Wednesday, May 9, 2007

White Dawg & What is That?! Wednesday

Here I am modeling with a new friend for White Dawg Wednesday. I just got back from a grueling leisurely walk with Dad, so my tongue is really, really hanging out. When we got home, Dad told Mom that he thought he was going to have to call her to come and pick us up because I started lagging behind. Dude, it was hot out. I overheat easily. You could have carried me home. The good news is that I did get some ear scratches from the neighbor and she said that she was happy to see me. She hadn't seen me around very much lately (ahem, ahem, that's probably because someone's been slacking in the walk department recently).

I am posing here next to our brand new friend. (This is the only kind of bird that Mom isn't afraid of.) Don't we look great together? I think the pink in her feathers perfectly sets off the pink in my ears, don't you? Tazo thinks her name is George. Mom wants to name her Flora. Dad brought her home yesterday for Mom's anniversary present (their anniversary is today). It made the neighbors laugh a lot. I think Dad was a little embarrassed. Mom decided to go easy on Dad and put her in the back yard, so he wouldn't have to listen to the neighbors giggling all the time. The best part is that Mom forgot she was on the patio and when we went outside this morning, she made Mom jump. It was pretty funny.

Happy 9th Anniversary to our Mom and Dad! We love you lots.


PS - Daisy, do they have these kind of pink birds where you live? Are they really named George, too?


  1. 9 years? I think my mommie and daddie are married 90 years :-P
    happy anniversary to your mom and dad.

    that pink thing is pretty and I hope you got a drink!!


  2. George! How did you get way over there!?!?! George must be nervous, because he seems a little stiff.

    There was a whole flock of those birds at Parrot Jungle. But I have never seen one of them flying around loose. Yet.

    Titus, you look like you are laughing!

  3. Happy Anniversary to Mom and Dad. The pink flamingo looks like fun to me. You look very happy, Titus, but like you need a big drink of water.

  4. Wow! My Mommy and Daddy will be married for 9 years on the 15th! Mommy got roses, not a pretty George Bird like your Mommy did! Our D.O.G. looks like that after his walk too!

  5. Ooooh white dawg!!! And we are white cats!!! :)))

    Your lovely pink furriend looks ever so, can I take a bite? ;)

  6. Wow, you look like me, only you're a woofie!

    Happy Anniversary to your Mom & Dad!

  7. Happy Anniversary to yoor mom and dad. Mom would like dat thing, she has a cuppul of little ones dat she put right out front. I think da woofie needs a drink of water.

  8. iz dat da north american noo york jeter bird in yer yard?
    i'm laffin an laffin!
    happee anniversaree to yer mom an dad.
    luv--yer frend--jh

  9. Happy anniversary to your mom and dad!

    Titus, you look like you're laughing at that flamingo!

  10. That's a cool birdie! :) Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad! :)

    (I'm sleeping in my sleeping bad in the photo on my blog.)

  11. Happy Anniversary to your Mom and Dad!!! We likes your pink bird, George.

    Luf, Us


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