Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tazo Tuesday

The other day, Mama was looking for me. She looked in all my favorite nappy spots, but I was no where to be found. She walked into the bedroom and this is what she found:

Oh, hai, Mama!

Sometimes it's good to keep your pawrents on their toes. hee hee

Friday, August 26, 2011

Froot Bat Friday

Doods.  Bad news.  I think Mom got to Dad. He took this picture last night. And gave me no treats. And Mom was sort of bummed about my froot bats because she said they were Flying Nun Froot Bats (she prefers the more relaxed, out-to-the-side froot bats).  But he said, "But he's smiling!" Then she said that maybe Dad could let me lick the milk from the bottom of his cereal bowl when he was done with it just to sort of coax out the relaxed froot bats and he wouldn't do it. Doods.  I'm distraught.  I don't even know what to do. I thought he was on my side. His excuse was that he thought I wasn't allowed to have people foods.  And Mom said (thankfully!) that I get people foods on Thursday nights when I'm doing my photoshoots. Now if only she would follow her own advice.  See what I'm dealing with here?  It's tough.

I hope you guys have a great weekend and get tons and tons of treats.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Froot Bat Friday

Dad sent Mom this picture yesterday.  But she knew it wasn't me right away. Sometimes she's a good Mom. 

Apparently, Dad saw this guy riding around town and followed him into the BK parking lot (and uh, why didn't you bring me some BK Dad?!?!?!  A plain hamburger would've been lovely!)  Dad says he was pretty barky, and so not nearly as nice as me.  I gotta say that this guy's got some pretty good froot bats.

Anyway, last night?  TREATS!  Tortilla chips! Yum!  But I guess I got pretty excited because Mom had to hold on to the chips while Dad took the picture. I'm thinking I need to get Dad involved in more of my photoshoots.  There seems to be more treats when he's around.

Happy Weekend, everybuddy! 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Whisker Hump Wednesday

This isn't exactly how I wanted my first Whisker Hump Wednesday to go. Krap.  But I think maybe Kismet would understand about how sometimes you lose a whiskie or two. Kismet, you were one of the very first blogs we ever visited and I totally learned how to be a mancat from you.  Rest in peace, buddy.  We'll never forget you.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Mancat Monday

So The Mom was changing the sheets on the big bed and I was helping because she needs my help.

You know you have a pretty good The Mom (and don't you guys tell her I said that - I have a reputation to protect) when she waits to finish changing the sheets until you're done with your nap.

Happy napping, everybuddy!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What the Paw?! Wednesday

So Mama woked up this morning and the first thing she saw was this:

At first glance, she thought it was some sort of fuzzy thing or trash or something.  But then she stumbled upon this:

And she was all, "What the paw?"  But then she thanked me for saving her from certain death.  Because a giant cricket in the middle of the night is not good - they're very dangerous creatures. She did find a third leg a little bit farther down the hall, but she didn't take a picture of it. Whatever, Mama. I just know that she feels so much safer knowing that her little speckley PBK* is taking care of the house while she sleeps. And since I am a good sister, I would like to thank EG for his assistance in the take down of Mr. Cricket. He makes me do all the work always has my back in case the any of the bugs get out of control.  And then he inspects them after I'm done with them to make sure that they're good and deaded.

Mama did mention that I should probably make sure of who or what my victim target is.  She thinks that if I ever see this guy:

I should probably leave him alone.  She claims he's not a threat or anything.  I'll try, Mama.  Sometimes, I just get in the zone and forget about everything else.

*Professional Bug Killer

Monday, August 8, 2011

Mancat Monday

This is a picture of me, chilling on The Mom.  Please notice the manly ear tufts.  She cut my luxurious whiskies out of the picture - she claims that she couldn't get them to fit in the frame. Because they are so luxurious. Whatever, The Mom.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish our Dad a very Happy Birthday!  He's a super good Dad, especially when he drops foods on the floor. We have lots of manly plans for today:  napping, eating, watching ESPN, and I'll probably take another nap or five. Oh, and Dad will probably do some work while I nap, but he'll be sure to be quiet so that he doesn't wake me up. Because he's a good Dad. 

Happy Birthday, Dad!  Have a great day! We might even share some tuna joose with you. Maybe.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Froot Bat Friday

Mom says she's had a whole week of Mondays. Whatever that means. I guess it means she can't help us blog or give us adequate treatage. Because last night's photoshoot was chock full of NO TREATS.

I guess she thinks that if she takes pictures of me sleeping, then she doesn't have to get her behind out of bed give me treats. Nice try at the sneakiness, Mom.

Here is a picture of me giving her the stink eye.  You'd think she'd have learned by now (it's really simple math):
Treats = super cute Froot Bats
No treats = very dirty looks

Happy Weekend, everybuddy!  I hope your pawrents shower you with treats this weekend.  Because I'm sure mine won't.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Twins on Tuesday on Monday

Yesterday was our birthday. We're six now! The Mom is having a hard time believing it. She says it seems like just yesterday we were three pound baby kittens. And that we napped in the bathroom sink together and that Tazo was an expert jumper and I kept falling off the counters I was trying to jump on. I don't like to think about that part - I'm not sure it's all that manly when your sister can outjump you. Ahem. Anyway, here's a picture of us on the day we gotted gotcha'd.

Here is Tazo playing with our new fevver chickhens last night.  They're pretty fun.  The Mom couldn't get a non-blurry picture of me and the fevver chickhens.  And I am not sure why there is a white dawg tail in this picture either.

Here is a picture of me in action.  See the manly grey blur?  Yep, that's me.

And here we are getting our birthday yogurt.  Vanilla! Yum.

Have no fear, Froot Bat Fans - those delicious, pink ears gotted some yogurt, too.

Mancat Rule of the Day:  It is very manly to share your posting day with your sister because your The Mom makes you it's your birthday.