Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Random Furry Kids News

Thank you to everyone who came to our Gotcha Day PAR-TAY yesterday. We had a blast!

In other news, we're on Day 3 of solid poos for T. Momma continues to do the solid poo dance. And it continues to be embarrassing for us and Daddy.

The lady next door to us has a new scratchy post in her front window. Momma thinks she may have a new kitty, but she hasn't seen the lady or the kitty in the last few days. We think Momma should go ask the lady if we can go play on the scratchy post. It looks like fun. It has two tiers and a mousie on a string. How much fun would that be? It looks way more fun than our boring, one tiered scratchy post. The boring scratchy post that does NOT have a mousie on a string. We are really deprived. Grrrr.

Momma had trouble sleeping last night, so she laid on the couch to watch TV. Me and Titus laid on the couch with her. EG totally ditched her and slept with Daddy. But I purred and purred and purred for her. I think it helped her fall asleep. But then we both ditched her - Titus went to his tower of beds and I headed for the toasty warm cable box. Hee hee!

Momma busted out her UGH (as Daddy calls them) boots this morning, since it was freezy cold here in the mitten state. Inside her UGH boots, she found a jingle ball and a kitty crack mousie. We were just keeping them in a safe place. What's wrong with that? It did make Momma giggle, though. Hee hee!


  1. Oh dear, I missed the party! This makes me very sad. I am crying, a little bit. I hope you had a wonderful time. I wish my Mommie would get home soon so I do not miss any more fun.

    I am happy that Titus is having solid poops. This is a good accomplishment.

  2. Titus, I am glad your 'tocks are doing better. :) EG and Tazo, it sounds like you were storing your toys in a safe place. :)

  3. The Woman once put on her old ski boots to find...a dead REAL mouse. Luckily she smelled something bad first or that would have been BAD.


  4. Why are they called UGH boots? I agwee with you, gweat toys ought to be kept safewy.

  5. Thanks for the great party everyone!

    Mom has found toys in unusual places and I think it's a good idea to keep some in safe places as backups!

  6. Hi Fur Kids! I know all about embarrassing poo-obsessed humans! I have one of those too!


  7. Titus, glad you're doing better!!

    yes, daddy did say "Miles slow down or you're gonna yak". I was NOT eating that fast. But i was taking huge mouffulls of foods. - Miles

  8. That is so funny!!! The maid got her "UGH" boots out too!!! Because it was 50 degrees in the morning... Humans are such wimps.... No toys in hers, though...

  9. Sorry I missed your party :(
    Happy Gothca Day.

  10. Sorry that we missed the party too, young beans kept mommie busy.
    Thanks for reminding Mommie that it was my gotcha day today...Munchkin

  11. I'm glad your party was a sucess.
    Yes, always take good care of the mom of the house. No matter what.


  12. hehehe, Momma did a solid poopie dance fur Brainball yesturday -- well, his poopie was still a little soft, but things are goin' inna right direcshun, away from the skwirts.

    My Momma laffed at the kitty toys in the UGH boots! hehehe! And guess what -- Brainball's feelin' MUCH bettur so far today. He's been Brainballin' all ofur the house, cuddlin' with Daddy, rubbin' on Momma and givin' her kisses, he hasn't slept in the kloset at all yet today and has been full of enurgy!

    The PawTay yesterday was GREAT! and we're so glad Titus's poopies are still good!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao.

  13. *sending googly eyes to Earl Grey* I just loved riding in your stroller with you... and holding your paw!

    Love and cuddles from Dorydoo.

  14. I'm so glad you had a great Gotcha Day Party, Tazo and EG! I was there, I assure you -- I was just kind of quiet, keeping an eye on my *ahem* very forward little sister *ahem*.

    Seriously, though, I am so glad, EG, that you and Dorydoo had a wonderful time! You two make such a cute couple *smile*.

    And Titus, I am so relieved to hear that your bathroom trips have been normal! That's fabulous news! Keep feeling better, great woofie friend.

    Purrs and snuggles to all from Marilyn.

  15. Happy Gotcha Day!! Sorry to have missed the party.
    I also like to sleep on the cable box .It's nice and warmmmmmmmm :)

  16. Good noos about yer tocks Titus, yoo make sure yoo keep improving.

  17. I missed the party. Happy belated Gotcha day.

  18. Uh-oh....I showed mine Mummy the UGH boots...she fell in wove with them!
    Oh noooooooo......

  19. Glad Titus is doing better!

  20. Always good to make mom laugh. As for the poo dance, well, parents are weird like that. You just gotta love them, especially since they feed us.


  21. I hope that you had a great gotchaday!

  22. I am so happy you have a wonderful party~!!!!

    And sorry for your mommy have trouble sleeping, I hope Titus is ok with your Mommy now, hehehehe~!

  23. Ahhh how fun to safe keep your treasures in mommies boots, I am laffin here!
    Yes the nine grain bread had homemade jelly on it, raspberry rhubarb...yummy!!
    Oh thank you so much for the nice visit and you conCATulations on my winning the pretty Rose Medallion. I am just thrilled about it! Like winning an Oscar really. Does my old kitty heart really good this time of year too.
    Remember that you are loved by me...Miss Peach

  24. What a good place to keep your toys! :) I mean what's better than a kitty crack mousie that also smells of Momma feet!? :)


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