Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Earl Grey Update - Tuesday Morning Edition

Earl Grey's Mom here:
The vet on nights last night called and asked me to bring EG some kibble and some boiled chicken & rice. I took that in late last night, but he wasn’t allowed to eat anything because he had thrown up just before I got there. Dr. Matt said that he was concerned because Earl hadn’t pooped since he’d been there and the x-rays showed he had stuff in there that should’ve come out by now (the syringe feeding should’ve pushed it through). He showed me the x-ray and said that there were two pretty dense areas of (hopefully) stool that just weren’t moving. They were going to give him an enema to try to get them out. They were also going to try to feed him at midnight and 4.

I stayed with him for about an hour and he was a lot perkier. Not quite himself, but way better than Sunday.

Dr. Matt called this morning and said that the enema produced a “moderate amount of really dense material” and then that was followed by some more diarrhea-type stuff which was normal. They gave him an appetite stimulant around midnight and syringe fed him again. They checked his vitals at 4 and he was pretty stressed out, so one of the techs cuddled him and held him for a while. After that, he chowed down on his kibble from home.

I just called a couple of minutes ago and the tech said that he hadn’t thrown up any more and that he had eaten again around 9 (and it was staying put so far). She said they had two emergencies between 6 and 8 am so he missed his dose of the appetite stimulant so he was eating on his own. *thumbs up*

They’re going to check his liver stuff this afternoon and let me know how that’s doing. I’ll update again as soon as I have any more news.
Thanks for praying and thinking about us. We really appreciate it. Hopefully he can come home soon. Titus and especially Tazo miss him a lot.


  1. Oh Earl Grey, you HAVE to get well enough to get right back home where you belong.

    ps: I am glad that the bad hard poops came out. Maybe that's why you were feeling bad too.

  2. Sending all kinds of positive energy for your little guy. I hope he's much improved by the time you read this.

  3. o, earl grey, i hopes u's feeling better now. u's gotta get home, Titus and Tazo be reely missing you.

    we's purraying fur you,

    purrrssss, KC
    an Missy an Bear

  4. Hi, I'm glad EG is showing improvement! I have IBS and a couple of times this has happened to me and all my liver tests came back OK once everything (the bad poops that were backed up) came out the back end.
    Once he is all better (crossing paws it is soon) ask your vet about Laxitone. I take it every other day and haven't had any trouble since. They also have me on special Prescription Hill food.
    Sending EG good healing thoughts! Purrs & headbutts to you all.

  5. let's just hope it's konstipashun! Grampa Norton hadded to go to the v-e-t efurry 4 weeks 'acause he had "kronik konstipashun". Hopefully the enema took care of the prollem and he can come home soon! we is still purraying!

  6. Thanks for the update! I'm glad to hear things are positive. I bet Titus and Tazo will be SO happy to have you home.


  7. I am praying the Earl Grey can come home soon. being in the hospital is the pits. Pooor thing :-(

    Get better EG!!

  8. I'm furry glad that Earl Grey is feelin' more like his normal self and that he's eatin' ... Did they have any idea what was blocking his lower GI tract?

  9. we are still keeping Earl Grey in our thoughts and prurryers! We hopes he gets to feeling better soon so he can go home!!


  10. Oh we's furry glad to heer EG is eatin on his own. That's grate! We hope he's feeling better efurry hour and can come home soon.
    Purrs and purrayers still comin :)
    Sanjee, Boni, Mini, Pepi and Gree

  11. Hello EG's mom. I have a cat that fought for his life. He had kidney stones and after he got through that he ended up with his liver failing. I had to force feed him baby food. It was a very scary time. The whole thing took about two months. He pulled through very well. He has to eat special food. Not a problem here with that. I hope the Earl Grey pulls through like my Jake. I know it is scary but you have to hope for the best. It sounds like he is going to be good. I will try to follow along. I sometimes don't get to go to every blog. I have a few blogs my main one is dannieb123.wordpress.com if you want to check it out.

  12. We're so glad Earl Grey is doing better. It looks like all the kitty & bean purrayers might be working ... so we'll keep sending them!

    The Artsy Catsy houseful

  13. a very good sign that he ate without the appetite stimulant. we will keep praying for your family.

  14. Yeaaa, we've got to keep purring vary hard cause it sounds like it's werking! We'd luv to rite more but we gotta start owr purring again rite away so he can go home!

  15. I'm so glad EG is feeling better! I'm purrin for him and sending him my meezer energy. Paws crossed.


  16. WOO HOO! Keep up the good work EG. I will be purraying that it was just the hard poop making you feel bad and that now you will get well real quick and can come home soon!

  17. Oh boy, we'll purray effun harder! C'mon Earl Grey yoo just gotsa get all better and come home, yoor fambly misses yoo.

  18. Our Lady had a kitty with a poop blockage problem once. He wasn't eating and was hiding and looked miserable. An x-ray showed a large blockage that should have been passed also. After an enema (and the yuck that followed), he got all better. We're praying that it's the same for Earl Grey and that he gets all better quickly.

  19. Oh we're so glad Earl Grey is feeling better enough to eat on his own. My Mom says that's a very very good sign.


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