Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

These guys are our new brother and sister, Frankenkitty and Bride of Frankenkitty. Momma says they are for decoration - not for bunnykicking or putting the bitey on. Somthing about all the hassle she went through to score the Frankenkitty and blah blah blah. We would love love love to hang out with them more, but unfortunately, they have to stay in the Off Limits Room because someone tried to bunnykick them. *cough*EG*cough*

We gotta take lots of naps today so we'll be ready for the sticky things that come to the door and take Momma's chocolate trick or treaters. Momma says it's probably going to be pretty much the same as last year. Me and EG have to be in the litterbox room (because someone always tries to run out the front door *cough*EG*cough*) and Titus gets to hand out candy with Momma and Daddy and get petted by all the kids. Grrr. I would just prefer to be able to hidey under the bed. Hiding in the litterbox room just doesn't have the same appeal.

We hope you all have a very happy Halloween and hope that the Great Pumpkin brings everyone lots of Temptations.

Tazo, Titus, & EG

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Twins Tuesday

Earl Grey is not always such a big, tough mancat. He still likes to snuggle with me. Momma thought it was soooo cute how we were sleeping head to head. I think I even heard her say SQUEE! :)

I am going to be in so much trouble for posting this. Hee hee!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Miss Peach Meme Monday

We got tagged! Adan started a meme in honor of Miss Peach, and we got tagged by our wonderful friends, Chairman Mao and Caesar and Prinnie. And the very best part is that we all got tagged! (That always makes Titus feel good. hee hee)

So here's the deal...

Hey, everyone, this time, I decide to start this cherish meme, here are some ways (depends on which person you write), and bring our love to Miss Peach~! She always makes us know what love is!
1. tell us what is the most sweetest warm thing you will do to your mommy (what is the sweetest thing that your kitty will do to you)

2. And, hug your mommy, tightly... (and, hug your kitty....tightly...)
3. Tag your good friend...

4. Leave your computer, and continuing hug each other...

Earl Grey:
I am a big mancat and every day I'm very, very busy snoopervising. I really don't like to be picked up or ugh *kissed* by my mom. I don't really want to be bothered by her mushy stuff. But every night, after she goes to bed, I go in the bedroom and lay on her legs. Sometimes, I purr a little (which she really likes because I'm not that big on purring), and sometimes I earthworm under the covers. But I don't put the bitey on her. I sleep there until Dad lets Titus outside for his last time of the night. Then I get up because after Titus comes back in, we all get a little snack. After the snack and a quick bath, then I head back to bed. For the rest of the night, I sleep on mom's legs or behind her knees. If it's really cold, then I sleep in the same positions, only under the covers. With Dad, it's different. He can pick me up and drape me over his shoulder and carry me around the house any time. If he picked me up and put me in his lap, I would stay there for a while (unlike with Mom - if she tried that, I'd jump up right away and then take a big, dramatic bath in the middle of the room - heh heh)

I let Momma pick me up every day. She picks me up and holds me and carries me around the house. I purr and purr and purr with my big motor. If she sits down, I jump off her lap, but as long as she's walking or standing, she can pretty much hold me for as long as she wants. Every time she passes by me, she puckers up and says, "Give me a kissie." And I do. Every time.
As far as Daddy goes, I lay on him every night and watch TV. I lay in my Count Dracula pose and purr and purr and purr and he gives me tummy scritches. It is very, very cool. After our bednight snack, then I take a bath and head to bed. I sleep either on Momma's feet or behind Daddy's legs. On top of the covers - never under.

Mom says I am a glue dawg. I like to be wherever Mom is. We cuddle on the couch a lot in the evenings. She gives the best ear scritches ever. And she usually gives me a taste of whatever she's eating. If she's sad, I make sure that she doesn't get out of my sight. And I'll even give her a little nudge if I think she's forgotten that I'm there. I know that makes her feel better. She always tells me what a sweet boy I am.
Dad and I have "dude fest" just about every night after dinner. We lay on the couch and watch TV. Sometimes EG joins us. There are no girls allowed, though. No Mom, no Tazo. After Mom goes to bed, then I go in there and lay with her and EG. That's when Tazo gets her Dad time.

We want to tag everyone who hasn't been tagged yet!

We're sending lots of hugs and purr and purrayers for our friend, Miss Peach.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Friends Friday

We're very worried about Miss Peach. We're sending lots of purrs and purrayers and woofs her way.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 28

Thirteen Good Things That Happened at Our House This Week

1. The computer guys hooked up the wireless router. In less than 10 minutes. Unlike when Momma tried for over two hours to do it herself.

