Monday, October 8, 2007

Gotcha Day

Happy 2 year Gotcha Day to Tazo and Earl Grey!!!

(Sorry for the poor quality on the pictures. These were from Daddy's camera phone.)

This is us having our first snack at our new home.

Our favorite napping spot.

The next two pictures are of our first trip to the V-E-T.

And this is one of Momma's favorites of us. It was taken a couple of months ago. It's Tazo doing her best Count Dracula impression.

Tazo here with our Gotcha Day story:
Momma had never had a kitty before, but she always thought they were pretty cool. But she had also always thought of herself as a "dawg person," so she was a bit unsure about kitties. Over the last few years, though, she had seen a couple of kitties that caught her eye, but things didn't ever pan out for adopting them. She decided that one day she wanted to have a kitty and she just figured if and when she was meant to have a kitty in her life, one would pick her. And, so, that's where *we* come into the picture...

In late September 2005, Daddy came home and told Momma that a guy from work had some kittens that needed a home. She thought about it and thought about it. She really wanted them to come and live with her and Daddy, but she was afraid of what Shadow and Titus would think. And, being a dawg person, she didn't really know a whole lot about living with kitties. But she thought about it and purrayed about it and talked to Daddy lots about it. Then the guy e-mailed Daddy some pictures of the kittens. And Momma fell in love. She told Daddy that those kittens needed to come and live with them and so they made arrangements to go pick them up.

On Friday, October 7 (the day before her and Daddy were supposed to pick up the kittens), Momma went out and bought all kinds of stuff. Litterboxes, food and water dishes, food, toys, a PTU, floofy beds, and a scratchy post. She was still going between being really excited and being really scared. She was askeered because she didn't know much about cats, and even though she'd read lots about cats, there's still so much she didn't think she knew. (And boy, has she sure learned a lot in the last two years - hee hee!)

The next day was Saturday, October 8. Momma and Daddy went to a house. There was a man and two little girls that lived there. There was also a big, black dawg. Momma was happy to see that dawg because she figured the kittens would be used to dawgs. There was a very cute kitty there named Buttons (that's our Mom). She was grey with little skinny black stripes. Momma thought she was absolutely bee-yoo-tee-ful. Then Momma looked up and saw a speckly kitty eating the nacho cheese from some Taco Bell nachos. The human Dad said, "Jess! (which was one of the little girls' names) Gizmo's eating your nachos! Are you done with them?" And the little girl said, "She can have the cheese. I just want the chips." That made Momma giggle a lot. Momma and Daddy played with us a little and the guy gave them the basic info. The grey kitty (who they called Philip) was a boy and he had a big knot in his tail because it got shut in a door. The speckly kitty (who they called Gizmo) was the girl. He said that we were about 10-1/2 weeks old and that they could eat regular baby kitten kibble and were pretty good about using the litterbox. He also told them that we had a sibling, but that it had died. Momma was sad about that.

Finally, the man and the little girls said goodbye to us. Momma and Daddy had brought a PTU with them. The man put us in the PTU. Then our mom, Buttons, walked into the PTU. She washed our faces and made sure we were settled in there. Momma got leaky eyes watching this because Buttons was saying goodbye to us. She almost offered to take Buttons home, too.

We rode home in Daddy's car and then he carried us into a new house. He put us in the people litterbox room and shut the door behind him. Momma was in there, too and they were both sitting on the floor. Momma showed us where the litterboxes were - she had gotten one for each of us! She gave us a little snack and showed us where our water bowl was. She picked us up and held us and cuddled us lots. Tazo purred and purred and purred super loud. She had the loudest motor as a baby. EG purred a little. He was more askeered.

Then a very akseery thing happened. We had to get a bath. It was horrible. Daddy tried to bathe Tazo and Momma tried EG. But Tazo kept jumping around. Finally, after all four of us were soaked, bathtime was over. All our furs were soaked and we were super askeered and we were shaking a lot. Momma and Daddy wrapped us up in big, warm, floofy towels, and held us in their laps and talked to us and cuddled us lots. They explained that there were two dawgs that lived in the house, too, and that we had to stay in the people litterbox room for a little while so that we could all get used to each other. That was fine by us because one of those dawgs sounded really hyper (that would be Shadow).

