Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 55

Today is our birthday! We are three. I don't feel a day over two, though. But whatever. Here's 13 Things That We'd Like for our Birthday:

1. A steak
3. Breakfast at 3:30 am
4. A long, uninterrupted nap
5. A snack of delicious, pink ears (and don't those ears just look yummy???)
6. To go outside and run around
7. Some fev-vers
8. A boat load of nip
9. No more mani/pedis
10. To be able to sleep on Dad and The Mom's bed and stretch waaaaayyy out without either of them complaining
11. To be able to boobwalk without getting yelled at
12. A long ride in the stroller
13. A pet fishie or a lizard or something (I think we're old enough to be responsible for a pet fishie, don't you?)

Here is the very first picture that Dad and The Mom have of us. We're about 10-1/2 weeks old.

And here's one from last week. I think we've grown up just a little. The Mom keeps saying, "Remember when they only weighed 3-1/2 pounds? They were soooo tiny!" to Dad. She's totally ruining my manly reputation.

Anyway, the point is that The Mom is busy and preoccupied and whatever this week and didn't really plan a PAR-TAY for us, so if anyone wants to come over and trash the house today, we'll be here. heh heh

In other news, Aunt Jen and The Mom want to thank you for all the purrs and purrayers. She's still feeling pretty bad, but hopefully her antibiotics will start kicking some butt soon and she'll get all healed up. We'll update when we know anything else.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

White Mustache Wednesday

It's not a Giambi mustache, but it'll do.

In other news, The Mom dropped off a "sample" to the V-E-T this morning so they can see if our medicines took care of our giardia. We're keeping our paws crossed that we're in the clear.

In other other news, if you've got some extra purrs hanging around, Aunt Jen could use one or two. She had been doing really well, but she got a really bad infection over the weekend and she's back in the hospital. She (and we) would really appreciate it.

For TT

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Twins Tuesday

Notice how EG has just the right amount of paw dangle going. Dangly paws are always squee-worthy in Mama's book. Notice also how the dangly paw is taking the focus off of me. It's supposed to be Tazo Tuesday and I had a special picture all ready for Bert today.

In other news, last night all three of us were in the perfect Christmas card pose - we were all hanging out in the same area and all looking super cute at the same time. So Mama snuck out and grabbed her flashy box (and not the askeery one because I run away as soon as I even hear the bag open - hee hee) and ran back to take our picture. And guess what? The battery died right then and there. hee hee By the time she switched the battery and came back, Titus was headed out of the room. Nice try, Mama.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Mancat Monday

Mancat Rule of the Day: It is very manly to have your medicine splattered on your left cheek *and* water dripping from your chin.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Froot Bat Friday

We're hoping these videos work. It's taken Mom a month to figure out how to get them off her camera.

The first video was taken about a month ago. Mom was really sick and had a weird voice. She kept talking to us like she was DarthVader. It was really embarrassing. The second video was taken last night. Please note how I ignore her. hehe

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 54

Here's 13 Things heard while we get our medicine:

1. Please don't run under the bed!

2. T-Bone! You don't want the medicine. It's for kitty tummies. ::whispers:: And it doesn't taste good.

3. That's my good Bizzy Boy! (Titus takes his medicine like a good boy. Show off.)

4. Here, Speckle-Speckle! Let Mama make a speckly burrito.

5. EG! Please don't scratch Mama.

6. I'm sorry that tastes so bad.

7. Tazo, please don't make that pitiful sound. Mama is sorry about the medicine.

8. Ouch! (As Mama gets scratched during medicine time)

9. That Flagyl is *not* chicken flavored.

10. Who wants some yogurt? Would that make you feel better?

11. Don't make me put the squeeze on you!

12. Why is there medicine splattered on the kitchen cabinet???

13. How do you guys get so rubbery and hard to pick up?

Monday, July 21, 2008

Mancat Monday

I have been doing an exceptional amount of grooming this week. Because The Mom has been wiping whatever medicine I spit out onto my furs. I think this is very rude. I like to keep a clean machine, as Parker likes to say. But she has been making it up to me by giving us vanilla yogurt. It's pretty tasty.

Mancat Rule(s) of the Day: Keep your furs clean, spit out your medicines, and make sure to give your The Mom the stink eye every time she walks past.


Congratulations to our pal, Jeter Harris, on being Catster's Cat of the Week!

Thank you, Skeezix, for letting us use this graphic.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 53

We've had a busy week around here. Here's 13 miscellaneous things that have happened:

1. Last weekend, we all got 'tocks troubles again. hee hee

2. On Monday, we all had to go to the V-E-T. You should've seen it. Mama had two cat carriers and Titus on a leash. Normally, Daddy goes with her if more than one of us has to go, but he couldn't this time. She doesn't recommend doing this by yourself. But we were all super good, so it worked out. She did have to take a nap when we got home though.