2. The cable guy came and replaced the cable that Tazo someone chewed. He also replaced the cable box (which made Tazo someone mad because he took away her favorite sleeping spot).

3. Momma spilled dawg treats all over the kitchen floor, so we scored a surprise snack.

4. Tazo found a new hidey spot and Momma couldn't find her and so she freaked out for hours. heh heh We got to giggle a little at all the stuff Momma was saying. "Tazo! Where are you? You don't have to come out - just show me a paw! Or the tip of your tail! A whiskie! Anything!" heh heh

5. We got a new chair. Well, Momma and Daddy got a new chair. But we took it over. So we got a new chair. It's very comfy.

6. It has been chilly and raining - good cuddling weather.

7. Titus did not get in trouble for making the mess in the family room. In fact, Momma started giggling because he worked so hard. He carried in parts of the newspaper, toilet paper, and pop bottles, and then threw some toys around.

8. Daddy made pasta for dinner and he didn't guard it very well. heh heh

9. Titus got to eat a little of Momma's chicken soup.

10. No one has thrown up or had 'tocks trouble for weeks. *knocking on wood*

11. It's sunny today, so there are going to be super good sunspots in the house.

12. EG's been doing lots of boobwalking this week. We think this is a good thing. Momma does not.

13. We played fishie pole for a long time last night. It was super fun.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tazo Toesday

It is very important to keep your toes sparkle-y clean. Do you see my gray grey toe? It's the pinky toe on my left front foot. Momma always tries to grab my grey toe and then I have to put the bitey on her. Just a little bit.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Manly Dawg Monday

EG's sort of mad that I'm "hogging the blog" today, but sheesh, it's been all about the twins around here lately. Anyhoo, I'm supposed to send waves and ugh (this is soooooo embarrassing), whiskie kissies to Dorydoo from EG.

PS - Our dawg friend, Belle, is doing great! The swelling has really gone down on her face and she's got super happy ears and a waggy tail. And she only has 3-1/2 more days of being a conehead!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Furry Kid Friday

Thank you for the compliments on the twins' pimped stroller. Tazo and EG had a lot of fun working on it. As for Mom? Not so much fun for her. hee hee Several kitties asked if they were going out trick or treating. They aren't. The stroller didn't stay pimped for more than 5 minutes. Mom finished it and Dad snapped some pictures real quick while Mom tried to hold off Tazo and EG. (I laid down in the hallway to watch the whole thing because I'm a good boy. hee hee) EG clawed squirmed his way out of her arms and decided to do some tweaking on the stroller. Apparently, he didn't like Mom's placement of the ginormous spider. He knocked it down and Tazo ran off with it. hee hee Then he started trying to eat the cobweb again and since Mom didn't feel like he should have foreign body surgery AGAIN (even though I think he's trying to get another scar to impress Dorydoo), she unpimped the stroller.

The twins have also managed to chew the whiskers off both of Mom's black cat Halloween statues (and beheaded one - but don't tell Mom), so she doesn't think we're decorating inside the house this year. And apparently, she doesn't think we're decorating outside this year, either. She's been going to get some mums, but well, she keeps getting distracted. Dad brought us each a pumpkin, though, and put them on the front porch. He said we had to share them with the squirrels if they wanted to snack on them. Which is ok. See that big window? My couch is right in front of that, so I have a front row seat for squirrel watching. So far, they haven't snacked on our pumpkins.

But I think that's because they're busy with very important walnut work on our patio. Look at the mess! I had no idea squirrels were this messy. Grrrr

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 27

Thirteen Things Heard While We Were Pimping Our Stroller:

1. Oh, crap! It's starting to rain. How are we supposed to pimp this inside? *growling* (from Momma) hee hee

2. EG! Stop eating the spider web!

3. No! No! No! EG!! No, Eggie, no!

4. Aaaah! Daddy, could you please come here and help me? EG's helping a little too much.

5. We're not allowed to say this word.

6. Tazo! Drop that bat!

7. I hate this spider web stuff. What was I thinking?

8. We're not allowed to say this word either.

9. Next year, we're getting Aunt Jen to help.

10. Put down that bat!

11. Another word we're not allowed to say.

12. Ow! He bit me!

13. Titus, you're such a good baby boy.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

To Do List

It's been pretty busy around our house lately. Mom's been working a lot because it's busy season for her work. She makes a lot of To Do Lists because she tends to forget to do stuff when she's super busy. So, we've decided to help her out around the house.

