Thursday, March 8, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Earl McGrey Edition

O’Titus says:

Earl McGrey isn’t feeling up to blogging yet, so I offered to help him out today (especially since O’Tazo’s still not talking to him). Mom and I decided to do a Thursday Thirteen about his hospital visit.

Thirteen Things about Earl McGrey’s Hospital Stay this week:

He got stuck with needles – lots of blood draws, IV’s, and medicines, so he had two ports in his right arm – one for the IV and one for blood draws.
He did get very cool, colorful bandages every day – yellow, purple, then blue. The blue was his favorite.

He had to have an enema – ick. ‘Nuff said. He didn’t want to talk about that.

X-rays – Two sets in two days. He didn’t like it.

Dr. Matt, Dr. Andrea, Dr. Roberts, Andrea, Linda, Liz, Keith, Patrick, Julie, Sharon, and Sheila are all very, very nice. They told him what a good boy he was and cuddled him when he was too stressed out after his examinations.

There was lots of poking at his sore belly. His belly was sore from his liver and the hard poops not moving and they kept poking at him.

Fentanyl (a painkiller) – Way better than the ‘nip. Will make a kitty as high as a kite kitty’s sore tummy feel better.

He got prescription kitty food – YUCK. It smells like stinky goodness, but it is NOT stinky goodness, no matter what the V-E-T says.

He had to go potty in regular litter. Why don’t they use Swheat Scoop? He thought everybody got to poop in a box of wheat. *shrugging*

He got to pee on a towel in the exam room when Mom visited him. The good thing is that it scrunched up real good when he tried to cover it up. It made Dr. Matt giggle to see how hard he was working (he had no idea that Earl McGrey is so meticulous about litterbox issues).

The enema gave him the squirts, which then got stuck in his paw fur (just like what happens to Skeezix!). So he had to get a quick wash of the feets.

He got to supervise the V-E-T and techs while they worked. They said that he talked to them a lot.

There was a very hurted woofie in there on Sunday night so he kept everyone awake with his crying. The V-E-T apologized to Mom because he was afraid that it might have askeered Earl McGrey. Mom said that he was used to woofies, because he has a dawg brother.

As soon as he started eating and got perkier and his liver stuff looked better, he got to come home.


  1. You're right. That fentanyl is awesome. Vincent who came before got a fentanyl patch after one of his cancer surgeries. He was high for 3 days and didn't even care that he had 26 staples in him.

    Hope Earl McGrey feels better soon and we're glad he is home.

  2. Oh my, it certainly was a difficult week for Ear Grey. McGrey, sorry ;). I'm so happy he is home and on the road to recovery!


  3. Thank you for visiting and for the well wishes. :)

  4. Everything seems to be heading in the right direction. Just hang in there, Earl Grey.

    R/A/L/O & the food server

  5. Da last one is da best one. We'z so happy he's home and recovering. Oh, and da cat that came afore had fentanyl on a sticky thing on a shaved spot on her butt, she liked it. We'll stick to nip tho.

  6. ugh, an enema. How humiliating. Hopefully he was high as a kite during that ordeal.

    I am so happy Earl McGrey is home sweet home. Get all better and strong soon

  7. Add my get well wishes to those that are stacking up.

  8. it'z good dat earl "mcGrey" got to come home. i hav been purrin an purrayin fer him.
    wut'z a "enema"?

  9. So glad EG is home and feeling a little better! Good for him for being so brave!


  10. Poor Earl Grey! :( It sounds like he went through a lot. Glad to hear he is doing better and is now home. I will continue to send healing purrs his way.

  11. Thank you all for the get well wishes and purrayers.

    Um, jeter, you might want to ask Dr. Daisy what an enema is. ;)

  12. I reely feel for poor Earl McGrey. I had an enema wunse win I was a babey and I've had the sqwerts ever sinse. I hope he feels much much better soon.... like TODAY!

  13. Poor baby! Talkin about it helps, I's sure. We had Swheat Scoop until Dad had to go on a Gluten-free diet - no wheat, rye, barley or oats. An it's best fur him to avoid those fings in soaps, lotions, an ofur environmental areas... so he couldn't do the litter boxes an Mom was worried bout the wheat gettin all ofur the howse an makin Dad sick.
    So that mite be why they used reglar litter.
    ~Victor McTabbycat


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