Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tazo Tummy Toes & Tail Tuesday

We don't have any new pictures of us at the moment because of the whole no power thing and Mama said it was too freezy cold to expose her fingies to the chilly air in the house in order to take any pictures, so she decided to recycle this pic of me. She likes it because she says I am "super snorgle-able," whatever that means.

In other news, we got our power back last night. Mama turned on the space heater and we all gathered around it. It was AWESOME! Mama gotted lots of extra cuddles, but only because she was sitting in front of the heater. hee hee

Monday, December 29, 2008

Mancat Monday

No Mancat Monday picture today. We lost power at Casa de Furry Kids yesterday morning and it's still out. The Mom was ok with it until she woke up this morning and it was 44° in the house and we still had no power. Then she got really, really crabbilated. We're hoping that it comes back today. The wrath of The Mom against DTE will not be pretty.

Mancat Rule of the Day: It is very manly to cuddle with your beans when it's chilly. It is also very manly to put up with them checking your ears constantly to see if you have frozen ears of corn. (Um, yeah, we do, The Mom)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

We wish you all a Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holiday Cards

If anyone would like a Christmas/holiday card, please e-mail your snail mail address to us at thefurrykids AT gmail DOT com

PS - And Momma wants us to tell you that she doesn't expect cards back, so if you're not sending out cards this year, but still want one from us that's perfectly fine. We have plenty to go around. She ordered like a squillion.

PS 2 - Please scroll down for new posts.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Mancat Monday

Mancat Rule of the Day - Option 1: It is very manly to snoopervise while your The Mom cleans the house.

Mancat Rule of the Day - Option 2: It is very manly to pretend that you are a huge jungle kitteh and your The Mom is a wildebeest or something and you are taking her down. Just make sure to put a good bitey on her if you choose this one because if she screams and thrashes around it's way more realistic. heh heh

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thinking on Thursday

So, why is it wrong to use the carpet as toilet paper? Would she rather us just fritz around the house with a dingleberry cling-on until it falls off somewhere where she may or may not find it? Just wonderin'.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Twins Tuesday

This is what we're doing for the rest of the week. It's supposed to be cold here in the ol' Mitten State. But we don't really mind because we think cold weather is Santa Claws weather. And we're trying to be super good.

In other news, Mama changed the ringtone on her phone to "Carol of the Bells" by the Jingle Cats. It rocks. Plus, she likes that it annoys her co-workers. hee hee

In other other news, over the weekend, there was a gray grey kitteh hanging around on our front porch. He or she sat right up on the ledge and looked at us through the window. It freaked Mama out at first. hee hee I scritched and scratched at the window and got all poofy tailed and tried to make that gray grey cat go away. But it just sat there. EG was a big old askeeredy cat and sat in the tent. Titus was even askeered, too and sat by Mama and kept having askeered ears. Mama told it to go home, and it finally left. But I suspect that if it keeps hanging around there might be another gray grey kitteh in our family. But please don't tell Titus. I don't think his nerves can handle the thought right now. hee hee

Monday, December 15, 2008

Mancat Monday

Mancat Rule of the Day: It is very important to thank your Dad for making sure to take pictures of you even if it's with a crappy camera phone because you never know when your The Mom is going to totally suck not bother to take any pictures of your handsome greyness.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 64

Here are thirteen things that we hope Santa Claws didn't see this week:

1. The way we tag teamed the pizza box and scored a piece of pizza.
2. The way EG jumped (ninja-style) on The Mom's back when she had a really bad hurty stiff neck and askeered the crappity crap crap out of her.
3. The way Tazo jumped out of the box in the hallway in the dark when The Mom was walking down the hall.
4. EG running outside in the pouring rain.
5. EG biting somedawg's delicious, pink ears.
6. Somekitty chewing on The Mom's new phone charger cord.
7. EG eating a plastic bag.
8. Titus grabbing dirty socks from the laundry and dropping them all over the house.
9. EG giving Dad and The Mom the bitey when he earthworms under the covers at night.
10. Waking The Mom up at 2:30 am for breakfast.
11. Learning how to open the toy drawer and playing with the must-have-supervision toys WITHOUT SUPERVISION.
12. Flinging Swheat Scoop all over the litterbox room.
13. Helping The Mom decorate for Christmas by dragging her baby Christmas tree into the kitchen and chewing on the cord.