3. At the V-E-T, Titus got a ::whispers:: rectal exam. He doesn't want to talk about it. But Mama says that Dr P says that his 'tocks felt ok. (As a side note, Mama and Dr P both kept apologizing to him, but he wasn't buying it. hee hee) EG and I only had to supply a sample (which Mama collected at home) for a very special test. The technical name is a diarrhea panel super special parasitic poo test. Because our poo is super special.

4. We had no internets for a squillion days, so the cable guys came out to check it. Daddy thought that maybe somekitty (NOT ME!!!) had chewed something again, but it turns out the problem was at the pole outside. They fixed up our internets and now we can visit all of our friends again (if Mama cooperates).

5. I, Tazo, have been hiding under the cedar chest a lot this week. In addition to the askeery cable guys tromping through the house, there's also been a askeery guy working on the floor in one of the bedrooms. Daddy says he's super nice and has kitties of his own, but I'm not buying it.

6. EG has been snoopervising all the activity in the house this week. He was pretty pleased with the work of the cable guys. He would've done some stuff a little differently, like maybe chased some birdies in the yard or climbed a tree instead of walking straight to the utility pole in the back yard. But overall, he says they did a good job.

7. Here's EG checking out the floor guy's work. I am a little hesitant because I think that the askeery floor guy might still be in there. But he wasn't.

Here's a picture of the new floor. Please excuse the ugly pipe. Daddy will put the cover back on sometime soon. Mama is very excited about the floor. She really likes it. She thinks it's a huge improvement over the ugly linoleum that was in there before.

8. We've been getting a yucky, probiotic paste twice a day, every day this week. It's supposed to get squirted in our mouths, but Mama has given up and just smeared it on our feets. We think it's rude. Mama keeps telling us that it doesn't taste too bad (because she got to taste it involuntarily - hee hee!), but we're not buying it.

9. We got the results of our diarrhea panel super special parasitic poo test. We have giardia. Mama is very relieved that we have a diagnosis, yet very sad that she has to continue to scrub the litterboxes every day. And give us medicines. Twice a day. Hahahahahaha! Titus' 'tocks test was negative but he's being treated for giardia, too, because he probably has it from when he went litterbox surfing a couple of weeks ago.

10. Daddy keeps saying that we have the G*hirardelli squirts instead of the H*ershey squirts. Hahahahahaha!

11. Mama got to laugh and laugh at Dr P last night when Dr P told her to use plastic litter box liners so that she didn't have to scrub out the litterboxes every day. Mama told her that she can't use the liners because EG eats them. Dr P started laughing and agreed that Mama shouldn't use them because she doesn't want EG to have more tummy surgery. hee hee

12. Mama broke down last night and bought a package of cardboardy litterbox liners. She's hoping that we cooperate. We may, or we may not. Stay tuned.

Here is a picture of me helping Mama with litterbox doody duty. EG says I don't quite have the right idea. You mean these boxes aren't for sleeping?

13. Mama has been apologizing to me this week because everyone at the V-E-T keeps pronouncing my name wrong. Mama keeps telling them it's "TAH zoh" like taco with a "z" but they keep saying it with a short a sound like in taxi or worse yet, "TEH zoh." That one made Daddy giggle a little bit. I don't care what they call me as long as I don't have to go back there for a long, long time.

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tattle Tail and Tazo Tuesday

I am going to tattle tail on Momma today. Look at what she did to our catnip!!! She forgot to water it. And now it's all wilty. This is terrifying. A kitty should not have to see such a horrible sight.

In other news, sorry we weren't around much yesterday. Our internets weren't working and they didn't get fixed until late. And there were askeery cable guys all over our house. It was terrible. I had to hide under the cedar chest. It was so very, very askeery. Between those askeery guys and the horrible sight that is our catnip, I need a rest. Please note that Titus' leg is my pillow. He makes the most comfy pillow ever. hee hee

Friday, July 11, 2008

Froot Bat Friday

I wasn't feeling like doing the Froot Bat thang, but Mom caught me just as I was nodding off, so I didn't really have a choice. Please ignore the giant piece of fuzz next to my foot - Mom really needs to vacuum.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Catching Up on Thursday

A squillion years ago, we received some awards and got tagged for a meme and we finally got Momma to help us catch up.

We got the Sweet Home Blogger Award from our pal, Castle. We are passing it on to Lucky & Roxy and to Luxor.

Titus got this award from George. He's going to pass it on to Ariel.

We got this award from Dragonheart & Merlin.

