Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Twins (and Titus 'Tocks) Tuesday

We edited our post to add this wonderful picture from Maggy and Zoey. We opened up our e-mail this morning and there was an e-mail that said, "Once upon a time...the little ones arrived." And look what was in there waiting for us! Thank you Zoolatry!

"I think the treats are in here."

Titus here:

The Twins want to thank everyone for the awesome Gotcha Day wishes yesterday. All our furriends just rock!

The Twins' Gotcha Day PAR-TAY is officially started. The tent and jungle gym are ready to go. There's 'nip and snacks and stinky goodness and floofy beds for napping. There's even a couple bugs flying around that Mom would really appreciate somekitty taking care of before she gets home. Tazo and EG started the PAR-TAY off at 4:37 am with a rousing game of Thundering Herd of Elephants, so they're all warmed up and ready to go. It's supposed to be great strollering weather today, so if anyone wants to go out, it's ready to go. **wink wink Dorydoo**
Mom has also adjusted the curtains so there will be terrific sunspots starting around 11 am. If anybody needs anything, just ask.

**Way TMI warning here**

In other news, I had a solid poo last night, so Mom did her I'm-so-very-very-happy-we-finally-have-solid-poo dance on the patio. Dad laughed and wondered what the neighbors would think. hee hee
Thank you all for the purrs and pawsitive thoughts and purrayers. You guys are awesome!

**End the TMI stuff**

George from The Crew asked about EG's hoo-ha's yesterday. EG doesn't want to talk about it, but I will. Hahahaha! At first, it wasn't apparent to Mom that EG was a boy. The V-E-T said he was, but Mom wasn't all the way convinced. Until one day a couple of weeks later. Mom was sitting on the couch and EG jumped up on the arm of the couch to look out the window. His 'tocks were right at eye level and she couldn't help but notice that his hoo-ha's had just magically appeared. She had no idea that they would be that um, visible. She called Dad over and asked him if those were what she thought they were (because she couldn't believe her eyes). He said they were and they both started giggling. Mom told Dad that she thought maybe she should buy EG a pair of shorts to wear until his hoo-ha-ectomy. Mom and Dad aren't real mature sometimes. So that's the story. And then within a week or so, his hoo-ha's were gone. He was a little upset, but I told him that it's no biggie. Easy come, easy go. Hahahahaha!

Anyway, we hope everybody has a blast at the PAR-TAY!!!


  1. We're on our way, minus Dorf and Reno. They need some healing purrs if you can spare some.

    But the rest of us will Par-Tay! Whoo hoo!

    Luf, Us

  2. Funny story about EG's hoo-ha's! Since I have no fur, mine were VERY noticeable before my hoo-ha-ectomy.

    I'm teleporting over for the party. :)

  3. We're on our way, all 4 of us, and Misty is bringing the Barbie House!

    EG, as a mature gentleman, may I offer a bit of advice. If the lovely Dorydoo will be at the party, I suggest having a nice bouquet of flowers and fresh 'nip to present to her before you go off on your private stroll and be sure you have a fluffy blankie in a color that will compliment her furs. Also, before Max stated dating Harlie, he asked permission from her brother Mattingly. It's the gentlemanly thing to do and will make a good impression on Dorydoo's Mom!

    And, oh man! Don't forget, it's her purrthday next week and girls love romantic gestures so you might want to send her a picture of your Mancatly self which she can keep by her bedside.


  4. We missed your Gotcha Day post yesterday. That is a wonderful story. Isn't it great to be adopted with a sibling? Tiki was very scared at first, but I was there to help her not be so afraid. Also it's fun to gang up on the woofie!


    Happy Gotcha Day!!!

  5. OK, I heard there were FLIES??? I am SO on that. I will hunt them until I'm exhausted and need a nap.

    (So glad to hear Titus's 'tocks are better!)

  6. Happy Gotcha Day, you two (sorry we're a day late on that)!! This is a great party, we'll help catch the bugs!!

  7. Wowie Kazowie, PAW-TAY!!! Yeah, yeah, yeah! And didja say you've got BUGGIES to catch?? I'll help catch 'em, I'll help catch 'em! I'm a superduper bug catcher! And hehe, Momma's laffin' at the EG hoo-ha story! She sez onna the big things that messed her up with Brainball was the fackt that he'd already had his hoo-has tooked away by the time Mom and Dad adopted him, and he's so floofy it's hard to see where they were!

    But that first VET ain't got no excuse!

    WOO HOO! I'm so glad to hear that Titus hadda solid poopie! And my Momma understands the happy poopie dance!

    Thankies for a great pawtay, I'm gettin' into the NIP! Happy Gotcha Day to Tazo and EG!

