Monday, October 8, 2007

A Dedication...

In honor of everybody's favorite Alpha Cat, I'm dedicating this ManCat Monday to our furriend, Brainball. Happy very first ManCat Monday, Dude!

Check out this mancatly profile...

Keep on taking your medicines and we're purraying that you heal up quick!


  1. Isn't it great that Brainball's a Mancat! :)

  2. I still am amazed but he certainly has things in line!!


  3. I'm amazed that the first vet didn't identify Brainball correctly!

  4. We bet that Brainball never thought she would be a Mancat on Moncat Monday. But it is a good dedication for her.

  5. Hey there, Earl Grey!

    Thank you so much for dedicating Mancat Monday to me -- I'm honored! You are a great friend, and thanks for your purrs and well-wishes. It is great to be a mancat! I am purring big rumbly purrs and smiling great big!

    Taking medicines isn't much fun, but my Dad is a strong Alpha, too, so the two of us work well together. And Mom is teaching me to love yogurt!

    Floofy headbonks to you, buddy!


  6. *big smile at Earl Grey!* Thank you for dedicating Mancat Monday to my wonderful brother -- that's so sweet of you!

    Here's something funny for you: MaoMao and I are being so attentive to Brainball that Mom is calling us Brainball's Paparazzi!

    Love and cuddles to you, handsome!

  7. "Yay" for Brainball :)

  8. That was a great story about Brainball!! Silly vet that he couldn't tell that he was a boy!!
    Your FL furiends,

  9. Amazing and silly things do happen right sweet Brainball! Finally we are dur the proper respect as a mancat! conCATulations!
    Love Miss Peach


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