Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 27

Thirteen Things Heard While We Were Pimping Our Stroller:

1. Oh, crap! It's starting to rain. How are we supposed to pimp this inside? *growling* (from Momma) hee hee

2. EG! Stop eating the spider web!

3. No! No! No! EG!! No, Eggie, no!

4. Aaaah! Daddy, could you please come here and help me? EG's helping a little too much.

5. We're not allowed to say this word.

6. Tazo! Drop that bat!

7. I hate this spider web stuff. What was I thinking?

8. We're not allowed to say this word either.

9. Next year, we're getting Aunt Jen to help.

10. Put down that bat!

11. Another word we're not allowed to say.

12. Ow! He bit me!

13. Titus, you're such a good baby boy.


  1. Great slide show! :) Funny list of things heard while you were getting your stroller ready. It looks fabulous! Great job. :)

  2. That was lots of fun! Your mom is really great and dedicated to help you with that, it looks FABULOUS!!! The LL doesn't even have a mum or a pumpkin or anything decorative so she sucks. You are sure to win!!


  3. Wow, what an awesome slide show! And your stroller ROCKS -- it's the spiffiest stroller I've ever seen, and Momma thinks it's cool, too, 'cause she likes Jeeps!

    EG, I would love to go strollering with you again today! Would you let me hold your paw? *big kittygirl grin*!

    Love and cuddles from Dorydoo!

  4. Great slide show. You did a great job pimping your stroller! We loved the comments too.

  5. hahahahaha. good job EG and Tazo! mommy can't touch that spider web stuff, it makes her break out in hives and stop breathing. so we never gets to use it on halloween

  6. I know all of the words you heard - that's 'cause Daddy used all of them when he was putting cobwebs on our porch. He politely told Mommy that it would be in everyone's best interest if she never, ever bought them again. Wait till he sees the Angel Hair we have for Christmas that he gets to put outside.
    ps - YOUR STROLLER ROCKS!!!!!!!!

  7. You was grate helpers! Too bad yur Mom sed so many werds you can't repeat. Are yous goin to go trick-or-treatin? Bonnie an I stay home an watch the monsters come to our door. That spider web stuff looks like 23 kinds of fun!

  8. Wow! You not only have a stroller, but you have a decorated stroller! I loved the slideshow ;)


  9. You done a GREAT job pimping out your stroller. Are you going to go out strollering in it while it's all tricked out? That would be funny!

  10. That's an awesome slide show! Paws up to EG, Tazo, and Titus for being such a lot of help! Are you guys going out on the 31st in that very fine ride?

  11. super show...and what a stroller! that is WELL and TRULY pimped :)

    i wonder if i would like strollering...did you gys like strollering the first time you went?

    good luck! xxxx

  12. WOO HOO!!! That strollur ROCKS! I'd pimp it, too, hehehehe!

    And I hope you and Dorydoo are havin' a good stroll!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao.

  13. Your stroller is very cool looking. Titus, we knew you would be the "model child"- er, the good boy.

    Your stroller is very very creepy looking. Can you puh-leeeeeez send us some of that rain????????

    Purrrrs and totally the best looking stroller ever!

  14. Your stroller is marvelous! I'm glad you are enjoying it, and you three always put a big smile on my face *smile!*

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

  15. Your stroller rocks!

    Hey EG, we need to watch what we eat, OK bud?

    Thanks for the purrs, I'm home now. The V-E-T didn't find the feather, so we are assuming it passed "naturally" and maybe something that was on it gave me an upset tummy. But I came home with some yuccky medicine because of it!


  16. You got your ride pimped. Looks super.

    Midnite & Stray Kitty

  17. Oh, your stroller looks *great! Those are funny things you heard!

  18. Dis iz a truly respec-tubble listee. We also enjoyed your video ting. Da five all lovez da movin' screen. & dis iz purr-fect for da scary day comin' up.

    -Love, Dr Tweety

  19. Your stroller looks really spooky, cool. Are you going out trick or treating in it on Halloween?


  20. That's the BEST stroller in the world! Halloween is GREAT FUN!! You look all ready for it.

  21. Oah My Goodness, you must doing this for a long long time~!!! Great job~!!!!!!

  22. OMDawg!!! That is way kyool! Are you guys going trick-or-treating? Awesome!!!

    Luf, Us

  23. Oh I do so love your stroller! :)


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