the boys. She doesn’t have anything to worry about. I’m gonna go cuddle with her right now.

Thanks again for all the thoughts and purrayers. We’ll post an update tomorrow.

PS - Skeezix, thank you for the banner you made for Earl Grey. That was very sweet of you. It made Momma’s eyes leak.


  1. We sure hope Earl Grey and Titus both feel all better really soon!!


    Bogdan, Sara and Kat 3

  2. Yay! That is furry good news that they found out what was causing the problem, and hopefully it will all be fixed now. This is a lesson to all us kitties not to eat plastic...well, stinky goodness is tastier anyway!
    Big purrs to Earl Grey and also the woofie with the sore stomach.

  3. We're SO glad that they pulled out that nasty piece of purple plastic!!! Bless his little heart.

    And now Titus eating 2 lbs. of poodin food!

    Yur Mom and Dad shur r goin thru a gazillion green paper thingees this last week!!!

    They luf u guys tons!!! Wat a grate home u haf.

    Luf, Us

  4. That IS good news, but bummer bout the woofie! Two reasons I's glad I don't lif wif a woofie: I could eat its toy an get sick, an it could eat ALL my food an get sick. I hope they don't put yur name on a parkin space at the e-vet!

  5. Good news on Earl Grey. With luck, he'll be fine, now. (if his people don't strangle him for putting them through all this ;-) )

    Be careful there, Tazo. Your people need one healthy furrbaby, and it looks like your it.

    Titus, stay out of the cat food.

    Every one, it looks like things might be going the right way, knock wood, cross fingers and paws.

  6. KC said...
    hee hee, i's like what Victor said 'bout tha name on tha parking place at ur's vets. shoot, they should dedicate a wing to u's. hee hee

    so happy to find out EG is great. poor guy, wif a piece of plastic in hims gutz.

    'n poor Titus. Bear, my woofie sisfur, who isn't near tha size of Titus, luvs ta eat my dry kitten foods.

  7. Boy am I glad that Earl Grey is getting better! He sure has been through a lot lately. I think it is a very good thing that his other guts look fine, too. Maybe that bad piece of plastic is why the bad poops keep getting stuck in there. We're still purring until Earl Grey is all better, and the woofie too.

  8. We are so glad they found out what was the problem and fixed it!! Don't eat plastic anymore EG!! Get well soon!!


  9. We'z so happy to hear dat he'll be o.k. but he shoodent be eeting doggy toys! Gess he knows dat now. We're sorry but we kinda laffed a little dat da woofie ate all dat cat food cuz our Teddy (who wayed 6 pounds) did dat once but he haded to gets an emena cuz he coodent get it out. Mom sed he pooped on da wall and kinda got da vet tech too! Den he felt better and avoyded da cat food and just ate his doggy food.

  10. YEAAAAA, wow...that's gud to know fur the eatting purple things that come frum shoes!

  11. we is furry glad that Earl Grey is gonna be ok. plastic is not a good fing for kitties. Mommy is always pulling plastic out of my mouf. Poor Titus, efenn I haf nefurr eaten that much food all at once. BUT, if there was 2 pounds of tem-tay-shuns laying around, I would. - Miles

  12. I'm soo happy to read the news! I guess I should listen to Mom when she tells me to stay away from plastic stuff!

    Poor Titus! Thats a lot of kitty food! Bet he won't do that again.

    Your mom has had a rough Mom is thinking about her.


  13. Hooray for Earl Grey! We hope he gets to feeling all the way better ASAP!!


  14. We were SO happy to read the good news about Earl Grey! Now we hope that Titus feels better soon. We'll still keep sending lots of positive purrs over to all of you.

    Purrrrrrs, China Cat & Willow

  15. We are happy to hear Earl Grey is feelin betters. Poor Titus maybe he wont eats so much next time ~Merlin, SHadow, Ko kO

    ps great update Tazo

  16. Yay! We's furry glad Earl Grey's surgeree wented good and they got the plastic fingy out! Woo hoo! We hopes Earl Grey and Titus bof feel all better reel soon.
    Sanjee, Boni, Mini, Pepi and Gree

  17. Heavens to Betsy! I hope both Earl Grey and Titus recover quickly now!

  18. Good news on EG, hope Titus gets over his tummy ache from eating so much.

  19. I hope that E.G. feels like 100% really soon! Poor E.G. for having a purple thing stuck in his tummy, and I am glad it is out. And Titus, you know how dogs are... LOL, he was just a piggy.

  20. ohmigoodness! how good it is to hear EG will be ok!! what a dreffull thing to happen!

    an' we haff made sure nitro hears the part about titus--nitro is allus the one who tears into the cat and woofie bags here. he's got the brain of a onyum, mom sez.

    get well soon, both of you guys!!

    purrs & headbonks from the meowers

  21. Dear Tazo, Thank you for this very very detailed up date on Earl Grey and Titus.
    We are so happy that EG is doing well and Titus should not eat kitty foods.

