Monday, October 22, 2007

Manly Dawg Monday

EG's sort of mad that I'm "hogging the blog" today, but sheesh, it's been all about the twins around here lately. Anyhoo, I'm supposed to send waves and ugh (this is soooooo embarrassing), whiskie kissies to Dorydoo from EG.

PS - Our dawg friend, Belle, is doing great! The swelling has really gone down on her face and she's got super happy ears and a waggy tail. And she only has 3-1/2 more days of being a conehead!


  1. Hi Titus! You look furry handsome in your picture. We are so glad that Belle is doing better! It does not sound like fun to wear a cone.

  2. I don't see why they get the blog all of the time since you are the big man dog in the house.

    Purrs to Tazo!!


  3. Titus, you are looking very handsome today!

  4. Titus is a furry kool dawg -- he's so handsum! And that's furry good newsies about Belle. We are so happy fur her and her fambly!

    And hehehe, Dorydoo's grinnin' from ear to ear ofur what EG said... here she comes...

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  5. Oh... Earl! You handsome thing you. I would just love to teleport over and play in the water bowl with you today -- making puddles on the floor is so much fun! And you know what else, after we make puddles, we can play the Foodie Game! You know what that is? That's when we bat pieces of food out of the food bowl, then chase them all over the floor, then eat them! You'll love it!

    Mmmm, *big kittygirl grin* -- your whisker kisses are wonderful, even better than tuna! *winkie!*

    Love and cuddles from Dorydoo!

  6. Well Titus...if you're going to talk on the blog, you have to be prepared to deliver love notes to "significant others". It goes with the territory.


    PS. Mom said to tell you she loves German Shepherd dogs.

  7. Titus you are a very handsome doggie.

    We are so happy that Belle is doing great! That is wonderful news!

  8. Oh, good for Belle. Thanks for te update. As for hogging the blog, well, you're family, that's supposed to happen.


  9. Titus, duuuude, you look great. At least you didn't have to wear a tu-tu or a tiara or something wierd like me to get on your siblings blog...sigh.

  10. yay to Belle! Conehead going to be gone soon!

  11. Titus, I like this photo of you, it seens you are handle things well~!!

    I am also very happy for Belle, that is a terrific news~~ I will continue pray for Belle~!!

  12. Good news all in all!!! And you look very manly great!

  13. Titus, you do deserve some of your own time on the blog!

    Tell EG that Kavan is taking the liquid metrablahblah. He actually is being pretty good about it, but its probably because he knows he gets some Temptations after.


  14. Oh, Titus, you look so lovable and manly!

  15. You are very manly, Titus, I'm so glad to see you here for manly dawg monday!!


  16. Your stoller is cool - all pimped out for halloween.

    Titus that is a nice picture of you and I so pleased miss Belle is doing better.

  17. Nice photos and great news about Belle too! :)

  18. Hi Titus,

    Great photo your such a handsome woofie.I'm very happy to hear Belle
    is feeling better...Hugs and Purrs Ariel

  19. Whoo hoo for Belle!

    Good to see you Titus!

    Luf, Us


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