Here, I am trying to look very stressed out. Hee hee

Our To Do List:

Get up at 3:37 am. The early kitty gets the kibble, or something like that.

Whap our jingle balls around the house.

Boob walk.

Squawk for breakfast.

Try to jump in the cupboard when Momma opens it up to get a mug.

Weave back and forth in front of the coffee pot, so that it's hard for her to pour a cup of coffee.

Jump in the refrigerator when she tries to get cream for her coffee.

Help her do her yoga, pilates, whatever exercise she does that requires her to be on the floor.


Supervise Titus through the window to make sure that his 'tocks are still doing well.

Refuse to drink out of the bowl after Titus does. Stare at the bowl until Mom rinses it out and refills it.

Steal the drain cover from the shower.

Put the bitey on the soap after she gets done in the shower.


Try to eat the trash.

Post our Pimp Our Stroller entry.

Watch the birds and squirrels through the window.


Lie in a nice sunspot.

Watch TV with Dad while he drinks his coffee.

Nap until Mom gets home.

As you can see, we've gotten a lot of things crossed off our list already this morning, but we still have a lot of things to do today. Whew!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Twins Tuesday

Check out what our great friends, Maggy and Zoey, sent us. Dorydoo, please don't get the wrong idea about the heart-y one. She's my sister. Really.

And I would like to wish my girlkitty, Dorydoo, a great big happy birthday!!! I'm on my way over with flowers and my fev-vers.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Mancat Monday

Do real mancats play with fev-vers?
Dorydoo, do you like fev-vers? I don't really like to share them, but I'd share with you. *wink wink*

In other news, my fellow mancat, Brainball, gave me an award. Thank you, Brainball!

In other, other news, our dawg friend, Belle, is doing great! She got to eat some hot dawg pieces on Saturday, and some scrambled eggs yesterday. Her mom says she's doing ok. The only thing that's giving her any trouble is the cone, but she only has 10 more days of that. Thanks again for all the thoughts and purrayers.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Belle Update

Our dawg friend, Belle, is doing really well. She's resting and eating and going outside. She's still got the Happy Ears going and is wagging her tail lots, too. She has to be a conehead for another 12 days (and cones do not rock), but she's feeling pretty good otherwise. Thank you all for you thought and purrayers. Belle's family really appreciates them.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Froot Bat Friday and Belle Update

Belle Update:

Belle came home last night and they had a bit of a rough evening. Her pain medicine was wearing off and it wasn't time for her to have more. Her mom let her out of the crate around 9 and she had a snack and her medicine. Then she headed to her toybox and fell asleep. One of her dawg sisters, Cleo, stood guard by the toybox and kept watch over her.

Momma hasn't heard from them yet this morning, but we'll post updates when we get any more news. Thank you so much for all the kind thoughts and purrayers for our friend.

UPDATED (1:15 pm): Belle is doing pretty well today. She only woke up once during the night. She got up this morning and had a snack and went outside for a minute for some fresh air. Her mom says she has "Happy Ears" today, which is great news. Cleo (her dawg sister) is still watching out for her, so she's in very good paws. Thank you all again for the thoughts and purrayers. The Cat Blogosphere rocks!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Purrs (and Woofs) Needed Please *UPDATED*

One of our very good dawg friends, Belle, is having surgery today to remove her left eye. She's had a lot of trouble with it lately. The medications for maintenance aren't working any more and her eye is really hurty now. The V-E-T said that it would eventually rupture, so her mom and dad decided to have it removed before that happened. Any thoughts and purrayers are really appreciated.

UPDATED (4:30 pm): Belle's surgery went well. Here's part of her mom's e-mail to Momma:

I just called them (the V-E-T) a few minutes ago and they told me they were debating on whether to send her home tonight. They asked if I had a place to keep her confined (I have a small cage all ready for her.) I told them I did and she said that she will do better at home. She is just really out of it still. They have a patch on her eye with a pressure bandage.

Her mom and dad and human brothers are going to pick her up at 5:30 tonight. Please keep them in your thoughts and purrayers. They've had three dawgs cross the Bridge in the last 1-1/2 years and her mom is really askeered that something will happen to her, too. Thank you very much for all your thoughts and purrayers and kind words. Momma has passed them on to Belle's mom.