Does anybody really think that these are super bad things? Do you think Santa Claws noticed? Do we have to be good for another two whole weeks?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tazo and Tattletail Tuesday

Today I am tattling on my Mama. She letted us run all the way out of stinky goodness and then she didn't go to the foods store like she promised, so we didn't get any stinky goodness for supper last night. It was horrible. Just horrible. I don't think I'll be able to nap much today.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Mancat Monday

Mancat Rule of the Day: It is very manly to chillax on the dryer and get all warm and toasty.

It was freezy cold here this weekend and we gotted lots of snow. Which was super good because Dad and The Mom didn't do anything all weekend but stay inside and let us lay on them. It rocked.


We gotted tagged by our furriend, Ariel for a super fun meme. Here's what you do:
Go to your Picture Folder on your computer or wherever you store your pictures.

Go to the 6th Folder and then pick the 6th Picture.
Post it on your bloggy and tell the story that goes with the picture.
Tag 5 other glorious peoples to do the same thing and leave a comment on their bloggy tellin' them 'bout it.

Me and EG were playing hide and seek in the cupboard over the fridge. Mama heard the cupboard door keep slamming shut and got up to see what was going on. And this is what she saw. Hee hee!

We are going to tag...
The Island Cats
Mr Hendrix

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

White Dawg Wednesday

I am trying a new ear position in the hopes that it will make them look less delicious. What do you guys think?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tazo Tuesday

You might be thinking that you saw this picture a couple of weeks ago. But it's a new picture. Taken just last night. It's just that I'm refusing to look at Mama until some things change around here. First, we need her to be around more so that we can visit all of our friends. Second, we need her to cook something so that we can help her and hopefully something will fall into our mouths. Finally, we need her to buy that hot water thingy that will keep us from being zapped everytime she touches us. Oh, and it would be nice if she kept the house a few degrees warmer. Oh, and we'd really like it if she'd figure out how to use our blogroll. It's been horrible ever since she got rid of Blogrolling - she can't figure out how to help us visit our friends. She's just clueless. Oh, and I really wish that she'd stop calling me "Peck Peck." See, she thinks it's cute to leave the "S" off Speckle. It's not that cute. :sigh: Bert, do you want to come over today? I saved room on the couch arm.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Mancat Monday

First of all, our pal, Misty, over at Crews Views has had a terrible, horrible, no good very bad weekend. She gotted lots of thread stuck in her tummy and the V-E-T had to cut it out. She's going to have a hurty tummy for a while, so please head over there and give her some purrs and headbutts. And her The Mom could use some hugs and kind words, too. Me and my The Mom know how awful obstructions are and we remember how much all the prayers and comments helped, so if you have a minute head on over to say hi to Misty and her The Mom.

And the Mancat Rule of the Day is: It is very manly to help your The Mom with the recycling. See? I am holding down that pile of boxes that she's going to take to the recycling place on Monday.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Froot Bat Friday

This is what me and Mom are doing today. I think we're suffering from turkey overload.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Casa de Furry Kids!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Mancat Monday

Mancat Gripe of the Day: It is very manly to be grumpy when your The Mom and Dad spend all night PAR-TAYing on Saturday and then are too tired to take manly pictures of your grey self for Mancat Monday. It is even manly to put the bitey on them and refuse to cuddle. :sigh: What if Dorydoo forgets what I look like? I've got a feeling it's going to be a long week.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Froot Bat Friday

I am not doing it. I am not doing froot bats. All the "gimme some froooooot baaaaaat" in the world ain't gonna help. I won't do it. I'm just going to hang out here and lick my arm.

Fine. But this is all you get.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thinking on Thursday

I'm thinking that I will just sharpen my clawrs on Daddy's exercise bike. hee hee I'm also wondering why Mama grabbed the camera before she told me to stop clawring the seat. But I think sometimes beans are a little bit weird.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Mancat Monday

So the other night (after The Mom had already gone to bed), Dad let Titus out to do his stuff. When he let him back in, I ran out. Oh yeah. Sweet freedom. So Dad went out and tried to find me. But grey cat + dark and rainy night = WAHOO for me! I commenced to taking a tour of the back yard, which I had never done before. (It was pretty cool except for all the dawg dookies out there in the yard. It's totally gross! Somebody should definitely get out there with a shovel.) Dad couldn't find me so he woke up The Mom to help him look for me. The thing about that is that you do not wake up The Mom. Ever. It ain't pretty. Especially when she gets woken up because of something that will freak her out - like me being outside. So The Mom got up and ran outside. She saw a flash of white feets running across the back fence so she headed out that way. She was calling me and calling me. I called back to her and then started running toward her. She picked me up and took me back in the house and yelled at Dad gave me lots of hugs and :shudders: kissies. It was horrible. I let her believe that I was askeered and that's why I ran up to her and let her pick me up and did not clawr her when she was carrying me back to the house. And I even cuddled with her all night and let her give me lots and lots of scritches.

