Friday, January 28, 2011

Froot Bat Friday

TREATS! I got 'em!  It was awesome!  She did say those words, but it was ok.  BECAUSE SHE HAD A HANDFUL OF TREATS! MORE THAN ONE TREAT! DO YOU BELIEVE IT????

In other news, EG (or HG, as the case may be) is back to his old self:  staying up all night, trying to eat plastic, climbing in the cabinets, you know the drill.  Mom's been kinda overzealous about the whole plastic ban we've got going.  She's constantly yelling at Dad and the Tile Guy to put their bags away. And she's threatening to put baby locks all over the house if they don't straighten up. BOL

Oh, and this made the rounds on that facebook thingy, and I should probably let Tazo do this on Tattle Tail Tuesday, but it's just too good. BOL (If you're at work or around other furkids, you might want to turn down your volume. hehehe)

Sorry it's so weird looking - Mom's not all hip on the video type stuff.

Anyway, we hope you all have a great weekend!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Mancat Monday

Whew! Doods, I think things are finally back to normal. My belly feels way better, I get to eat regular foods again, and The Mom is fawning all over my mancatliness, as she should. Tazo has really cut back on the hissing and whapping me in the head. Which means that The Mom has really cut back on rubbing us with tshirts and towels so that we all smell the same again. I'm glad she cut that out. It really messes up the furs.
Plus, Dad & The Tile Guy brought some plastic bags in the house and it was super fun to watch her freak out and yell at them. heh heh

Mancat Rule of the Day: It is super manly to cuddle with your sister, despite all her hissing. Especially if it's freezy cold and you just want to stay warm.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Froot Bat Friday

First things first. Mom says I have to give you guys an update on EG.  He came home yesterday afternoon.  He ate some chicken and rice and then got growled at and hissed at by Tazo.  I stayed out of the way - I had to protect my froot bats for today, you know.  We chilled out and watched TV all night with Mom.  Mom and Dad even left the bedroom door open last night so we could all sleep in the same room.  Me and EG slept on the bed and Tazo stayed out in the living room.  EG's still a little too stinky for her. Mom says he smells pretty good - like nice-smelling lotion and disinfectant.  But he doesn't smell like us any more.  Mom's been rubbing us all down with towels and t-shirts and trying to get our stinks to all match up again.  Hopefully it will soon.  I feel a little bit bad for EG since Tazo whaps him on the head every time he walks by her. BOL
Anyway, EG's got a couple of medicines (an antibiotic and pepcid) that he has to take for a week  He gets to eat chikkin and rice for another day or so and then he can get weaned back onto his regular foods.  Mom wants me to tell you all how much she appreciates the good thoughts and sweet comments. They really helped her feel better during a really stressful time. 

Now on to the super duper important part:

Yep, you guessed it.  I got the smooch right between the froot bats.  It's her favorite smoochie spot. I really don't mind because I always get lots of scritches on the froot bats before and after the smooch.  It all works out. Right after this picture was taken, she crawled up on the dawg bed with me and gave me some cuddles.  Then she said, "Eww.  Dood, your 'tocks stink."  Then she chased me around with a baby wipe, trying to get at my 'tocks.  It wasn't pretty. Needless to say, she owes me lots and lots of treats.

Have a great weekend, everybuddy!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The EG Update - Good News!

The Mom here again. The v-e5 just called. The ultrasound was clear. There is no blockage, though "there's a good amount of diarrhea coming." She said it's most likely from his guts being so irritated. He's going to spend the night and get fluids and hopefully get the squirts for them (instead of us). He doesn't need surgery and he's going to be as good as new!!! It was a really tough day because of all the waiting and not knowing. It means a lot to us to know that you're all pulling for our EG. Thank you all so much for the thoughts and light and purrs and comments and purrayers. Y'all rock!

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What the Paw?!?! Wednesday

The Mom here.  EG was lethargic this morning and didn't want to eat, so he had to go back to the v-e-t.  He didn't have a painful tummy or a fever.  But the v-e-t thought that there might be something left in his tummy that might have gotten stuck.  They are keeping him there today and giving him fluids and are going to do an ultrasound this afternoon to take a peek at what's going on.  I'll post again when we hear something about him. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tazo and Tattle Tail Tuesday

EG has been home for two days and I got to tell you, he stinks.  He stinks bad like v-e-t.  So I've been hissing and growling and whapping him on the head every time he gets near me. That is all.