Our TT post is below.

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 26

On Monday, it was super hot here in the mitten state. We set a record with a temperature of 90°. (Momma was very happy about this, since she loves hot weather. One of her very favorite things to say is, "The hotter, the better.") However, Momma woke up this morning to a bunch of furry kids piled on her bed. Because it was 46° outside. Fall has finally shown up in the mitten state. So, we're dedicating this week's TT to our friend, Fall.

Thirteen Things We Like About Fall

1. Momma opens the windows and we get to smell all the neat smells.

2. Momma puts pumpkins on our porch and the squirrels come and snack on them. This makes Momma giggle. And squirrels are super fun to watch.

3. (American) FOOTBALL! This equals lots of cuddle time with Daddy. Even though he gets very, very loud sometimes.

4. HOCKEY! Momma loves hockey. Plus, the super fuzzy Red Wings blankie comes out. This is a very cozy blankie and it's very fun to get our furs all over it. Sometimes we lay on the blankie and listen to Momma and Daddy argue over whether hockey is better than football. She says yes, he says no. We stay out of it. We're just in it for the cuddle time.

5. Momma brings out the fall decorations. Pumpkins, acorns, leaves, etc. She decorates the house. And then we get to play with the decorations. Acorns, pumpkins, and leaves are super fun to whap and put the bitey on.

6. Momma puts away all the fall decorations approximately 47 hours after she gets them out because pumkins, acorns, and leaves are fun to whap and put the bitey on.

7. Our favorite TV shows start their new seasons. Which means CUDDLE TIME. Yippee!

8. Momma buys lots of apples. Which are super fun to whap and put the bitey on.

9. The UGH boots come out. And we find our hidden treasures. Hee hee! Plus, EG has a crush on Momma's left UGH boot, so he gets to spend a lot of time with it. He carries it around and sticks his head in there (um, yuck!) But it's only the left boot. We don't know why that one's better than the right one. Please don't be jealous, Dorydoo.

10. Lots of blankets show up on the couch and on Momma and Daddy's bed. More blankets = more opportunity to earthworm. Last night, EG earthwormed on Momma for the first time this season. But he didn't put the bitey on her. Yet. Mwahahahaha

11. Momma gets too cold and ends up putting on her jammies and hiding under the covers on the couch. This is very good for cuddling purposes.

12. Space heater!

13. More walks! Momma isn't afraid of us wilting from the heat (because we are all such delicate flowers - hee hee), so we get to take more walks in the middle of the day.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Random Furry Kids News

Thank you to everyone who came to our Gotcha Day PAR-TAY yesterday. We had a blast!

In other news, we're on Day 3 of solid poos for T. Momma continues to do the solid poo dance. And it continues to be embarrassing for us and Daddy.

The lady next door to us has a new scratchy post in her front window. Momma thinks she may have a new kitty, but she hasn't seen the lady or the kitty in the last few days. We think Momma should go ask the lady if we can go play on the scratchy post. It looks like fun. It has two tiers and a mousie on a string. How much fun would that be? It looks way more fun than our boring, one tiered scratchy post. The boring scratchy post that does NOT have a mousie on a string. We are really deprived. Grrrr.

Momma had trouble sleeping last night, so she laid on the couch to watch TV. Me and Titus laid on the couch with her. EG totally ditched her and slept with Daddy. But I purred and purred and purred for her. I think it helped her fall asleep. But then we both ditched her - Titus went to his tower of beds and I headed for the toasty warm cable box. Hee hee!

Momma busted out her UGH (as Daddy calls them) boots this morning, since it was freezy cold here in the mitten state. Inside her UGH boots, she found a jingle ball and a kitty crack mousie. We were just keeping them in a safe place. What's wrong with that? It did make Momma giggle, though. Hee hee!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Twins (and Titus 'Tocks) Tuesday

We edited our post to add this wonderful picture from Maggy and Zoey. We opened up our e-mail this morning and there was an e-mail that said, "Once upon a time...the little ones arrived." And look what was in there waiting for us! Thank you Zoolatry!

"I think the treats are in here."

Titus here:

The Twins want to thank everyone for the awesome Gotcha Day wishes yesterday. All our furriends just rock!

