Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Earl Grey Update - Tuesday Edition #78131354

Tazo here:

Momma’s still wiped out, so I’m taking over as reporter again today. Earl Grey came home last night. The V-E-T said he was a really good patient. He has three different kinds of pills (antibiotic, pepcid, and a pain medicine), plus eye drops. He has to be a cone head until he gets his stitches taken out. He has special kibble to eat and he gets 5-7 pieces of kibble every two hours for the next day or so. Then he can work up to eating more after that. Momma can slowly start adding his regular kibble back in later in the week. The V-E-T tech said they were laffin’ and laffin’ (thanks, Jeter!) at him because when they first let him have food they gave him a few pieces of kibble and some stinky goodness because they didn’t know which one he would eat. They said that he took his paw and swiped the stinky goodness into his water bowl and chowed down on the kibble. I think I probably would've gone for the stinky goodness. We don't get that at home.

He has to stay in Titus’ old prison box. Momma was planning on keeping him in the bathroom, but the V-E-T said that it would be too tempting for him to jump on stuff and he can’t jump around just yet. Momma got the crate all sterile and put a litter box in there and a blankie and a water bowl. I checked it out and it seems pretty comfy. I might move in for a few days after he’s done living there. Momma also got him some disposable litter boxes and she put the extras in the laundry room. They make a really comfy bed. I took a nap in them last night.

EG's got a good appetite and he’s drinking his water. He did have the squirts last night a couple of times. The V-E-T said that a couple of times is ok, but if he still has them today he needs to get looked at again. He was naughty and jumped up on the piano two times last night even though he wasn’t supposed to. Momma couldn’t stop him because she was up to her elbows in his stinky poo. Hee hee

Somehow this morning before Momma got up, he untied his e-collar and took it off. Momma and Daddy had to chase him down and get it back on him. Then while they had a hold of him, they put in his eye drops. Momma said she shouldn’t have to do that kind of stuff before she has her morning coffee. She also said she’s going to call the V-E-T and see if her and EG can camp out in the waiting room for the next week so they can help her with EG’s medicines.

EG smells real funny, but I haven’t growled at him or even hissed. Momma said she was proud of me for being such a good girl. But what she doesn’t know is that I’d be a-hissin’ and a-growlin’ at him if he wasn’t in that giant prison box. Heh heh

That’s about it for now. Momma thinks that EG is going to have to go to work with her at the end of the week. She thinks he’ll be feeling better by then and need lots of supervision. Her boss said that he’s got a prison box EG can borrow so she doesn’t have to haul T’s prison box back and forth.


PS – T is doing much better. He’s had some huuuuuge poops, but other than that he’s back to normal. He’ll be back to blogging soon. Man, being the only healthy furry kid in the house is a huge responsibility. I think I’m going to take a snooze now.

PS2 - I told Momma we should've waited to post EG's pics til today, so we could participate in Tummy Tuesday.


  1. It sounds like Earl Grey is beginning to feel a bit feisty, what with taking off his collar and jumping up on the piano. That's good news, even if he is being a little bit of a pain for your Mom. I'm glad that Titus is almost back to normal.

  2. Sounds like Earl Grey is being ornery, which means he's getting better. You sound like you're a good snoopervisor and a good sister. My kitty brother & woofie brother like to get themselves in lots of trouble too. What is it with boys?

    Girls are sweetness and light.


  3. Good news all around. Looks like the walking wounded are getting back to normal.

    Hey, Earl Grey. Take it easy for a while, OK? You've got everyone in the house waiting on you. Milk it. The last thing you wanna do is tear open your tummy and wind up back at the V*T.

    Titus, Bet you feel a whole lot better after those poops.

    {{Huggss}} for you all.

  4. We're all so happy EG is feeling better! Good luk with givving him the medisins - yoo'll need it!

  5. We sould be a little feisy, too, if we just went what EG went through!!! Glad you guys are getting well.

  6. Little by little progress is being made. But your mum is lucky if she could take you to work!

    Take it easy, which isn't easy for some of us kitties.

  7. It's so great to hear EG is doing so well... the feistiness really is a good sign I think. I do feel bad for him because I know that if Mattingly had to have a collar on and couldn't groom himself he would also be absolutely miserable... especially if he couldn't groom the VET smell off himself! It's a tough thing to get a kitty to sit still, so it's good that you have a prison box to put him in. Mom had to bring Mattingly to work a few times when he was a kitten and needed medicine and lots of attention... it's great to have places where you can do that. We are glad Titus is doing better as well... Mattingly pulled a stunt like that only not quite so severe when he was a kitten. And finally, Tazo, you are doing a fantastic job of taking care of everyone and keeping us all informed. You deserve a vacation after this!!

  8. Wow...your Mom's boss is cool! Not too many bosses would do that, I don't think. At least I usually only heat the word "boss" attached to a bad wrod or two.

    I hope EG is back to normal very fast!

  9. I understand a bit of what you're going thru, EG. I hope all is much better much soonest.

  10. Great news!!! Glad EG is eating and drinking and that Titus is pooping!!

    Poor Tazo. This is a lot of responsibility for you and pretty stressful isn't it?

    Luf, Us

  11. yay! sounds like everything's improving for everyone...well, 'cept fur your poor mommy. sounds like she needs a nap.


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