Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Earl McGrey Edition Part 2

Thirteen Things I’ve gotten back to doing since I feel better:

1. Blogging

2. Supervising what goes on in the house. Things around here got really out of control last week when I didn't feel well enough to keep everyone in line.

3. Trying to run outside when anyone opens the back door, especially when O'Titus gets to go out and I don't. It's much more interesting outside than it is in here. Mom keeps telling me I can't go outside. Something about it being better to be inside and fat than outside and flat. Whatever.

4. Purring

5. Eating the yummy prescription food that Mom bought for me. It is tasty good. O'Tazo really wants to eat it. I offer to switch with her everyday, but Mom keeps busting us.

6. Fighting Mom and Dad when it’s time for my medicine. I'm sick of it. I hate being wrapped in that towel. Which is made worse, because they oooh and aaah and tell me how cute I am when I'm all wrapped up like a baby. Then Dad jams that barfy medicine (chicken flavored my butt!) down my throat while Mom puts the squeeze on me.

7. Putting the bitey on Mom - just about my very favorite thing to do. It's how I show her I'm feeling better. Heh heh

8. Grooming - I had lots to catch up on. It has been especially hard to get that hospital smell off me.

9. Helping Mom shut off the food alarm in the morning - I'm back to my routine. The food alarm goes off, I jump off the bed, onto the dresser and try to beat Mom to the button.

10. Looking out the window - Like I said before, things just went downhill last week when I wasn't up to supervising. The neighborhood has just gone to pot. I'll have it back in tip top shape by the end of the week, though.

11. Playing with my jingle ball and scratching on the scratching post

12. S-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g - You can't get a good stretch on when your tummy hurts.

13. Giving Mom lots of cuddles to thank her for taking care of me last week. I E-dub under the covers every night, but I've been giving her extra E-dubbing when she's watching TV.

Whew! It feels good to blog again. Mom took a bunch of pictures of us, so hopefully she can get those posted soon. There are some recent-ish ones on our flickr badge if anyone's interested.


  1. How great that you're back to doing all of your normal things!!


  2. I know what it is to give a cat a pill ! Mr. Gattino and I are all red and sweating after that ! Lol ! So sorry that you have been sick, but you will see with the pills it will get better !
    My cats too participated to TT and have some rules for cats ONLY !!

  3. Earl Grey, it is a very good thing you are feeling better so things can get back to normal!

  4. I'm glad yer recuvvering frum yer sikniss!

  5. deer earl mcgrey,
    i'm glad yer gettin better an better ... an jus in time fer st. paddy'z day!
    i will be checkin in on u to see how yer doin.
    luv--yer grate frend--o'jete

  6. As you rebound, Catsby's getting a weepy-looking eye. I hope he doesn't have a cold.

  7. Oh we're so glad to hear you're feeling so much better EG!! You have a lot to pull together to get things back to normal. Things just get so out of hand when you can't be on top of those beans efurry day!!

    Luf, Us

  8. So glad to hear you are feeling beter. :) Taking your medicine doesn't sound like fun, but everything else on your list does!

  9. Oh we are glad you are back Earl Grey. And feeling better too! Barfy Medicine is not fun but it does help you to be back taking care of the neighborhood and getting to purr! We can't wait to see some new pics!


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