The Twins' Gotcha Day PAR-TAY is officially started. The tent and jungle gym are ready to go. There's 'nip and snacks and stinky goodness and floofy beds for napping. There's even a couple bugs flying around that Mom would really appreciate somekitty taking care of before she gets home. Tazo and EG started the PAR-TAY off at 4:37 am with a rousing game of Thundering Herd of Elephants, so they're all warmed up and ready to go. It's supposed to be great strollering weather today, so if anyone wants to go out, it's ready to go. **wink wink Dorydoo**
Mom has also adjusted the curtains so there will be terrific sunspots starting around 11 am. If anybody needs anything, just ask.

**Way TMI warning here**

In other news, I had a solid poo last night, so Mom did her I'm-so-very-very-happy-we-finally-have-solid-poo dance on the patio. Dad laughed and wondered what the neighbors would think. hee hee
Thank you all for the purrs and pawsitive thoughts and purrayers. You guys are awesome!

**End the TMI stuff**

George from The Crew asked about EG's hoo-ha's yesterday. EG doesn't want to talk about it, but I will. Hahahaha! At first, it wasn't apparent to Mom that EG was a boy. The V-E-T said he was, but Mom wasn't all the way convinced. Until one day a couple of weeks later. Mom was sitting on the couch and EG jumped up on the arm of the couch to look out the window. His 'tocks were right at eye level and she couldn't help but notice that his hoo-ha's had just magically appeared. She had no idea that they would be that um, visible. She called Dad over and asked him if those were what she thought they were (because she couldn't believe her eyes). He said they were and they both started giggling. Mom told Dad that she thought maybe she should buy EG a pair of shorts to wear until his hoo-ha-ectomy. Mom and Dad aren't real mature sometimes. So that's the story. And then within a week or so, his hoo-ha's were gone. He was a little upset, but I told him that it's no biggie. Easy come, easy go. Hahahahaha!

Anyway, we hope everybody has a blast at the PAR-TAY!!!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Gotcha Day

Happy 2 year Gotcha Day to Tazo and Earl Grey!!!

(Sorry for the poor quality on the pictures. These were from Daddy's camera phone.)

This is us having our first snack at our new home.

Our favorite napping spot.

The next two pictures are of our first trip to the V-E-T.

And this is one of Momma's favorites of us. It was taken a couple of months ago. It's Tazo doing her best Count Dracula impression.

Tazo here with our Gotcha Day story:
Momma had never had a kitty before, but she always thought they were pretty cool. But she had also always thought of herself as a "dawg person," so she was a bit unsure about kitties. Over the last few years, though, she had seen a couple of kitties that caught her eye, but things didn't ever pan out for adopting them. She decided that one day she wanted to have a kitty and she just figured if and when she was meant to have a kitty in her life, one would pick her. And, so, that's where *we* come into the picture...

In late September 2005, Daddy came home and told Momma that a guy from work had some kittens that needed a home. She thought about it and thought about it. She really wanted them to come and live with her and Daddy, but she was afraid of what Shadow and Titus would think. And, being a dawg person, she didn't really know a whole lot about living with kitties. But she thought about it and purrayed about it and talked to Daddy lots about it. Then the guy e-mailed Daddy some pictures of the kittens. And Momma fell in love. She told Daddy that those kittens needed to come and live with them and so they made arrangements to go pick them up.

On Friday, October 7 (the day before her and Daddy were supposed to pick up the kittens), Momma went out and bought all kinds of stuff. Litterboxes, food and water dishes, food, toys, a PTU, floofy beds, and a scratchy post. She was still going between being really excited and being really scared. She was askeered because she didn't know much about cats, and even though she'd read lots about cats, there's still so much she didn't think she knew. (And boy, has she sure learned a lot in the last two years - hee hee!)

The next day was Saturday, October 8. Momma and Daddy went to a house. There was a man and two little girls that lived there. There was also a big, black dawg. Momma was happy to see that dawg because she figured the kittens would be used to dawgs. There was a very cute kitty there named Buttons (that's our Mom). She was grey with little skinny black stripes. Momma thought she was absolutely bee-yoo-tee-ful. Then Momma looked up and saw a speckly kitty eating the nacho cheese from some Taco Bell nachos. The human Dad said, "Jess! (which was one of the little girls' names) Gizmo's eating your nachos! Are you done with them?" And the little girl said, "She can have the cheese. I just want the chips." That made Momma giggle a lot. Momma and Daddy played with us a little and the guy gave them the basic info. The grey kitty (who they called Philip) was a boy and he had a big knot in his tail because it got shut in a door. The speckly kitty (who they called Gizmo) was the girl. He said that we were about 10-1/2 weeks old and that they could eat regular baby kitten kibble and were pretty good about using the litterbox. He also told them that we had a sibling, but that it had died. Momma was sad about that.