Which leads me to today's Mancat Rule of the Day: Every once in a while, it is very manly to pretend to be lost and askeered in the back yard so that your The Mom thinks you really need her.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 63

Titus here. It was a terrible weekend, my friends. Just terrible. A terrible, horrible, no good, very bad weekend. Here goes:

1. That Woman and That Dude (you know, those people who I thought LOVED me) were all super nice to me on Saturday. I got lots and lots of cuddles and scritches. Then they got my harness and leash out. Oh, yeah. We're going to the park.

2. We did not go to the park. We went to Dunk'n Dawgs. Do you know what that is? Because I sure didn't. I thought it was like Dunk'n Donuts or something. There were no donuts there, I tell you. It's a place for BATHS.

3. There were kittens running all over the BATH place. Kittens AND BATHS? It's almost too much for one dawg to take. But all the kittens were rescues and needed forever homes, so it was ok. But this one grey kitten was eyeing my ears. I tried to stay as far away as possible from him. He didn't have a forever home so I tried to keep That Woman away from him and his greyness. She has a weakness for grey kittens, you know.

4. That Dude lifted me up into a BATHtub and hooked me up to a tether so that I couldn't jump out. I used to think that he always had my back. I was wrong about that. Then, HORROR OF HORRORS, That Woman and That Dude sprayed me with water. And then dumped soap all over me. CHERRY-FLAVORED SOAP. They scrubbed and scrubbed and rinsed and rinsed and rinsed. THE CHERRY FLAVOR WOULD NOT COME OFF.

5. They attempted to dry me off with towels, but I shook and shook and shook and sprayed water all over them. hehehe

6. I thought we were ready to leave, but then they took me to another room and turned on a giant rug sucking monster. Only it blew air ON me instead of sucking up my furs. It was horrible. It floofed up my furs and made me all poofy. I did not like it. That Woman kept giggling about how she should have brought some gel with her to help tame my furs. Very funny, lady. Very funny.

7. We got back in the car and drove around for a while. They bought me a burger, thinking that that would make up for it. (It kinda did, but don't tell them.) That Woman kept apologizing, but I just kept giving her dirty looks. She kept telling me how handsome I was and how great I smelled and how soft my furs were now. I wasn't buying it.

8. We finally got home and as soon as we walked in the door, the twins started sniffing and sniffing me. Apparently, CHERRY-FLAVORED dawgs are pretty tasty, because EG sure kept trying to chomp on my delicious, pink ears. It sucked.

9. I spent all day on Sunday trying to avoid having my ears chomped. Usually, I like to catch up on my naps on Sunday, especially when the Motor City Kitties are playing. But I couldn't relax. I had to keep up a constant vigil in order to protect my delicious, pink ears.

10. On Monday, they tooked me to the V-E-T. Something about a 6 month geezer dawg check up, but whatever. That sucked, too.

11. Dr C promised that I didn't have to have any shots, but she still STOLED MY BLOODS. And then she told That Woman and That Dude to BRUSH MY TEETHS. 3 TIMES A WEEK. :sigh:

12. They talked about my indiscriminant competitive eating and how That Woman has furry kid-proofed the whole house but I still find cool stuff to eat (like soap - Dr C and That Woman laughed and laughed about my Ivory soap incident).

13. We finally got to leave. They bought me another burger to try to kiss up, but that's not the point. Weekends are supposed to be fun: cuddling, eating, sleeping, cuddling, sleeping, eating, sleeping, etc. They are not supposed to be filled with torture and BATHS and reverse rug sucking monsters and grey kittens and stoled bloods and the threat of having your delicious pink ears chomped. I don't think I was ever so glad to have That Woman go back to work. Because once she did, I climbed into her bed and got her freshly washed sheets all sandy. hehehe

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tazo Tuesday

First of all, we would like to take a minute to thank all the veterans for serving and protecting us and our freedom. Thank you especially to The Man in Green, Merlin and Dragonheart's Dad, and our very own neighbor, Mr. C., who just got back from a 10 month deployment in Afghanistan.

Here is my tail. It is stripey. I like it. You can also see part of my mitten speckle in this picture. I like my mitten speckle, too, because I always get extra scritches on it.

