Thursday, March 8, 2007

Earl McGrey Update - Thursday Afternoon Edition

Earl McGrey Update – Thursday Edition

Earl McGrey is still at home. He’s eating a little bit at a time and it’s staying down. He had another episode of the squirts last night, but the V-E-T said that it’s probably still just leftover from the enema since it was only one time. He hates taking his medicine. He’s still laying around a lot, but if his dad or I sit down then he climbs on our laps to cuddle.

O’Tazo only hissed at him once today and then licked his head a little while later. Hopefully, the V-E-T smell goes away soon.

Please continue to keep him in your purrayers. He’s still not feeling all that great.
Thank you for all your pawsitive thoughts and purrayers.
Earl McGrey’s Mom

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  1. Oh bless his heart!! He's been through a lot! We hope he continues to improve. Poor guy.

    Thanks for your kind thoughts and purrayers for our Dorfie!

    Luf, Us


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