Momma sat in the bathroom with us for a long time. She checked us all out. She scratched our heads and tummies. She giggled at our purrs. She counted all our toesies. she tried to figure out who was the boy and who was the girl. She had some names picked out, but she wanted to make sure that she was giving the right name to the right kitty.

Daddy let the dawgs come to the bathroom door and sniff. The one dawg sounded really hyper. We were not too sure about that one. We couldn't see what was going on because the bathroom door was shut, but it was pretty loud out there with that one dawg barking and snorfling at the door. The other dawg (which was Titus) was very calm. He just sniffed at the door and then walked away.

Momma finally gave us another little snack and then left us alone in the bathroom to take a nap. When she came back in, she found us cuddled up in the sink. She thought that was pretty cute.

Daddy kept asking what she wanted to name us. Since she wasn't 100% sure what sex we were, she came up with a list. Hagrid and Hermione, Sirius and Remus (yes, she's a Harry Potter fan), Tazo and Chai, Tazo and Numi, Barclay, keep our same names (Philip and Gizmo) and well, she didn't know. She had never had a pet before that didn't come already named. She was starting to stress out.

We had our first V-E-T appointment on 10/13/05. Daddy insisted that we have names before we went. Momma thought that since we were going to be Titus' cats (ie, T's cats, ie tea cats), Momma had it narrowed down to Tazo, Numi, Chai, & Sirius. I was always going to be named Tazo. Momma thought I just looked like a Tazo. Which left EG to be Numi, Chai, or Sirius (because Momma loves Sirius Black from Harry Potter, and because EG always looked so serious). But then, Momma didn't think she should name him Sirius - which is also a dawg star. (Can you imagine that? A cat named after a dawg star?! The horrors!) She also thought Chai and Numi were too girly, if in fact he was a boy. So she struggled to come up with another kind of tea. Red Rose was definitely out. hee hee As was Lipton. And Zinger. And a whole list of other teas that Momma didn't think were fitting. Finally, she thought about Earl Grey. He was grey and he looked serious and a little royal, so the Earl part might fit.

Momma couldn't get out of work for the V-E-T appointment, so she sent Daddy with these instructions. The speckle kitten is Tazo. The grey kitten is Earl Grey, if it's a boy, and Numi or Chai (preferably Numi) if it was a girl. And set up appointments to get them spayed and neutered ASAP.

Daddy came home from the V-E-T's office with the following news. We were officially Tazo and Earl Grey. And our names made the V-E-T ladies chuckle a little. And we couldn't get spayed and neutered yet because 1) we didn't weigh enough (Tazo weighed 3.4 pounds and EG weighed 3.8 pounds - and the V-E-T said she'd like us to weigh at least 4 pounds), and 2) EG's hoo-ha's hadn't shown up yet. Hahahahahaha!

Momma said we could have a Gotcha Day party tomorrow for Twins Tuesday. It's gonna be sort of low key because she's still stressed out. But everyone's invited over for 'nip and snacks and naptime. Hope to see you all there!


  1. Happy Gotcha Day Tazo and Earl Grey! We loved your Gotcha story and your pictures are the cutest, especially the one in the sink. Tigger use to sleep in the sink, too. And your Count Dracula impression Tazo is priceless. We'll be there at your party tomorrow!
    Your FL furiends,

  2. Happy Gotcha Day! Dat's a wonnerful Gotcha Day story. Da picshure of you in da sink is da kyootest fing efur! What nice kitties you are.

  3. Happy Gotcha Day! I love your Gotcha story. My mommy always had woofies growing up, I am her first kitty. We have that important job of training them.

    Your pictures are so darling. I can't wait till tomorrow!

  4. What kyooot baby pictors!!! And what a grate gotcha day storee. We hope that Buttons ended up getting her lady gardenectomy after you guys left.

    Thanks for sharing your gotcha day storee!

    Luf, Us

  5. Happy Gotcha Day! That's a very nice story about how you founded your furever home. The picture of you in the sink is very cute.