Finally, the man and the little girls said goodbye to us. Momma and Daddy had brought a PTU with them. The man put us in the PTU. Then our mom, Buttons, walked into the PTU. She washed our faces and made sure we were settled in there. Momma got leaky eyes watching this because Buttons was saying goodbye to us. She almost offered to take Buttons home, too.

We rode home in Daddy's car and then he carried us into a new house. He put us in the people litterbox room and shut the door behind him. Momma was in there, too and they were both sitting on the floor. Momma showed us where the litterboxes were - she had gotten one for each of us! She gave us a little snack and showed us where our water bowl was. She picked us up and held us and cuddled us lots. Tazo purred and purred and purred super loud. She had the loudest motor as a baby. EG purred a little. He was more askeered.

Then a very akseery thing happened. We had to get a bath. It was horrible. Daddy tried to bathe Tazo and Momma tried EG. But Tazo kept jumping around. Finally, after all four of us were soaked, bathtime was over. All our furs were soaked and we were super askeered and we were shaking a lot. Momma and Daddy wrapped us up in big, warm, floofy towels, and held us in their laps and talked to us and cuddled us lots. They explained that there were two dawgs that lived in the house, too, and that we had to stay in the people litterbox room for a little while so that we could all get used to each other. That was fine by us because one of those dawgs sounded really hyper (that would be Shadow).

Momma sat in the bathroom with us for a long time. She checked us all out. She scratched our heads and tummies. She giggled at our purrs. She counted all our toesies. she tried to figure out who was the boy and who was the girl. She had some names picked out, but she wanted to make sure that she was giving the right name to the right kitty.

Daddy let the dawgs come to the bathroom door and sniff. The one dawg sounded really hyper. We were not too sure about that one. We couldn't see what was going on because the bathroom door was shut, but it was pretty loud out there with that one dawg barking and snorfling at the door. The other dawg (which was Titus) was very calm. He just sniffed at the door and then walked away.

Momma finally gave us another little snack and then left us alone in the bathroom to take a nap. When she came back in, she found us cuddled up in the sink. She thought that was pretty cute.

Daddy kept asking what she wanted to name us. Since she wasn't 100% sure what sex we were, she came up with a list. Hagrid and Hermione, Sirius and Remus (yes, she's a Harry Potter fan), Tazo and Chai, Tazo and Numi, Barclay, keep our same names (Philip and Gizmo) and well, she didn't know. She had never had a pet before that didn't come already named. She was starting to stress out.

We had our first V-E-T appointment on 10/13/05. Daddy insisted that we have names before we went. Momma thought that since we were going to be Titus' cats (ie, T's cats, ie tea cats), Momma had it narrowed down to Tazo, Numi, Chai, & Sirius. I was always going to be named Tazo. Momma thought I just looked like a Tazo. Which left EG to be Numi, Chai, or Sirius (because Momma loves Sirius Black from Harry Potter, and because EG always looked so serious). But then, Momma didn't think she should name him Sirius - which is also a dawg star. (Can you imagine that? A cat named after a dawg star?! The horrors!) She also thought Chai and Numi were too girly, if in fact he was a boy. So she struggled to come up with another kind of tea. Red Rose was definitely out. hee hee As was Lipton. And Zinger. And a whole list of other teas that Momma didn't think were fitting. Finally, she thought about Earl Grey. He was grey and he looked serious and a little royal, so the Earl part might fit.

Momma couldn't get out of work for the V-E-T appointment, so she sent Daddy with these instructions. The speckle kitten is Tazo. The grey kitten is Earl Grey, if it's a boy, and Numi or Chai (preferably Numi) if it was a girl. And set up appointments to get them spayed and neutered ASAP.

Daddy came home from the V-E-T's office with the following news. We were officially Tazo and Earl Grey. And our names made the V-E-T ladies chuckle a little. And we couldn't get spayed and neutered yet because 1) we didn't weigh enough (Tazo weighed 3.4 pounds and EG weighed 3.8 pounds - and the V-E-T said she'd like us to weigh at least 4 pounds), and 2) EG's hoo-ha's hadn't shown up yet. Hahahahahaha!