    You must try to be good and not get sick.
    Love, Prinnie

  22. We're so glad to hear the good news about Earl Grey! It sounds as if he should be home soon.

    Poor Titus tho. Mom says he'll probably have a lot of discomfort for a couple of days but he should be OK soon as long as the food keeps moving through. She said she had a similar experience with my big sister woofie Holly Berry from a long time ago. It was hard to watch Holly not feeling well but it was only 2-3 days before she eliminated everything and was OK again.

    Tazo, I hope you're right that you won't get sick too. You're needed!

  23. Oh thats great news about earl Gray we sure glad he felling better. My freind cat Buddy ate a pennny once and his mama said it the most expicvie penny in the world

    Lilly Lu Iris and Mu shue

  24. Oh, good news, Earl Grey!! But next time you get a yen for purple plastic you gotta remember the old saying: "Purple plastic plugs up pussycats' poopies!"

    And that Titus! Wasn't an ancient Roman emperor named Titus? And didn't they have vomitoriums in ancient Rome? Maybe the woofie was just having a good old-fashioned Roman food orgy!


  25. We is so glad to hear the good news about Earl Grey! Mommakitty keep tellin' Daddykitty it is serious business to not leave stuff laying around that can hurt our tummys - in our house it's usually rubberbands, which can also be lethal!

    Hope yer up and bouncin' around soon :)

  26. phew, what a relief all the medical news is good!

    my mom says to tell all you misbehaving kitties to just quit!

    her furries have pulled a few stunts themselves in her day, and she knows how much it worries & tires the moms & pops, not to mention it empties their pockets of the spare change they could better use to buy us toys!


  27. we're so glad to hear earl grey's gonna be okay. and we hope titus recovers from his over-eating incident!

  28. All the best to Earl Grey and Titus. I think the take-home lesson for all of us is don't eat what you're not supposed to!

  29. That's fabulous news about Earl Grey, Tazo! We're sorry about Titus-what a painful way to learn a lesson about eating kitty food. We hope they both get better real quick!


    Confession time for me: I once ate some plastic, or a least that's what the vet thought. It was a long time ago, but it punctured my butt coming out. I'll spare you the ugly details, but I was fine in no time.


  30. We're glad it was just an inedible, non-sharp object in his tummy, and we're purrin' fur a speedy quick recovery! More purrs fur poor Titus too. 2 whole pounds of food? Wow!

  31. We are so very very relieved to hear Earl Grey is better. Still praying for a speedy recovery.

    Wow, Titus ate alot. We will pray for him too and you as well.

    Sending many many scritches and purrs and loves.

    Bad Kitty Cats and their human.

  32. I am so very glad to read that Earl Grey came through surgery fine and that it was just a piece of plastic that was causing all his problems. Poor Titus. He must have one heck of a tummyache after eating two pounds of catfood. I hope both of them feel better very soon. You stay well, Tazo. You have to look after the other two.

  33. I'm very glad to hear that Earl Grey is doing better! Sending healing purrs for him and Titus.

  34. Man, sounds like a rough weekend for your beans, make sure to give them some extra love. Glad to her everyone is on the mend!

  35. I missed all the happenings over the weekend. I am so glad that EG is doing better. I am sorry that Titus isn't doing well, but am glad that he isn't seriously ill. Meowm and I will keep up the purrayers for everyone in your household!

  36. We're thinking good thoughts for both kitties. We had a cat that chewed plastic and ended up having 2 surgeries for intestinal blockages. Needless to say, we learned a valuable lesson about keeping all plastic material away from cats.

    Crews' Mom

  37. We're glad Earl Grey's serjery went well. He has to amember not to eet nuffin that don't look like Stinky goodness or Temtayshuns. We're sending purrs furr a speedy recovery furr him and Titus.

  38. Thanks so much for the purrayer and thoughts. I made sure to tell EG and T that you guys were all thinking of them.

    ~The Furry Kids' Mom

  39. It looks like EG ate a piece of Barney!
    We're glad EG's gonna be okay, and that Titus will just have to "move it on through" to feel better!
    We'll keep Earl Grey in our purrayers.

    Purrchance To Dream kitties

  40. Zipppidy Do Dah!! Yeah........We are so happy.

    The Big Piney woods Cats

  41. Yikes! Purple plastic shoe doesn't sound very delicious ...

    I'm so furry glad that Earl Grey is doing much better ... That's certainly a relief and a half!

    Feel up-to-your-ol'-self as soon as you can, EG!

    DMM and Feline Americans

  42. wow, they is an epidemic of eatin what yu shoodnt at yur house. we is gonna keep purrayin fer efferyone there.

    yuki & kimiko

  43. This must have been scary! A long time ago Trouble got hold of some thread and ate it and they thought it was going to bunch up her intestines, but fortunately it got stuck in the back of her throat and they were able to draw it out the front way.


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