Monday, October 1, 2007

Manly Monday

We had a busy weekend, so we let Momma off the hook and said she could post a picture from the archives. But this is pretty much what we're doing today anyway.

Here are some interesting facts about this photo:

*It sort of looks like Titus is telling us to pipe down so he can get some rest, but he's really RAWR-ing at Momma. Notice that he's trying not to smile. hee hee

*If you look closely at the shade in the background, you will notice that we "worked" on it. You can even see some of the teeths holes that we used for our creation. It is very artistic, don't you think?

*See the ugly, blue comforter on the bed? That is supposed to go over the top of everything, so that we don't get our furs all over Momma and Daddy's sheets. But see how nicely Titus scritched it up into a nice floofy pile? This is a great thing - a comfy, floofy pile of blankies to lounge on *and* it exposes the much more comfy brown blankies. Titus is very good at scritching up blankies into a floofy pile. He takes very good care of us.

Happy Monday everyone!

PS - What the paw is going on with It was acting weird on Saturday, and today we can't ping! How are our friends supposed to know we updated our bloggie?! *growls*


  1. Mommy has a lot to learn, she has no idea what a ping is...

  2. Nice job everyone! :) My humans have given up on making the bed, since I burrow under the covers anyhow! Titus, you are a very good woofie, looking after EG and Tazo. :)

  3. Good job with the digging, Titus! I do that too!


  4. We use Spokeo and it let us know your new post was up! It seems like a great thing to have a big brother like Titus, he seems to make lots of things more convenient.


  5. So much good stuff going on in that photo! Titus, good job scritching the comforter into a cozy pile. And I really love what you have done with the window shade. Very artistic.

    I am getting very annoyed with Blogrolling. I think it is making my page hang up and load really slowly. And the "Ping" function doesn't seem to work until in the afternoons.

  6. Congratz on the very nice art project. Is it finished, or do you intend to put some finishing touches on it?

    We have mini blinds in our house, not shades. Mom's always complaining because we break the slats of the blinds sticking our heads in there. are we supposed to see out if the blinds are closed?


  7. Titus, you are such a kool woofie! Happy Monday to you -- and I think toothie holes are furry artistick!

    Thankies so much fur your purrs for my sistur Brainball -- she is doin' a lot bettur today, eatin' bettur and Brainballin' around and doin' her Alpha Cat patrols (YAY!); she's also gettin' in more naps, though, which is good. Momma thinks she still needs some more good bathroom trips before she feels 100%. But she's much bettur and Momma will keep an eye on her to make sure she keeps gettin' bettur or else she still might have to go to the v.e.t.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  8. i love the scrunching of the comforter - good job done! we do that to the towel mum puts on the sofa, to protect it from any accidental sick-ups. so of course when i am sick there is no towel to catch ti! hehehehe xxx

  9. I had to delete my blogroll today since it was giving me so many problems. It made me mad. I added it back late tonight and it is acting fine now.

  10. That's very nice of Titus to get the bed all comfy for you all. Nice shade work, too!

  11. Titus,
    You have used the words "scritched" and "floofy" in your post.
    I'm swooning. Those are Marilyn words!

  12. This is very funny photo, you are doing very good job~!!!!

    I miss you guys very much, hope your mommy could leave busy sooner~!

  13. You all look so comfy!

    I know the other day blogrolling was showing that Every Single Cat had updated their site, even ones that haven't posted in years! At first I was very excited! :)

  14. Titus has made a good job of gitting the bed comfy furr all of yoo.


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