It's been super boring around here lately. Mama has been working a lot and she says she's always tired - something about having to get up at 4 am every day because some members of our family have not set their tummy clocks back to the right time. But whatever. We did all manage to score a bite of cheese bread and a bite of fish taco over the weekend. It was pretty tasty. I also stuck my paw in Mama's bowl of cereal. I thought I was staking my claim, but she ate it any way. Darn!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Mancat Monday

Mancat Rule of the Day: It is very manly to hog all the toys in the house. heh heh

Friday, November 7, 2008

Froot Bat Friday - Disgusted Edition

This is my Disgusted With Mom look. How am I doing?

Sorry we didn't get to visit anyone yesterday. Mom had "a day." :sigh:
Happy Friday to you guys!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Not That Wordless Wednesday

The Mom here. This might be a monumental moment here at Casa De Furry Kids. Hahahahahaha!

Whoops. I have a feeling I'm going to pay for this. But it was soooo worth it.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tazo Tuesday

As for the picture, I could be either washing my paw or avoiding the paparazzi.Or maybe it could be the extreme embarrassment and humiliation that I feel because Mama has not been helping us visit our friends. It's sooooo embarrassing. :sigh:

Monday, November 3, 2008

Mancat Monday

Mancat Rule of the Day: It is very important to make sure that you still get up at the same time in morning, even though the time changes. And even though your The Mom keeps telling to you go back to sleep and that it's too early to get up, keep squawking and yelling and running up and down the hall so that even if she won't get out of bed to feed you, she won't be able to go back to sleep either. heh heh

Sunday, November 2, 2008

An Award

We got an award from our good friend, Clover. Thank you, Clover!

This lovely award is created by Crystal @ Memoirs of a Mommy in honor of Noah and the donor of his sweet little heart who ENCOURAGES us to SHARE THE LOVE! The rules for this award are to pass it along to some people whose blogs you love. They make you laugh, smile, leave encouraging comments on your blog. You would like to share some love with them because they have uplifted, inspired, encouraged or prayed for you. Please include this paragraph with the link to Memoirs of a Mommy so that everyone knows where this award originated from.

We're going to pass it on to:

Prinnie and Pierro
MaoMao, Dorydoo, Marilyn, & Brainball
Pearl, Bert, Jake, & George

Friday, October 31, 2008

Froot Bat Friday - Halloween Edition

Check out what Zoolatry made for us:

Thank you, Maggy and Zoey and Miss Ann! We love our spooky Froot Bat!
Happy Halloween!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 62

Thumbs seem to come in handy. Here are thirteen things that we could do if we had them:

1. Open the windows so that we could smell the good smelling air any time we want
2. Open the snack cupboard and help ourselves to some temptations
3. Drive to the store to buy snacks
4. Open cans of stinky goodness
5. Type so we could update our own bloggie *and* visit all of our friends whenever we want
6. Bake tasty treats
7. Order stuff on the internets with Mama's plastic green paper card
8. Play Nintendawgs
9. Open the door and go outside
10. Open cans of stinky goodness
11. Open the 'nip cabinet and have a 'nip-a-pa-looza
12. Go trick or treating
13. Whatever we wanted (that's what Daddy said we'd do when Mama asked him what he thought we'd do with thumbs) - hee hee

Monday, October 27, 2008

Mancat Monday

Mancat Rule of the Day: When you are hunting camera straps, it is very important to have intense concentration.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


We got tagged by Pearl for a meme.

Here are the rules:
1. Be honest.
2. Have fun!

1. How many calenders are in your home?
We have one on the fridge that is super fun to whap onto the floor.

2. What is your fave season?
Me and EG like spring, summer, and fall the best. Winter is too chilly and snow askeers me a lot. Titus likes all seasons - he can find something fun to do (or eat!) no matter what time of year it is.

3. What is your lucky number?
We guess maybe it's three. There are three of us, so it seems like a good number.

4. What is your fave month?
Titus likes February because of his birthday and Gotcha Day, and me and EG like October because that's the month that we got Gotcha'd.

5. Which do you like best, Planting seeds, Climbing trees, Jumping into a pile of leafs, or, building igloos?
Titus likes jumping into a pile of leafs. Me and EG haven't done any of that other stuff.

6. Now tag some people!
We're going to tag the crew over at Tybalt's house and also Junior & Orion.

Random Feets Foto of the Week

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ts on Tuesday

Tazo, Titus, twins, toes, & terrified. Hee hee!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Birthday, Derby!

Today is our pal, Derby's, birthday, so we're all celebrating 'Tocktober with him.

We hope you have a great day!!

PS - Sorry about Titus' spot 13. hee hee