Momma said we could have a Gotcha Day party tomorrow for Twins Tuesday. It's gonna be sort of low key because she's still stressed out. But everyone's invited over for 'nip and snacks and naptime. Hope to see you all there!

A Dedication...

In honor of everybody's favorite Alpha Cat, I'm dedicating this ManCat Monday to our furriend, Brainball. Happy very first ManCat Monday, Dude!

Check out this mancatly profile...

Keep on taking your medicines and we're purraying that you heal up quick!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Titus 'Tocks Update

Thank you for all your purrs and purrayers the last couple of days. My 'tocks seem to be better. I didn't have to go to the V-E-T yesterday. But Mom's watching me like a hawk and if I get the squirts again then I have to go in. :( But we are all truly convinced that all the purrs and pawsitive thoughts and purrayers did the trick. Cats truly do rock!

See you all tomorrow!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Frootbat Friday

I'm not feeling too well today. My 'tocks problem has come back again. Momma thinks it's because she was running out of chicken and rice and gave me too much kibble too soon (thanks a lot, Mom - grrrrr) eased me back into kibble too fast. So this morning I got rice and egg whites for breakfast. It was pretty tasty. But I might have to go to the V-E-T tomorrow if I'm not acting better today. What a drag! Plus, Mom hates going to the V-E-T on Saturday because it's always super busy and I don't really like other dawgs and it's usually a big drag for both of us because we have to sit on the cat side of the waiting room but lots of cat moms and dads are afraid that I'll eat their cats but they don't know that I really prefer cats to other dawgs and it's just really a pain in the 'tocks and now that Mom thinks about it, she might just send me and Dad.

Hope everyone has a great Froot-batty Friday!

PS - There's probably gonna be a Gotcha Day party for the twins sometime next week. Their GD is Monday, but Momma's a little busy with drinking adult beverages after the week she's had other stuff right now.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 25

Thirteen Reasons Why This Week Has Been Busy

1. To start, it's that time of the month for Momma. No, not THAT. It's just her busy week at work. She spends half of the last week of every month and the first week of the next month trying to finish up her billings from the previous month. We don't know what all this means, but we do know that it keeps us in kibble. And it makes her cranky.

2. Tazo got something all over her furs. Momma didn't know what it was - it smelled good, but it felt shampoo-y. So Tazo had to get a bath. It didn't go well for either of them. And this happened on a day when Momma had worked 12 hours and just wanted to come home and put on her pj's and lay on the couch. hee hee Momma looked all over the house for whatever Tazo got into, but she never found anything unusual. Hmmm. Very mysterious...

3. EG licked and chewed on his paw so much that it was red and hurty looking. Momma and Daddy pinned him down and checked out his paw super good. But they didn't see a reason for his paw to be hurty. They both ended up getting the bitey *and* getting bunnykicked. After all that, the redness went away as mysteriously as it appeared.

4. Titus ran away. Yep, ran away. Momma let him out for one last time before she left for work. When she went back to let him in, the gate was open and he was gone. Thank goodness that none of us furry kids left the gate open because she was kinda mad at the person who left the gate open. cough*Daddy*cough She ran down the street calling for Titus, but he's the type who doesn't come when you call him - unless he's good and ready. Her eyes were leaking and leaking at this point. And she was already late for work. She ran back in the house and grabbed her keys and by the time she started backing out of the driveway, he was trotting up the street. She hugged him so much that he was a little askeered. After she got done having her coronary, she left for work. PS - He is microchipped and he has a tag with our phone number and address on his collar, plus all the neighbors know him. But we live pretty close to 2 busy streets and Momma was very askeered that he would run into those streets.

5. Titus threw up on Saturday. A big pile, right in Momma and Daddy's bedroom. While they were gone. But he had it cleaned up pretty good by the time they got home. He's good like that. And EG tried to cover it for him, by scritching Momma's t-shirt over it. heh heh So Momma had to clean the carpet. Then she sprinkled vinegar on there to try to keep it from smelling so bad (since the spot was by her side of the bed). But Momma and Daddy's room still smells a little like, well, you know. And vinegar. Momma's a little grossed out.

6. Daddy lost his wedding ring in the family room and he didn't look for it right away. And now he can't find it at all. Momma thinks that one of us ate it and that we're gonna have to have it cut out of our tummies. Which makes her pretty unhappy. SHE still hasn't recovered from EG's surgery last March. Which means that we don't get to play with anything fun any more. She gave up looking for the ring yesterday and went to buy Daddy a new one. When she told the lady at the jewelry store that it's lost in the house somewhere, the lady asked if she had a cat. Momma told her that she had two cats and the lady said, "Well, they *do* like shiny things." Like we stoled it. How rude! If we ever meet that lady, we're gonna put the bitey on her.

