Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 26

On Monday, it was super hot here in the mitten state. We set a record with a temperature of 90°. (Momma was very happy about this, since she loves hot weather. One of her very favorite things to say is, "The hotter, the better.") However, Momma woke up this morning to a bunch of furry kids piled on her bed. Because it was 46° outside. Fall has finally shown up in the mitten state. So, we're dedicating this week's TT to our friend, Fall.

Thirteen Things We Like About Fall

1. Momma opens the windows and we get to smell all the neat smells.

2. Momma puts pumpkins on our porch and the squirrels come and snack on them. This makes Momma giggle. And squirrels are super fun to watch.

3. (American) FOOTBALL! This equals lots of cuddle time with Daddy. Even though he gets very, very loud sometimes.

4. HOCKEY! Momma loves hockey. Plus, the super fuzzy Red Wings blankie comes out. This is a very cozy blankie and it's very fun to get our furs all over it. Sometimes we lay on the blankie and listen to Momma and Daddy argue over whether hockey is better than football. She says yes, he says no. We stay out of it. We're just in it for the cuddle time.

5. Momma brings out the fall decorations. Pumpkins, acorns, leaves, etc. She decorates the house. And then we get to play with the decorations. Acorns, pumpkins, and leaves are super fun to whap and put the bitey on.

6. Momma puts away all the fall decorations approximately 47 hours after she gets them out because pumkins, acorns, and leaves are fun to whap and put the bitey on.

7. Our favorite TV shows start their new seasons. Which means CUDDLE TIME. Yippee!

8. Momma buys lots of apples. Which are super fun to whap and put the bitey on.

9. The UGH boots come out. And we find our hidden treasures. Hee hee! Plus, EG has a crush on Momma's left UGH boot, so he gets to spend a lot of time with it. He carries it around and sticks his head in there (um, yuck!) But it's only the left boot. We don't know why that one's better than the right one. Please don't be jealous, Dorydoo.

10. Lots of blankets show up on the couch and on Momma and Daddy's bed. More blankets = more opportunity to earthworm. Last night, EG earthwormed on Momma for the first time this season. But he didn't put the bitey on her. Yet. Mwahahahaha

11. Momma gets too cold and ends up putting on her jammies and hiding under the covers on the couch. This is very good for cuddling purposes.

12. Space heater!

13. More walks! Momma isn't afraid of us wilting from the heat (because we are all such delicate flowers - hee hee), so we get to take more walks in the middle of the day.


  1. Those all sound like excellent reasons to like fall! :) My humans are hockey fans too. My mom doesn't have Ugh boots yet, but would really, really like a pair.

  2. That was a great TT about fall. Fall is our mom's favorite time of year.

    You sure do have a lot of fun with your mom's fall decorations. It is too bad she puts them away after 47 hours.

  3. We are expecting soom cool weather here in FL but mom really misses the fall. She likes it cold - always has - but Nanny is just the opposite.

    Midnite & Stray Kitty

  4. Wow, Fall came to our neck of the woods today, too! It's much cooler. Mom loves fall, too! And all of us Ballicai love the space heater. Well especially MaoMao and me because our hair is shorter than Marilyn's and Brainball's.

    Don't worry, EG, I'm not jealous of your Mom's UGH boot! Hee hee! Do you know MaoMao has a crush on both of Daddy's big black boots? He loves to stick his head in them. I call him a Boot head. Hee hee!

    Love and cuddles from Dorydoo.

    And *winkies and googly eyes* to EG! Hiya, handsome! ;;-DDD

  5. You have a very cute squirrel in your yard. We love to watch the ones in our yard too. They are very cheeky and jump from the trees onto our roof then onto the deck where we can watch them. We haven't had a hard frost yet and are really enjoying our fall days, still lots of flowers in bloom.

  6. Those sure are good reasons to enjoy the cooler days (and nights). We like the way the squirels run aroun a lot and make noise thru the leafs.

    Skeeter and LC

  7. I am glad you are enjoying the fall weather. Since I live in Southern California, we really don't get the seasonal changes (and I miss them at times). I had a dog who had a love affair with my left shoe also - he would steal it and take it to his bed. He wouldn't chew on it, or do anything to it, he just wanted it in his bed.

    Tara (not the cat)

  8. We love fall too! We just don't like that its dark so much earlier, so we don't get to go out as long when mom gets home from work.


  9. Space heaters rock! Yup.

    Thanks for all your purrs and purrayers and support for our liddle Dorfie & Reno over the past week. We appreciate it! Sorry we haven't been commenting!!!

    Luf, Us


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