The 'Arte y Pico' award was created and to be given to bloggers who inspire others with their creative energy and their talents, whether it be writing, artwork in all media's. When you receive this award it is considered a 'special honor'. Once you have received this award, you are to pass it on to at least 5 others.

We're going to pass it on to Dorydoo, Chairman Mao, Brainball, & Marilyn, and also to Kaze, Latte, & Chase.

We got tagged by Pearl, Bert, & Jake for the cold box meme.

A fun and simple MEME for the hot summer. Show us a photo of the front of your Cold Box and tell us about at least one thing on it and one thing you keep inside of it! Tag your friends and remember to stay COOL!

Here's the side view of our fridge. It's got a calendar from The Pioneer Woman, a magnet from All Things Jeep, some Flylady clings, and a notepad shaped like a cow with a hole in the middle and it says "Holy Cow" because that is what Momma says all the time.

Here is the front of our fridge. It's got some postcards from Skeezix, some Daisy magnets, pictures of Adan and Mickey Mantle, phone numbers for the V-E-T, emergency V-E-T, pet poison control, and the (gasp!) petsitter. There's also some menus, a couple of comics, a German Shepherd Dawg magnet, and a picture of a white dawg smoking a cigar. On the bottom is some pictures of Momma and Daddy, some more emergency V-E-T phone numbers, two Ford Motor breast cancer awareness magnets, a hard to read map, and our very own Halloween decoration, a green glow-in-the-dark bat that Momma put on the fridge at our eye level. hee hee

On the inside of the freezer part is a loaf of bread and some R*eese's peanutbutter cups that Momma keeps forgetting to take to work. On the inside of the fridge part is a giant bowl of hamburger and rice for Titus' 'tocks (and no, Momma just can't talk about this right now - hee hee), two kinds of beer, and trash that is too tasty (according to Titus) for Momma and Daddy to throw in the garbage can.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tattle Tail and Tazo Tuesday

My tattling for this week is as follows:

Momma has not taken any new pictures of us. Titus and I do not care. EG is not happy, though. Because there are no new pictures of us, I had to recycle this picture of me from when I was a little baby kitty. Momma always giggles when she thinks about when I was so little that I wasn't even as big as a box of Club crackers. Which sound pretty tasty, by the way.

I also heard Momma call EG a "snot" early yesterday morning after she promised him last week that she wouldn't do that any more if he stopped having 'tocks trouble. Daddy says that Momma doesn't do too well at 4:13 am and that we should cut her some slack. But I don't know.

In other news, (and Momma says I have to say "knock on wood" when I say this) our 'tocks are all doing lots better. As long as we keep having solid poops, then we don't have to go back to see Dr P. So we're keeping our paws crossed.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Mancat Monday

Mancat Rule of the Day: When your The Mom scrubs out the litterboxes for a second time in a week because of your 'tocks troubles, always always remember to help her out by chewing a hole in the bottom of the 40 pound bag of Swheat Scoop so that it pours out of the bag all over the litterbox room floor. heh heh

Oh, yeah, and always remember to match the family room curtains to your eyes.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thankful Thursday

The Mom is thankful that there was a somewhat solid poo in the litterbox this morning. It was the first one she's seen in 6 days (since Tazo came down with the 'tocks trouble). And it wasn't covered so that leads her to believe it belongs to me. heh heh I say, there's nothing quite like that kind of present first thing in the morning. Happy Thursday, The Mom. heh heh

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tazo Tuesday

My brothers take very good care of me. Well, some take better care of me than others. *cough*EG*cough* Some let me nap next to them instead of whapping me on the head or putting the bitey on my neck.

EG and I went to the V-E-T today. It was terrible. I stayed very, very still so that I could be invisible, but it didn't work. I ended up with the same medicine that EG had last week. Dr P thinks that EG may have passed some 'tocks germies onto me. Momma is supposed to keep an eye on us and if EG gets more 'tocks trouble, then we have to go back and get checked out again (since that means that I've passed the 'tocks germies back to him - which, at this point, he totally deserves). Dr P also said that we could both have a tiny bit of yogurt to see if that would help our tummies. I think yogurt sounds pretty tasty.

In other news, EG had to go to see Dr P with me this morning because when Momma woke up, she noticed that he had a gooby eye and was squinting a lot. So Dr P checked it out and said she thinks he has conjunctivitis. Or maybe he got whapped. But I'm not saying anything about that.

So the final score for this week is:
The Furry Kids - 2
Momma - 0
hee hee

And for your reading pleasure, we got a super funny comment from Daisy yesterday (regarding our 'tocks troubles):

I hope you see "the end" of your 'tocks trouble soon, and all your worries are "behind" you. I am pretty sure your vet will be able to get to "the bottom" of your troubles!

Happy Tuesday to everyone!