    Midnite & Stray Kitty

  6. Happy Gotcha Day, Tazo and EG! You two were such adorabble kittens, and you are two furry beeyootiful and handsum cats! I loved readin' yur Gotcha Day story. You two are furry speshul, sweet kitties!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  7. Tazo, you're beautiful, and EG, you handsome thing, you! *wink* :-D

    I wish you both a happy, happy Gotcha Day!

    Love and cuddles from Dorydoo.

  8. Happy Gotcha day Tazo and Earl Grey. We enjoyed reading your story and seeing all the kyoot pikchurs of yoo.

  9. happee gotcha day t + eg.
    wutta grate storee.
    i luv yer mom becuz she luvz u so much an becuz she warez a yankee cap!

  10. Happy Happy Gotcha and Birthdays to both of you.
    You two were soooo cute as kittens and we love you now!

    purrrs, Prin

  11. What a great story. I love the photos of you, all of them. I am glad your momma stopped stressing, (well at least for the moment, that's what momma's do, you know).
    ANyway, Lucky and I will be there. It's supposed to rain here all week, maybe it will be nicer at your place.


  12. Happy Gotcha day you two!!! What an amazing story and its so great that you came together and have always been together. I love that picture of the "vampire". Hehe, we'll all be over to party with you!


  13. On behalf of the Good Cats (all of whom have Gotcha Days), Happy G-Day to Tazo and Earl Grey! Your mama loves you very much, and we hope you all have many more happy years together!

  14. What a great gotcha story. We're so happy you both found a wonderful forever home.

    But EG, I have to ask, (um, how can I put this delicately so as not to offend the ladies) did they find your hoo-has only to take them away again?

    Hmmm, it appears Dorydoo has a crush on you, EG. She's quite lovely, isn't she? Maybe you should invite her out strollering. Yes, I can see it all now...a quiet carriage, a comfy blanket, a little 'nip and new romance will bloom!


  15. What a terrific story about your Gotcha Day! And, wow, what adorable kittens you were! We'll be back to visit tomorrow for your Twins Tuesday!

    Purrrrs, China Cat & Willow

  16. Happy Gotcha Day, Tazo and Earl Grey, they are the pawesomest names ever! You are both so cute!

    ~Donny and Marie

  17. Happy Gotcha Day! We love doze baby pikshers, yoo guys were, and are, just too cute. We'll be der tomoro, we try to neffur mis a party!

  18. Happy Gotcha Day! Thanks for sharing the great story, and the great pictures!


  19. Happy Gotcha Day, Tazo and Earl Grey. :) I enjoyed reading your Gotcha story. You were both adorable little kittens. :) I'm glad your mom and dad adopted you. :)

  20. That is a very very good story about you 2. And I think your human is doing great job keeping you~!!! And so that I could know you far away from Here~!!!

    Happy 2nd Gotcha Day, it's very very important and I am very happy for you~!

  21. I hope you have a wonderful gotta day! :)

  22. That is such a cool "Gotcha Day" story! You are such lucky kitties to have the same gotcha day yer wole lives!

    Me and LC have the same Gotcha Day, but in diffrent years. We'll 'splain that on Halloween...

    Smiles and purrs,

    Skeeter and LC

  23. Happy Gotcha Day, Tazo and Earl Grey! I loved reading the story of how you came to be. You were such adorable kitties, and I am so glad you have such a wonderful home.

  24. Happy Gotcha Day Tazo and Earl Grey! Hope you had a great one. Sorry we're late -- Mean Ole Mom wouldn't turn on the pee see yesterday just because she wasn't working.
    your bud Pepi
    and Sanjee, Boni, Mini, and Gree

  25. Happy Gotcha Day Tazo and Earl Grey! We really liked yout stories and especially the picture of both of you in the sink together.

  26. What a super great story!! I love Earl Grey tea but Lady Grey is even sweeter as a tea...a bit of a lemon overtone very deliCAT:)

  27. Your Gottcha Day story is so precious. Your beans sound like very wonderful caretakers.



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