Sunday, March 11, 2007

Purrayers for Skeezix and an Earl McGrey Update - Sunday Edition

Earl McGrey’s Mom here:

FIRST - Skeezix, we hope you feel better soon. You helped us so much last week when Earl McGrey was so sick. We are purraying and purraying for you to feel better and sending tons of pawsitive thoughts your way.

Sorry I haven’t posted an update before now. Earl McGrey is doing better, so we’ve just been cuddling a lot.

He went back to the regular V-E-T yesterday. His liver enzymes were good (his ALT was 84 - normal!!!) . He was supposed to get a couple of other blood tests done, but he fought the techs too much and they could only get enough blood for the regular test (which the V-E-T and I were really happy about, since he hadn‘t been putting up much of a fight lately). He still had a sore tummy when she poked at him, but not as sore as before. He’s also done no more puking since Friday morning. His x-rays yesterday showed a bunched up spot in his intestines. :( The V-E-T thinks that he might have an obstruction (because of the spot on the x-ray and the puking), or maybe pancreatitis (sp?), or irritable bowel. She also hasn’t ruled out that he got into something toxic or that it could be a reaction to too much Reglan. He got some more fluids under the skin, some more chicken flavored barfy medicine, and a prescription bland diet since he won’t eat the boiled chicken and rice his dad made for him. We’re supposed to keep an eye on him and if he pukes even once, he needs to go back to the ER right away.

He’s doing pretty well so far. He’s eating the new food and putting the bitey on us a lot. He’s walking around more and jumping up on the counter a lot. He hates his barfy medicine and puts up a big fight when he has to take it.

He goes back to the V-E-T tomorrow for more x-rays, bloodwork, and pokes in the belly. Please continue to purray for him. The V-E-T says he’s doing well, but he's not out of the woods yet.
Thank you again for all the well wishes. It really means a lot to us.


  1. I am still keeping Earl Grey in my thoughts and purrrs! And Skeezix too, of course!

  2. Oh we are so glad to hear the most handsome Earl Grey is feeling some better! Purrs and Kitty good thoughts!

  3. Well, I am glad to hear that Eg is doing a bit better, but Meowm and I will keep purraying till all his tests come back normal!

  4. We're still sending pawsitive thoughts to Earl Grey!! We're glad he is eating some and feeling well enough to fight a little bit. That is very good news.

    Luf, Us

  5. More get-well-fast wishes for Earl Grey.

  6. Thank you all for everything. I read all your comments to Earl McGrey and he was so touched by all the purrayers going out for him.


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