Monday, March 19, 2007

Machete Monday

Tazo here:

Momma says that it looks like EG got in a fight with a machete. I'm having a hard time with these pictures, so here's an explanation. The first one is EG wearing his cone and not looking all that happy.
The second one is a shot of his stitches.
The third one is the piece of latex squeaky shoe that they pulled out of him. It looks huge in the picture, but it wasn't quite that big. It measured approximately 1" X 3/4" X 3/8" thick.
The last picture is another shot of his stitches.

Momma apologizes for the quality of the pics. She had to take them with her camera phone. All I can say is I'm glad my tummy doesn't look like that.


  1. Chicks definately will think that scar is sexy, Earl Grey! We do!
    Kaia & Stella
    PeeEss: We're super glad you're all right!

  2. Looking good. All the best for a speedy recovery!!


  3. Know you all are so glad this is over with!
    Glad everything came out OK!

  4. Tummy Tuesday? Sorry, that's bad. Know what? I mite try that purpul fing myself if I sawed it lying around here. An that scar? It shows what a big tough guy you are.

  5. wow, man cat scars for you earl grey! i'm so so happy for you my eyes are leaky. i'm glad it was a squeaky shoe and removable and making him all right.
    this is the most wonderful news!

  6. Cone head!!! We kin say that cuz 2 of us hazt bin coneheads heer. Obi & Dorf twiced. Yup.

    We ist so glad dat EG is duing SO much bedder an dat Titus pooped A LOT yesterday.

    Ifn yur daddy keeps da purple squeeky shoe as a souvenir, tell him to put it someplace very catproof!!!

    Luf, Us

  7. Those are war scars and EG should wear them proudly. But beware of little chewy things and plug up your tummy.

    Speedy recovery!

  8. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Hard to believe that little piece of plastic could cause poor EG so much trouble.
    So glad he is okay.
    How is poor ol' stuffed Titus doing?

  9. Ow! I hope he's getting some fun drugs!

  10. Poor Earl Grey! What an ordeal. I am so glad you are all right. I hope you heal quickly! Sending lots of healing purrs your way.

  11. Oh my goodness! But I'm so very happy they found the problem and you are going to be fine! I have a scar on my leg and Meowmy kisses it a lot.


  12. Oh OUCHIE! That looks very painful. But it's a very good thing they got that plastic out of there! Now Earl Grey will be left with a manly scar!

  13. I am so glad that the plastic is out and Earl Grey can start healing up to be good as new. I'll keep on sending healing thoughts his was until he is all better. I am also glad that Titus pooped a lot and is feeling better.


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