In other news, I heard Mama telling Daddy that when she was on the phone with the v-e-t the other day, the techs were taking EG's IV out and he was screaming.  Dr G said, "He doesn't really care to be restrained." MOL!  So he'd like you to think that it was that Muffin dawg who was screaming like a little girl.  But really?  It was him. MOL!MOL!MOL!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Mancat Monday

Doooooods.  What a weekend!  So in case you hadn't heard, I hadded to go to the hospital.  It was not that mancatly.  They stoled my bloods and shaved my luxurious furs and stuck me with needles and poked at my belly constantly.  They covered me with goopy stuff and stinky stuff and I had to wear a cone of shame.   They examined my pee and my poops.  But they didn't stick anything in my Spot #13.  Check this out, doods - their thermometer goes in your ear and only takes one second!  No thermometers went where they REALLY don't belong, if you know what I mean.  I didn't really like it in my ear, but The Mom was scritching my chin and the whole thing was over before I knew it.  You know, like in one second.

So the v-e-t said that they found paper and plastic and a 4" piece of string in my poop.  And that was what was making my belleh so hurty.  The Mom asked to see it because she wanted to know what the paw I ate - she can account for the plastic (Tazo scored us a package of homemade cookies in the middle of the night on Tuesday and we split the cookies and she let me have the plastic wrap since she doesn't think it tastes good), but she has no idea what the paper and string would be from since string is banned from our house and I'm not really a paper eater.  But they had "disposed" of that poop by the time she got up there.  Doods, she's a weirdo. Between her and the v-e-ts and the techs,  I don't think I've ever met a group of beans so interested in kitteh poops.   They don't think there's anything bad left in there, but The Mom is watching me like a hawk for the next few days.  She's hovering like crazy.  I can't wait for her to go back to work tomorrow so me and Dad can get back to our regular bizness.  He doesn't hover nearly as much as she does.  He's pretty mancatly like that.

Anyway, I had to spend two nights there.  Everybody was really nice, but it was eggshausting.  There's always stuff going on there and it requires a ton of snoopervision.  Plus, there was a dawg in the crate next to mine who would not shut up.  She whined and howled and made a nuisance of herself the whole time.  The techs would tell her, "Muffin, you can't eat yet." and "Muffin, it's not time for a snack."  And I'm thinking, "Give that Muffin a snack and shut her up."  Doods, I'm not used to yappy dawgs.  Those delicious, pink ears at my house are always super duper quiet.  After all that yapping, I have so many naps to catch up on now that I'm home.

The food there was terrible.  The stinky goodness they tried to give me?  Not nommy.  Not nommy at all.  I'm pretty sure they were trying to poison me.  Dad brought me a big bowl of boiled chicken and rice on Saturday and he brought my plate from home.  I nommed that snack right up.  The v-e-t's kibble was ok - I ate a little bit, but I can't wait to get back to my own kibble.  

The v-e-t techs that The Mom talked to all said that I was very mancatly.  Rumor has it that I screamed like a little girl when they were removing my IV yesterday, but that's just not true.  A mancat would never scream like a little girl in a situation like that.  I think it was Muffin, that yappy dawg next to me.  Yeah, that's it.  It was Muffin. 

So I guess you're not supposed to eat cookies and the plastic that they come in.  And I guess garbage bags aren't meant for nomming either.  And I feel a little bit bad that Dad and The Mom were so worried about me.  I have to take pills for a week, but I get to eat boiled chicken and rice for two whole days before I get weaned back on my own foods.

We here at Casa de Furry Kids would really like that thank everybody for all the purrs and purrayers and good thoughts.  It means a lot to us - The Mom is still getting leaky eyes when she reads the comments on our bloggie.  Furkids that we've never met stopped by to give us some love and purrs.  We'll be stopping by to thank you guys.  The Cat Blogosphere is the best!  And I'd really like to send special thanks to KC for posting my story on Saturday morning and getting the word out.  She works super hard and we just want her to know how much we appreciate all she does.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Celebratin' on Sunday

The Mom here. EG is home!!!

The v-e-t called this morning. EG had no pukes overnight. He also pooped out a bunch of paper, plastic, and 4" piece of string at 4 am. She said that the test for pancreatitis and the urinalysis were normal. He also didn't have any tummy pain when she examined him this morning. Since he was doing so well, he got to come home. He's on a bland diet for two days and he has to take an antibiotic and pepcid for a week.

I'm pretty sure he'll have lots more to tell you guys later. For now, he's chillaxing on his purr pad and trying to groom the v-e-t stink off his furs.

