Saturday, March 31, 2007

Suture Free Saturday

EG here:

GUESS WHAT?! Mom took me to get my stitches out yesterday. I feel soooo much better. The V-E-T that took them out (and did my follow up eye stain for my corneal ulcer) was the same one that I saw when I first went to that hospital. (She's really nice and really cute, but not as cute as Dr. Daisy. I was really hoping that Dr. Daisy would walk through that door yesterday, but I guess Dr. Greene will do in a pinch.) She said that she couldn't believe I was the same cat who was in there two weeks ago. She said my incision looked great and that it's about at about 70% strength, but that I could go back to my regular activity. (Mom didn't tell her that I'd been pretty much doing whatever I wanted for the last two days.) My corneal ulcer is gone, so no more eye drops. Mom showed her the piece of squeaky toy that they pulled out of me since she had gone home by the time they did my surgery. She was shocked and amazed that I even managed to swallow it. Her and Mom joked about it being a million dollar squeaky toy or something like that. I didn't really understand that joke. *shrugging*

I hadn't gained any weight, which she wasn't thrilled about, but she said that it could be the special diet and that all the small, frequent meals makes it really hard to measure how much I was getting (since the tech didn't measure out how much food they sent home with me - she just dumped it in a baggie and told Mom to start me out on 5 or 6 pieces every couple of hours and gradually work up from there). She told Mom to weigh me every couple of days and make sure I put on a little weight. Mom also asked her about my activity level, because I've been pretty lazy since Monday and Mom's been a little worried. She said that she wouldn't worry about it too much as long as I'm eating and using the litterbox and not throwing up. She said that I had been a really sick boy for a long time and then had major surgery so I might need a little more time to heal up. She said that if I didn't perk up in a couple of weeks, to go back and have our regular V-E-T check me out. But check this out - as soon as I got home, I cleaned up my belly really good. Then I chased Tazo around the house and put the bitey on her really good. Mom decided that I really might be on the mend.

Mom took some pictures of my belly before I got my stitches out and then after. I wish she would download them and help me post them. I want all the chicks to see my scar. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. You guys rock! I gotta go put the bitey on Tazo now...


  1. Hooray Earl Grey! I am so happy your sutures are out and your eyeball is all better. I'm sorry I couldn't remove your sutures yourself, but I got tied up in a big emergency.

    My prescription for you: Eat lots of good foods, play a lot, and get many head scritches. And stay away from plastic.

  2. puttin' the bitey on stuff or on family is a good sign of gettin' back ta normal - yay!!!

  3. Earl Grey, how about next time you let Titus eat his squeaky toy all by himself? It would make your life easier, and make your Mom's life a WHOLE lot easier.

    Good to know you're doing better.

  4. O, Earl Grey, i's taking a lesson from u's, i's not gonna eat any plastik, just Temptations from now on.
    Purrrs, KC

  5. I am so glad that you got your stitches out and that you are feeling good enough to chase Tazo around and put the bitey on him. I feel sure that you will put on weight as you get used to eating again. Who wants to eat when their tummy is so sore?

  6. I'm so glad you are feeling better Earl Grey and that you had your stitches out!

  7. Hi Earl Grey! It's good to hear you're doing so much better.

    It's also very nice of you to post a memorial to Shadow. He was a beautiful woofie.


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