Monday, May 14, 2007

Tell Momma Monday - Edition 2

I'm just so embarrassed... I can't even look at the camera

Like we said last week, our Momma’s pretty new to this whole kitty thing. I mean, we’re the first kitties she’s ever lived with. Daddy hung with some kitties when he was little, but he says he doesn’t remember any of them acting like us. Momma’s read a bunch of books and talked to a lot of people, but there are still some things that she’d like to know. So we thought we’d dedicate the next couple of Mondays to asking all you kitties out there in the blogosphere how stuff gets handled in your house.

So, here’s this week’s issue...

Is it possible to have two kitties who are *both* a healthy weight? Momma’s never really known of any multicat household where all the kitties are at a good weight. It seems like there’s always one floofier kitty. Momma wants to give us the best, healthiest life that she can and wants us to be as fit as possible.

She measures our food religiously (unfortunately for me since she gives me less than she gives EG, grrrrr) and makes sure that we get some cardio in every day. But I’m still a *little* heftier than EG. We’re not large kitties (we have smallish heads and little feets), but I’ve got a bit of a poochy belly. (When you look at us from above, EG’s belly sort of caves in in the middle and mine sort of pooches out – we’re just like those examples on those posters at the V-E-T’s office.)

Am I just meant to be floofier? Is it a girl thing? Does anybody else have this problem?



  1. I think kitties are all built very differently. Like me, I'm a stick figure and the LL is ALWAYS trying to fatten me up. But she can't because that is my build. We are all a healthy weight in our house but the LL is lucky about that. She free feeds us dry food and we just regulate ourselves so we eat if we are hungry. But that's just us and we are weird.


  2. All kitties have different frames! You may just be destined to be "floofier" than Earl Grey. If Mommy watches how much food you get and you get to exercise every day for about 10-15 minutes, you should be good to go! BUT - the only people qualified to say you are at an ideal weight are your Mommy and Daddy and the V.E.T.!

  3. Well, guess what? I weigh only 6 pounds, and I have a poochie belly! And Pixie is the absolute poochiest! But my Mommie measures our food out, and we do not eat too much, either.

    It is nice that your Momma wants to make sure you are very healthy.

  4. I think it's possible. Kinda like those insurance charts with the big range of weights in them. Only this would be a cat-sized range. So you probably couldn't weigh 148 at your height is what I'm saying. But you know? Tell your mom she probably shouldn't worry about it unless the vet actually says something.

  5. My mommy's friend Kate has two kitty's one's a boy the other a girl
    and their both floofy.I agree with William about the vet :)

  6. My Mom said she's never had a girl kittie or woofie who didn't have a pooch. She thinks is because of "the operation". The closest anyone has come is my woofie Sushi who runs around like a maniac a lot and even she has a little bit of a pooch. She agrees that if your v-e-t doesn't say anything your Mom shouldn't worry. And if you run around even more then maybe you'll be able to eat more!

  7. Yeah, unless you get really porky and start lying around all the time, you're good. But if the V-E-T says something like, "I can't palpate her stomach because of all the fat" then you've got a problem. Or if they point out that your body extends one inch past your x-ray images, then you've got a problem. Then they'll suggest d-i-e-t food. Of course, we've all decided that we really like d-i-e-t food, and scarf it down, and because it's so fibrous, it bloats up and then we yak. Yup. Then you've got a problem.

    But we were nice and not a one of us yakked on Mother's Day. But 2 of us did today to make up for it. Yup.

    Luf, Us

  8. It's possible but I think harder with 2 kitties. I know the people have a hard time measuring food for us because Buddah's metabolizm is so much higher than mine. He needs more food but then I get mad when he gets more food... =sigh= I don't mean to be selfish, but I can't help it.

    And poofy tummies are kind of normal if you've had your goodies yanked out. That's what I tell myself, anyway ;)

  9. It depends on the cats. My mom grew up with two cats - one a Siamese and one just a rescue, and they were both very slim cats. So neither of them was ever overweight, but that was just the way they were built. Just like some humans are naturally thin and some are naturally heavier, cats are the same way.

    But just like with humans, an overweight cat can sometimes be an unhealthy cat. Your vet should let you know if your weight is a concern.

  10. We haf all sizes in our house of poodies and ratties and the bun. So we aren't much help, but Mom doesn't really measure our food. She just feeds us when she thinks we are hungry and we do get one can of stinky goodness to share between the three of us poodies each day. hmmmm, this prolly isn't much help ~poiland tribe

  11. hi! i think if the VET isn't concerned, you shouldn't worry. i agree with everything said above. sometimes kitties are built differently, like beans.
    don't be embarassed Tazo. you look very pretty, i'm sure all the boy kitties agree.

  12. Our Mom grew up with kitties and has had them all her adult life too, so just ask away. She'll be glad to help you.

    As far as weight, a lot depends on your build, bone structure or breed heritage. Just like humans, some cats are bigger boned than others. I'm getting a little bit of a belly, too and I'm sure not overweight. I just turned 1 in April and Mom thinks I'll have a smaller frame than my sister, Tipper. (We're adopted sister, not litter sisters)

    Does your doctor think either of you are overweight? As for the small head thing, it happens when we're spayed or neutered at an early age and the natural hormones don't kick in to give us a "big cat" appearance. Were you spayed early? I was, at only about 8 weeks so my head will be small I guess. Oh well....

    Not being a tabby myself, I don't really know, but I think if you are stripey, even with white, you can still say you're tabby & white.

    Your friend


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