Friday, October 12, 2007

Froot Bat Friday and Belle Update

Belle Update:

Belle came home last night and they had a bit of a rough evening. Her pain medicine was wearing off and it wasn't time for her to have more. Her mom let her out of the crate around 9 and she had a snack and her medicine. Then she headed to her toybox and fell asleep. One of her dawg sisters, Cleo, stood guard by the toybox and kept watch over her.

Momma hasn't heard from them yet this morning, but we'll post updates when we get any more news. Thank you so much for all the kind thoughts and purrayers for our friend.

UPDATED (1:15 pm): Belle is doing pretty well today. She only woke up once during the night. She got up this morning and had a snack and went outside for a minute for some fresh air. Her mom says she has "Happy Ears" today, which is great news. Cleo (her dawg sister) is still watching out for her, so she's in very good paws. Thank you all again for the thoughts and purrayers. The Cat Blogosphere rocks!


  1. We are glad to hear that Belle came through the surgery and is home. We continue to keep her and her family in our prayers.

    Midnite & Stray Kitty

  2. Great frootbat photo, Titus. I will continue to keep your friend Belle in my prayers.

  3. Make sure she's not in too much pain! When I was in pain after my surgery my vet gave me more meds (still in the safe range) because Meowmy said I was suffering.


  4. purrs and hugs and AWARD for Belle at my bloggie!

  5. That was awful nice of Cleo to stand guard.
    Hey Titus, Diamond here, nope buddy, no costumes, Nope, no, no way!
    Parker here - whatever Diamond. Wait and see!

  6. We Ballicai are so glad to hear the news about Belle! We're continuing to purr and purr and purr for her, as loud as we can. We hope she's feeling better soon!

    Hugs to everydawg and everykitty and winks and girlkitty grins to Earl Grey!

    Love and cuddles from Dorydoo.

  7. Aw, sweet little Belle. I am so glad she is feeling better and even had Happy Ears. She seems like a very brave doggie.

    Titus, you look very worried about your friend in that photo. Thanks for the update on Belle.

  8. Cleo is very sweet to watch over Belle. It is good that she is feeling a little better.

    You are all very nice woofies Titus.

  9. Tazo & Earl Grey,

    We iz glad dat your dawg frend Belle iz feelin' better. Poor gurl! We iz not sure bout dawgz but dis looks like a furry nice frend.

    I tink she needz lts of zzzzzzzleep. Dat iz my pre-scrip-shun fur todayz healing.

    Dr Tweety

  10. What a good dog Cleo is for standing guard. How sweet. I am glad Belle has Happy ears. That is a positive sign. Lucky, mom and I will keep sending good thoughts your way. Please keep us posted.


  11. I am so glad everything went well.I'll send purrs so everything continues to go well.

  12. Go Belle, go Belle! Wowie, I'm so glad to hear she's doin' okay, and we Ballicai will keep purrin' and purrin' and purrin'!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  13. Titus I am glad you are doing better pal and I have kept your buddy Belle in my thoughts all day! Being sick is no fun for cats and specially for dogs!
    Pray for a speedy recovery and adjustment for Belle.
    love Miss Peachy

  14. Earl Grey, buddy! Guess what -- I gave you an award!

    Rumbly purrs from Brainball.

  15. I have been purring and purring for Belle -- I am so glad she's hanging in there and doing better, and I will continue to purr! My thoughts are with her family.

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

  16. Oh I hope Belle the Woofie is feeling better soon. Thats nice her doggie friend is looking after her.

  17. We're glad to hear Belle is doing well. We'll purr for her, and we're still purring for Titus too.

    I can't believe my OTW is SOOOO late with this (and that she forgot your party!) but I wanted to know if you two would be our Guests of Honour at my party tomorrow (Sat) as Oct Gotchaday kitties.

    Sorry for being so late! We hope you can make it!


  18. we ar purrin an purrayin sum more fer belle!
    luv--jh an mickey

  19. Oh it's so good to know that Belle's doing ok... Being sick really sucks...

    Lotsa purrs

  20. This is good news, I am glad she had her good ears on and has the lovely Cleo to help look after her. FAZ

  21. We are purring and thinking good doggie thoughts for a quick recovery. Cleo is a good sister.

    Riley, Tiki, & Kesey

  22. Hope th epuppy continues to what an ordeal. How are you doing Titus?
    Hey whats cookin in the new frying pan?
    Love Peach

  23. So glad to hear Belle is on the mend.


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