7. Somebody used the litterbox and got a little overzealous in the scratching and digging and then flung some poo out onto the bathroom floor. Then that someone tried to cover it, but since it was on the tile and not in the litterbox, all it did was leave poo streaks all over the floor. Baby Mao would be so proud. Momma looked at it, shook her head, and then went back to bed. Daddy had to clean it up. hee hee

8. Momma had a flashback of that scene in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation when the squirrel jumps out of the Christmas tree onto Clark. Momma and EG have a little thing they do when Titus goes outside. EG sits on the step by the back door and cries like a little baby and then Momma picks him up and holds him by the window so he can look outside. Well, EG was crying, and didn't think Momma was picking him up fast enough, so when she turned around, he jumped off the step right at her face. She screamed a little. And I think she might have wet her pants, but she's not saying.

9. Titus had a 'tocks problem on Monday. Real bad. Momma thinks he might have been litterbox surfing again. So she made him boiled chicken and rice to help his tummy feel better.

10. Tazo stole a piece of chicken from the plate Momma was using to shred the chicken for Titus' chicken and rice. She ate a huge chunk and didn't even share with the boys. Momma felt bad for the boys and gave them each a small piece of chicken. T gobbled his up, but EG just played with his. We don't think he likes chicken. Who doesn't like chicken?

11. Me and EG ran into the Off Limits Room and wouldn't come out. Not even when Momma opened up the food container and rattled the food bags around. Then the battery on the red dot maker died, so she couldn't even use that to get us out. (And that's a sure fire way to get us to do anything - Must.Kill.Red.Dot.). She opened the attic door and EG ran out to check that out (because that's another place we aren't allowed to go). I peeked out the door, but I wouldn't come out of the Off Limits Room. So Momma walked by and pretended to ignore me and then she whipped around to try to grab me. But I was too fast. She did manage to grab me by the leg. But I did my best boneless kitt'en impression and got away. Hee hee

12. The window of Momma's car got stuck in the "down" position. Right before it started pouring. While T was having his 'tocks problem in the back yard. And it turns out that Daddy's friend can't get the part until Friday.

13. Momma had to empty out her car because she didn't want her stuff to get wet or stolen since her window is wide open. So she brought in this bag of cool stuff and put it in the secret kitty-proof cupboard. However, unbeknownst to her, the secret kitty-proof cupboard is neither secret or kitty-proof. heh heh Someone chewed the cord on Momma's satellite radio thingy for her car and her phone charger cord. Even though she put them in the secret, kitty-proof cupboard. Or what used to be the secret kitty-proof cupboard. heh heh

After all that stuff that happened this week, last night Momma just wanted to lay on the couch and watch TV. Except when she went in there, Daddy was on the couch. With Titus. And EG. And they told her that they were having a "dude fest" and that there were no Momma's allowed. She had a glass of wine and went to bed.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Twins Tuesday

Momma's still busy. Something about end of the month invoicing and overtime and needing some green papers or something. Blah, blah, blah...

We're just gonna hang out today and take naps. Hopefully, we'll be able to visit all our friends very soon. We've got lots of stuff to tell you.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Manly Monday

We had a busy weekend, so we let Momma off the hook and said she could post a picture from the archives. But this is pretty much what we're doing today anyway.

Here are some interesting facts about this photo:

*It sort of looks like Titus is telling us to pipe down so he can get some rest, but he's really RAWR-ing at Momma. Notice that he's trying not to smile. hee hee

*If you look closely at the shade in the background, you will notice that we "worked" on it. You can even see some of the teeths holes that we used for our creation. It is very artistic, don't you think?

*See the ugly, blue comforter on the bed? That is supposed to go over the top of everything, so that we don't get our furs all over Momma and Daddy's sheets. But see how nicely Titus scritched it up into a nice floofy pile? This is a great thing - a comfy, floofy pile of blankies to lounge on *and* it exposes the much more comfy brown blankies. Titus is very good at scritching up blankies into a floofy pile. He takes very good care of us.

Happy Monday everyone!

PS - What the paw is going on with It was acting weird on Saturday, and today we can't ping! How are our friends supposed to know we updated our bloggie?! *growls*