Friday, December 28, 2012

Froot Bat Friday

FRENCH FRY! FRENCH FRY! FRENCH FRY!  I think The Mom is finally catching on.  French fries = froot bats  

In other news, thank you for all of the purrs and purrayers for Tazo.  I think they're working.  We gotted her bloodwork results from Mitten State University yesterday.  All of her thyroid numbers were normal.  She has one more day of medicines and then we see how she feels when she's off of her medicines.  We're soooo hoping that she's back to normal and doesn't start puking again.  If you still have some extra purrs laying around, please please please send them our way.  We just want our sisfur to be healthy again.

Happy weekend, everybuddy!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Frootbat/Mancat/TwinsonTuesday on Monday?

We're super confused.  The pawrents have had a rough week, so The Mom is trying to smoosh everything into one post. 

Here is my Frootbat Friday picture.  Courtesy of some super nommy grilled cheese sammich.  It's been treat-a-rama around here this week.  Not for a fun reason (Tazo's been pretty sick, so I've been getting to share in the delicious chicken and rice that The Mom made for her), but treats are treats.

Mancat Rule of the Day:  It is very manly to cuddle with your sisfur when she feels good enough to let you.

We know its a super busy time of year, but if anyone has some extra purrs and wouldn't mind sending them our way, we'd really appreciate it.  Tazo was throwing up and having the squirts this week.  The Mom took her to see Dr P and she gotted some medicine and a bland diet.  She's feeling much better, but we're still not sure if it was a virus or if she ate something she shouldn't have or if there's something else going on.  Dr P sent some of her bloods to Michigan State to have a special thyroid test done, but those results won't be back until sometime next week.  Or she could have inflammatory bowel disease, but we sort of have to wait and see what happens when she's done with her medicine.  So The Mom being The Mom is super duper worried and just wants everyone to be healthy again.

In other news, tho, SANTA CLAWS IS COMING TONIGHT!!!  We can't wait!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Mancat Monday

Mancat Rule of the Day:  It is very manly to give your The Mom the stink eye when she is crawling around on the floor trying to take your picture when she should really be getting ready for work.  Stinky goodness doesn't grow on trees, lady.  Now, get out there and bring home some green papers.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Froot Bat Friday

Sorry for the blurriness.  The Mom kept saying, "T! Hold still! Let me get your picture!" But you can't hold nommy mashed potatoes with super nommy roast beast gravies on it in front of someone's face and expect them to hold still.  Sheesh.

Happy Weekend, everybuddy!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Mancat Monday

Mancat Rule of the Day:  It is very manly to pretend to be snoozing on a towel in the hallway.  Then when your The Mom walks by, you grab her feets. heh

Friday, December 7, 2012

Froot Bat Friday: Flashback

The Mom is super duper lazy busy this week, so we're doing a flashback.  This post is from May 6, 2011:

Since my secret lair was revealed last week (grrrrr), I thought I might as well take you on a tour of my other favorite napping spots.  Here are Favorite Froot Bat Napping Spots numbers 2, 3, and 4:

Please look closely at the above photo.  Favorite Napping Spot #2 is located in the background of the photo.  It is a fabulously comfy dawg bed from the warehouse club. It is fuzzy and warm on one side (for winter napping) and cool and comfy on the other side (for summer napping).  Favorite Napping Spot #3 is on the couch, on the cushion that is in the foreground. Normally, it is covered with a blanket so that the twins' clawrs don't scratchie it up, but I like to uncover it so that I can feel the cool leather against my furs.  Which leads me to Favorite Napping Spot #4:  the pile of blankies and pillows on the floor. It's an ok Napping Spot in a pinch, but it takes a lot of work to get the blankies scrunchied up just right.

Last night, Dad caught up with me in yet another Favorite Napping Spot (#5).  I am avoiding the camera because *somekitteh* is making biscuits on me and I don't really want to be seen in such a compromising position.  Plus, I'm not looking at the camera because I GOT NO TREATS.  Work with me, Dad! Sheesh! You're turning into Mom. :sigh:

Have a great weekend, evverybuddy!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Mancat Monday

I'm trying to ignore the flashy box and the obnoxious penguin jammies.  In other news, The Mom says my whiskies look extremely luxurious in this picture.  I tend to agree with her. MOL

This morning, The Mom overslept.  Once she dragged herself out of bed, I followed her around the house and gave her the what for.  I mean, she needs to get up and leave so that she can get green papers so that she can buy us nommy foods and our fancy, wheat litter. The Moms these days - they're so hard to motivate sometimes.

Mancat Rule of the Day:  It is very manly to make sure that your The Mom gets out of the house on time in the mornings.