Thank you all so much for the love and purrs and purrayers. It means so much to us to have such wonderful, caring furriends.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday Afternoon EG Update

The Mom here: I talked to the vet around 230 this afternoon. The ultrasound showed improvement in the stomach/upper part of his intestine (where it looked bad yesterday). However, it showed that there's a distended area farther down in the intestine. So whatever it is has moved, though very slowly. The next step is to feed him & see if he vomits. If he eats & then pukes, he gets surgery because there's a blockage. They offered him food & the v-e-t said " he wanted nothing to do with it." The Dad took some chicken & rice up there (along with EG's own plate) a little while ago. He chowed down about 2 tablespoons and was acting lots better. The tech asked if they could keep the food that he took up there and while she was asking, EG was trying to stick his head in the bowl. hehe So now we wait and see if he pukes.

Here's a pic of him having a snack.

And doing some snoopervising.

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The Mom here. Thank you all so much for the purrs and purrayers and love. It means a lot. I talked to the vet a bit ago. EG's been peeing and has pooped once (and it looked normal). No puke so he hasn't puked in over 24 hrs. She said that he wasn't painful when she palpated his abdomen this morning & she said she cranked on him pretty well (yesterday's exam really hurt him - I watched it :( ). She said it could be bc of the pain meds also (he's pretty doped up), but she's taking that as a good sign. He's on the schedule for an ultrasound today. She didn't know when it would be bc they're really backed up with scheduled appointments, but she'll call me when she gets that report. They're also doing tests for pancreatitis (to rule that out since he's not a cut & dried obstruction case at the moment) & a urinalysis (bc yesterdays ultrasound showed some debris in his bladder - which could mean infection or crystals or even nothing at this point). So it'll be a few hours before we know anything else. I'll update again when we hear something. Thank you again for the thoughts/prayers. The blogosphere is the best!

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Froot Bat Friday

Sorry for the late edition of Froot Bat Friday.  We've had a rough week here at Casa de Furry Kids.  EG puked up some plastic on Wednesday night and then kept puking.  Mom took him to the v-e-t on Thursday morning and he seemed to be doing better.  But then he quit eating and starting puking again on Thursday night.  So him and Mom wented to the emergency v-e-t early this morning.  They kept him because he was super dehydrated and had some tummy pain when they poked at his belly.  They did an ultrasound this afternoon and it was "suspicious."  Like maybe he has another obstruction.  Or maybe his tummy is just super angry from the plastic and the puking.  So he has to spend the night and get more fluids and then get more tests done tomorrow to see if his guts are doing what they're supposed to.  So Mom and Dad are pretty worried and I spent most of today just like in the picture - hanging out with Mom and letting her lay her head on my 'tocks.  I don't really like it when she does that, but I let her because it seems to make her feel better.

I really hope you guys have a great weekend.  If you have a minute and wouldn't mind, would you please send some woofs or purrs or light EG's way?  He could really use it right about now.  I hate that he picks on me and chomps my delicious pink ears, but I don't want anything to happen to him.  Mom promises that she'll update our bloggie as she finds stuff out.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Mancat Monday

It is very mancatly to warm your whiskies when it's super freezy cold outside.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Froot Bat Friday

Dad has been really sick this week, so I've spent all my time nursing him back to health.  It's really quite exhausting, so Mom said that I could have this week off from modeling the Froot Bats.  Because I am so tired.  From taking care of Dad.

Here is a picture of me this morning.  I am so tired that I can't even keep my eyes open.  Hopefully, today I can get caught up on some naps.

But have no fear, furriends.  I found some guest Froot Bats to fill in for me.  Everybuddy, I'd like you to meet Cora. 

She is part German Shepherd and part Mastiff and one year old.  She works at the plumbing supply store by our house.  She is also very talented.  In addition to selling plumbing supplies, she also knows how to shake.  While standing up.  (That takes talent, my furriends.  I have not even mastered the shake while sitting down thing.  And I'm almost 11.) 

So Mom walked into Cora's store the other day and the first thing she saw was those Froot Bats sticking up over the top of the counter.  As soon as she got up there, Cora stepped up to the counter to find out what Mom needed.  Mom giggled and said that she was thinking "froooooot baaaaaat" in her head.  She promised that she didn't say it out loud, but sometimes you never know with her.  She can be really embarrassing.  She did cop a feel on Cora's Froot Bats.  I was jealous for a minute, but she said that my Froot Bats are waaaay softer.  So anyway, I hope Cora's Froot Bats will tide you over until next week.  I promise mine will be well-rested and ready to go next Friday.

Have a great weekend, everybuddy!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Monday, January 3, 2011

Mancat Monday

I am super glad that The Mom hadded to go back to work today.  Having her around so much last week was egg-sausting.  Hopefully, I can catch up on my naps this week.