Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 28

Thirteen Good Things That Happened at Our House This Week

1. The computer guys hooked up the wireless router. In less than 10 minutes. Unlike when Momma tried for over two hours to do it herself.

2. The cable guy came and replaced the cable that Tazo someone chewed. He also replaced the cable box (which made Tazo someone mad because he took away her favorite sleeping spot).

3. Momma spilled dawg treats all over the kitchen floor, so we scored a surprise snack.

4. Tazo found a new hidey spot and Momma couldn't find her and so she freaked out for hours. heh heh We got to giggle a little at all the stuff Momma was saying. "Tazo! Where are you? You don't have to come out - just show me a paw! Or the tip of your tail! A whiskie! Anything!" heh heh

5. We got a new chair. Well, Momma and Daddy got a new chair. But we took it over. So we got a new chair. It's very comfy.

6. It has been chilly and raining - good cuddling weather.

7. Titus did not get in trouble for making the mess in the family room. In fact, Momma started giggling because he worked so hard. He carried in parts of the newspaper, toilet paper, and pop bottles, and then threw some toys around.

8. Daddy made pasta for dinner and he didn't guard it very well. heh heh

9. Titus got to eat a little of Momma's chicken soup.

10. No one has thrown up or had 'tocks trouble for weeks. *knocking on wood*

11. It's sunny today, so there are going to be super good sunspots in the house.

12. EG's been doing lots of boobwalking this week. We think this is a good thing. Momma does not.

13. We played fishie pole for a long time last night. It was super fun.


  1. Great super dooper week so far, and it is only THursday. Threee more days of good luck are sure to happen.

    Mom never gets mad when we trash the place... or maybe she is used to it.

    Happy Sunny Day!
    Here it is STILL raining and daddy is happy about it.

  2. That sounds like an awesome week! Especially scoring on the treats! And the sunny spots are wonderful too! It has finally been raining in my part of the world so it is dark and gray. No sunny spots for me, but good napping weather anyway!

  3. Sounds like a very eventful week! I especially like the living room decorations! Its raining here today so it is good snuggling weather but the humans aren't around so that kind of stinks.


  4. Well, you guys sure had a good week.

    Tazo dear, you should always come when your Mom calls you. I do! She might be giving out something good, like treats, or sammich meat, or ice cream.


  5. That sounds like a very wonderful week you are having!

    I never come when called. But my Mommie keeps my treats in a sealed plastic treat jar, and she shakes it when she is going to hand out treats. I always come RUNNING when I hear the treat jar. Sometimes when my Mommie can't find me, she will just shake the jar for a minute. Then she says "Oh, there you are!" But she still gives me a treat before she puts the jar away.

  6. That sounds like an awesomely good week!


  7. Hehehehe! We love new hidey spots where Mommy and Daddy cannot find us. They sound more and more panicked and we laugh harder and harder. You guys have had a very good week!!

  8. Sounds like things are going pretty good in your house. I am glad. FAZ

  9. hehehe, I'm crackin' up at boobwalkin! That's anothur thing EG's got in kommon with Dorydoo -- she's the biggest boobwalkin Ballicus in our housie!

    And I'm so furry glad nobody's had any Tocks Trubble!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  10. *wink, wink* hiya EG, Handsome! Would you like me to wash your ears?

    *big kittygirl grin*

    Love and cuddles from Dorydoo!

  11. Sounds like you've had an excellent week! And *giggling* at your Momma asking Tazo to "show a whiskie."

    And how wonderful about your new chair! Yes, it is the same in our household -- when Momma and Daddy get a new chair it is, in reality, our new chair. *smile*

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

  12. I come running when mom shakes the treat tin, too. Your thirteen list is lots of fun. Mom laughed at the router comment. Auntie says wireless can be very fussy.


  13. You played fishie pole! That's great fun. I've got one of those.

  14. That is a great TT, guys! I really liked #3!

  15. I am crazy laugh at you got a new chair this news, and I am very happy for you.

  16. No yaks for weeks? Come on guys, what's the problem???

  17. Yeah, you better knock on wood. Don't wanna jinx those 'tocks. You guys have had a busy week!

    Luf, Us

  18. It was great fun to read your list. Your week sounds like one adventure after another! We especially like #8 -- Maybe Daddy will learn to guard dinner a bit better. (or maybe not!)


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