Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Twins Tuesday

Check out what our great friends, Maggy and Zoey, sent us. Dorydoo, please don't get the wrong idea about the heart-y one. She's my sister. Really.

And I would like to wish my girlkitty, Dorydoo, a great big happy birthday!!! I'm on my way over with flowers and my fev-vers.


  1. Happy Day and this picture is waaaaay cool.
    How creative!!!!

    how swwwet to give Dorydoo these funnnnn and pretty flowers!!!

  2. Maggy and Zoey certainly are talented! I love those two tags they've made! They're great! You definitely are beautiful kitties!

  3. Hehehehe, great pictures, I always think this photo of you 2 is amazing, and using this photo to make pictures is very very good.

  4. You tow look adorable in those photos - your Mommy should have them in frames!


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