    And wowie kazowie, EG, that's great you wanna take Dorydoo strollerin' -- she's jumpin' fur joy! She's doin' some extra groomin' to look extra purr-etty fur you.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Hey there, Earl Grey!

    Ol' Alpha Cat of the Ballicai speaking, and I would be happy for you to ask Dorydoo to go strollering with you. You are a fine mancat, and I like you very much!

    This looks like a great party! Happy Gotcha Day to you and Tazo.

    Rumbly purrs from Brainball.

    ps - sorry for the deleted comment above -- I used the wrong Blogger account!

  10. Oh, Earl Grey! I am so, so, so happy, I'm jumping up and down! I would love to go strollering with you, handsome!

    *great big Dorydoo grin!*

  11. I'm going over! Kitty cwack mousies anyone?

  12. Yippe! the Gotcha Day Party. On our way!

  13. Happy happy Gotcha Day. Hope you get lots of treats.

  14. Sorry I can not come to your party Earl Grey....sigh....mommy said if I do not have a gentleman cat escort I can not go. My mancat is missing in action....so as a Victorian cat I must stay home.
    Please enjoy and have a sweet time with Miss Dorydoo:)
    Purrrrs Miss Peach

  15. Just checking back to see how the preparations are going for your big date and I see your lovely lady has accepted you offer. High 5, man! (slap, slap, slap)

    Take a good bath, check your breath, smile and be yourself. She can't help but love you!


  16. Oh, Earl Grey... can I call you Earl?... this stroller is the cat's meow! And it's simply dreamy being snug in here with you. *gives long lingering, happy sidelong look* If you wanted to hold my paw, I would purr.

    Love and cuddles from Dorydoo!

  17. Oh, we are late, did we miss anything? Oh cool, EG has a girlcatfuriend! And Dorydoo is so cute and so much fun. Concatulations you two!! I brought some toona cookies! Any body want some? Thanks for inviting us. And yippie to Titus, so glad he is doing better! Tigger I think I see Trixie. Let's PARTY!!!
    Your FL furiends,

  18. This PAR-TAY is rocking! I'm glad everyone is having a great time. Let me know if you need anything.

  19. I love the story of the hoo-ha's. That is so funny. We had a ball at the par-tay, thanks for inviting us.


  20. Dear Earl Grey...I must confess to you that I had just a tiny bit of hope that maybe we could be.....sigh.....amen......ok......
    closer than friends (blushy)
    Now that you have the paw of the ever delightful Miss Dorydoo I am just so very glad over your happiness and I wish you many romantic moments. You are ever the gentleman and I want you to thank Tzao and Titus for their offer of an escort. It is most kind of them indeed. Mommy just wants me to stay home and give Cole his birthday surprises today:) We are baking brownies right now:)
    I am glad we are friends and that you did not want me to be alone.
    Love Miss Peach

  21. did you knows that sometimes the bollies ty to hide forever cos they don;t wanna get chopped off? my rabbit Dubbs had this problem. one of his bollies decided it was not going to descend so he just had the one bollie hanging down! he had to have a full-on quite-risky operation to dig it out of its hiding place!!!

  22. Hey, Earl Grey!

    hehehe, talk to Dorydoo on my bloggie anytime you want. And she's hypurventilating too -- she's nefur held paws with a mancat before!

    This is a great PAWTAY -- super primo NIP!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  23. You are both furry nice grey & wite catz. I will have to tell Delilah about you. In fact, she could be related to you. Are you missin a sister? I liked hearing about your first dayz at your fur-ever home. Dese are good storeez to read. I also hear a roo-more dat Earl Grey iz now lookin' at my frend Dorydoo. I guess I yam too late. Oh well. Mebbe one day I will find a nice gurl cat.

    -Dr TWeety

  24. Willow and I are very late for the party but we did want to stop by. That is very nice that Dorydoo agreed to go strollering with you, EG. How sweet - love is in the air!

    Purrrrs, China Cat

  25. Happy Gotcha Day, Tazo and Earl Grey!!! We're sorry we missed your actual day yesterday. It's probably too late for your party too. It sounds like it was fun!

    We're so glad Titus is doing better. It's good you all get along so well together!

    Jemima, Zeke, Sushi, Tiger Lily & Ruckus

  26. Happy Gottcha Day...a day late.
    I'm good at missing out on everyones important dates. You sound like you all had a pretty good party. Sorry I missed it.


  27. Happy Gotcha day again~!!!!
    I am so happy for you~!!!
    You must have a great good time~!

  28. Happy belated gotcha day. Two special years in your lovely home, you guys are so lucky.

    Also happy solid pooh day to Titus, more good news in the house.


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