Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things About Me
by Titus Theodore

1. I have a very cute pink nose and cute pink ears.

2. I am cuddly.

3. Momma says the top of my head smells like a chicken coop, but she really likes it.

4. Momma says my feet smell like Fritos and she's always sniffing them.

5. I don’t bark very much – only when someone comes to the door.

6. I’m a good hunter of squirrels and bunny rabbits.

7. I’m a good eater, except leafy greens freak me out. I'll eat them, but I don't gobble them up right away. I just roll them around in my mouth and spit them out a couple of times. After a while, they're spitty enough to just slide right down my throat.

8. I love to lay on the couch with Momma and Daddy and watch TV. I take one one of the cushions and Momma and Daddy share the other cushion. I think that's more than fair.

9. My birfday is on Valentines Day.

10. I don’t like to wear clothes. If Momma puts a shirt on me, I can’t move a muscle. I’m paralyzed until she takes it off me. It's very annoying to have to wear clothes.

11. My favorite color is blue.

12. I’m really good in the car. I just curl up in my spot (backseat – behind the driver’s seat) and sleep until we get to wear we’re going.

13. I love to go for walks. Momma just bought me a new harness - it's blue!

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