Thursday, October 4, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 25

Thirteen Reasons Why This Week Has Been Busy

1. To start, it's that time of the month for Momma. No, not THAT. It's just her busy week at work. She spends half of the last week of every month and the first week of the next month trying to finish up her billings from the previous month. We don't know what all this means, but we do know that it keeps us in kibble. And it makes her cranky.

2. Tazo got something all over her furs. Momma didn't know what it was - it smelled good, but it felt shampoo-y. So Tazo had to get a bath. It didn't go well for either of them. And this happened on a day when Momma had worked 12 hours and just wanted to come home and put on her pj's and lay on the couch. hee hee Momma looked all over the house for whatever Tazo got into, but she never found anything unusual. Hmmm. Very mysterious...

3. EG licked and chewed on his paw so much that it was red and hurty looking. Momma and Daddy pinned him down and checked out his paw super good. But they didn't see a reason for his paw to be hurty. They both ended up getting the bitey *and* getting bunnykicked. After all that, the redness went away as mysteriously as it appeared.

4. Titus ran away. Yep, ran away. Momma let him out for one last time before she left for work. When she went back to let him in, the gate was open and he was gone. Thank goodness that none of us furry kids left the gate open because she was kinda mad at the person who left the gate open. cough*Daddy*cough She ran down the street calling for Titus, but he's the type who doesn't come when you call him - unless he's good and ready. Her eyes were leaking and leaking at this point. And she was already late for work. She ran back in the house and grabbed her keys and by the time she started backing out of the driveway, he was trotting up the street. She hugged him so much that he was a little askeered. After she got done having her coronary, she left for work. PS - He is microchipped and he has a tag with our phone number and address on his collar, plus all the neighbors know him. But we live pretty close to 2 busy streets and Momma was very askeered that he would run into those streets.

5. Titus threw up on Saturday. A big pile, right in Momma and Daddy's bedroom. While they were gone. But he had it cleaned up pretty good by the time they got home. He's good like that. And EG tried to cover it for him, by scritching Momma's t-shirt over it. heh heh So Momma had to clean the carpet. Then she sprinkled vinegar on there to try to keep it from smelling so bad (since the spot was by her side of the bed). But Momma and Daddy's room still smells a little like, well, you know. And vinegar. Momma's a little grossed out.

6. Daddy lost his wedding ring in the family room and he didn't look for it right away. And now he can't find it at all. Momma thinks that one of us ate it and that we're gonna have to have it cut out of our tummies. Which makes her pretty unhappy. SHE still hasn't recovered from EG's surgery last March. Which means that we don't get to play with anything fun any more. She gave up looking for the ring yesterday and went to buy Daddy a new one. When she told the lady at the jewelry store that it's lost in the house somewhere, the lady asked if she had a cat. Momma told her that she had two cats and the lady said, "Well, they *do* like shiny things." Like we stoled it. How rude! If we ever meet that lady, we're gonna put the bitey on her.

7. Somebody used the litterbox and got a little overzealous in the scratching and digging and then flung some poo out onto the bathroom floor. Then that someone tried to cover it, but since it was on the tile and not in the litterbox, all it did was leave poo streaks all over the floor. Baby Mao would be so proud. Momma looked at it, shook her head, and then went back to bed. Daddy had to clean it up. hee hee

8. Momma had a flashback of that scene in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation when the squirrel jumps out of the Christmas tree onto Clark. Momma and EG have a little thing they do when Titus goes outside. EG sits on the step by the back door and cries like a little baby and then Momma picks him up and holds him by the window so he can look outside. Well, EG was crying, and didn't think Momma was picking him up fast enough, so when she turned around, he jumped off the step right at her face. She screamed a little. And I think she might have wet her pants, but she's not saying.

9. Titus had a 'tocks problem on Monday. Real bad. Momma thinks he might have been litterbox surfing again. So she made him boiled chicken and rice to help his tummy feel better.

10. Tazo stole a piece of chicken from the plate Momma was using to shred the chicken for Titus' chicken and rice. She ate a huge chunk and didn't even share with the boys. Momma felt bad for the boys and gave them each a small piece of chicken. T gobbled his up, but EG just played with his. We don't think he likes chicken. Who doesn't like chicken?

11. Me and EG ran into the Off Limits Room and wouldn't come out. Not even when Momma opened up the food container and rattled the food bags around. Then the battery on the red dot maker died, so she couldn't even use that to get us out. (And that's a sure fire way to get us to do anything - Must.Kill.Red.Dot.). She opened the attic door and EG ran out to check that out (because that's another place we aren't allowed to go). I peeked out the door, but I wouldn't come out of the Off Limits Room. So Momma walked by and pretended to ignore me and then she whipped around to try to grab me. But I was too fast. She did manage to grab me by the leg. But I did my best boneless kitt'en impression and got away. Hee hee

12. The window of Momma's car got stuck in the "down" position. Right before it started pouring. While T was having his 'tocks problem in the back yard. And it turns out that Daddy's friend can't get the part until Friday.

13. Momma had to empty out her car because she didn't want her stuff to get wet or stolen since her window is wide open. So she brought in this bag of cool stuff and put it in the secret kitty-proof cupboard. However, unbeknownst to her, the secret kitty-proof cupboard is neither secret or kitty-proof. heh heh Someone chewed the cord on Momma's satellite radio thingy for her car and her phone charger cord. Even though she put them in the secret, kitty-proof cupboard. Or what used to be the secret kitty-proof cupboard. heh heh

After all that stuff that happened this week, last night Momma just wanted to lay on the couch and watch TV. Except when she went in there, Daddy was on the couch. With Titus. And EG. And they told her that they were having a "dude fest" and that there were no Momma's allowed. She had a glass of wine and went to bed.


  1. Two kitties and a woofie can get into all kinds of trouble, but we wouldn't know anything about that. heh heh

    2. Riley has to get baths peiodically because he smells like he lays in pee sometimes.

    3. That's more of a Kesey thing

    4. Bad Titus, don't scare your Momma like that.

    5. Kids N Pets is really good for getting out bad smells. We get it at Target. It worked really well when someone barfed on the bed and it soaked into the mattress.

    7. That could only be Riley in our house. I never cover. That's his job.

    8. Riley again.

    9. We have a gate with a little kitty door in it so Kesey can't get in the basement. Otherwise he would be litterbox surfing as well. Since I won't cover, it would be way too easy for him.

    10. I'm not a fan of chicken either, but Riley & Kesey love it.

    11. Having an Off Limits Room is cruel. We hate ours too.

    12. Boo

    13. heh heh


  2. Wow you all had a wild week keeping your mom on her toes. It sounds like everyone was busy. Our mom said it would take more than one glass of wine to get over all that, specially the vomit and poo stuff.

  3. WOW. I guess the Lap Lady should shut her yap about having a bad week! Your poor mom deserves a BOTTLE of wine and to sleep for a week. If one of us got out I think the LL would just pass out from freaking out. Give your mom a hug and pur from me.


  4. Wow, your mom has had a rough week. You should go easy on her for the next few days. It's what I would do.


  5. HOLY SMOKEINGS!!!! What a week! Mommy read this and laughted so hard she snorted me awake in my frying pan!!!! never a dull moment at your place...I live a boring life here!
    Love Peachy

  6. Oh - my - goodness. There is no way I'm letting Mom and Daddy get a second cat.

  7. Your mom deserved more than one glass of wine last night. That's quite a week. We hopes no kittie ate the wedding ring - horrors! Mom says she doesn't have any photos of us on her computer because we won't sit close enuf to each other to get a good picture. We say she should just takes what she can get. She's holdin' out for a good photo of both of us. Not gonna happen mom!

    Midnite & Stray Kitty

  8. wowie kazowie mi frendz ...
    wutta week!
    i havta say i wuz on da edge uv mi seet reedin abowt titus! an i wuz laffin an laffin at sum uv da udder stuff.
    mi mom haz been so busy herself ... an i've bee doin sum travelin so i'm a little behind on mi bloggin.
    i will try to be better.
    luv--yer grate an loyal frend--jh

  9. Owr werds of wisdom are dat yur mom needs to slow down a little an try a little med-a-tayshun. No, dat is not a differnt kind of temp-tayshun. Hee hee. It's just a kind of stop da werld and don't fink about anyfing kinda fing. On da flip side - look at all da 'acitement goin' on yur werld dis week! Yowza!
    Hey - owr red dot fingy has been dead fur a long time. How do I get mom to get a new battree?

  10. Wowww, what a week~!!! Your family have lots of lots of things happend~!!!!!

    I think the #7 is really funny but No.6 is not funny at all~! Wowww, I woww and wowww again all the way~!

  11. Mom has a headache just reading that, and is drinking a glass of wine for her!

    Kavan and I are simply in awe...


  12. Wow alla you jus havin a tough few lights! Hope things get better soon.

    Skeeter and LC

  13. After a week like that, if I was your mom I'd break out the vodka.

  14. Wow, it's like living at our house! So does your Mommy have to check your poo for the ring now? I hope EG didn't eat it!
    Mommy will have a glass of wine tonight in solidarity for your Mommy!

  15. A better solution to the sniffyness that your Mom used vinegar on is an enzyme cleaning thing from Simple Solutions, though I think a couple of companies make stuff like it. It even works on the boy's sniffy hockey kit! :) Though Tigs says he likes the way that smells and tries to sleep in the kit bag... :S But we all know Tigs is *strange* ;)

  16. Holy cow! You guys sure know how to make your mom's day go well. We think you even surpassed some of our better days!!!

    Luf, Us


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