Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 10

Thirteen Things We’ve Done This Week

Momma thinks we did this TT before, but there’s all kinds of new stuff to add to the list.

1. EG stole Momma’s loaf of marble rye, ran into the family room, and tried to hammer it down. When Momma tried to take it back, a tug of war ensued and EG actually growled at Momma. I tried to help him hang onto the bread by weaving around Momma’s legs, but it didn’t work. Momma pretended that she was going to let him have the bread and when he came up for air, she took it back.

2. EG and I have learned how to open the Snack Drawer. Or rather, the Former Snack Drawer. See, once we figured out how to open the drawer so we could check out the snacks, Momma cleared all the snacks out. All that’s left is some jingle balls. Which we now help ourselves to whenever we want. Hahahahahaha!

3. Titus raided the litterbox again and got sick. But he got to score some chicken and rice. He (so far) has narrowly escaped going to the V-E-T this week.

4. EG ran outside alone in the dark. Grey cat + dusk = really hard to find. Momma says she’s glad he’s got white feets, otherwise it might have taken her longer to find him.

5. We stole Momma’s pumice stone out of the shower (a pumice stone is a very cool rock that she keeps in the shower – she uses it on her paw pads to keep them soft and luxurious like ours). From the really hard to get to shelf. In the middle of the night. And we left it in the hallway, so everyone could see it. But from the sounds Momma made when she stepped on it with bare feets, we don’t think she thought that was such a good game.

6. EG got to taste strawberry-flavored kefir. He liked it. A lot. Now Momma can’t really enjoy her breakfast any more without a little, grey face in her glass.

7. EG and I worked together to score a taste of T’s chicken and rice. Momma was feeding him a snack and I grabbed the measuring cup and tipped it a little and some fell out. (This trick works great with kibble – EG taught it to me. The chicken and rice (or kibble) rains down onto the ground and then you get to clean it up off the floor.) While Momma was giving T the snack, we gobbled it up. It didn’t even askeer us this time. It was very tasty! (The last time Momma tried to give us chicken, it askeered us a little and we didn’t want to eat it.)

8. Titus went outside for his late night outing the other night and when Momma went to check on him, he wouldn’t come to her. Then she noticed that he was chasing something around the yard and throwing it up in the air. Momma had to go get him by the collar. Neither of them were very happy. Momma sent Daddy out to look for a body, but he didn’t find anything. Momma was very happy about that because it means that whatever it was got away.

9. Titus got to lay outside in the sun while Daddy worked on his car. He loves to nap in the sun.
10. EG pulled the garbage can over again. Because there was something tasty in there. Except this time we couldn’t get to it because Momma put a child lock on it. Rats!

11. I was playing jingle ball and got carried away and knocked the water bowl over. And it broke. Whoops! Momma didn’t yell though. She was just hoping she could get the glass cleaned up good so we wouldn’t step on any.

12. Momma emptied the litter boxes, washed them out, and refilled them with brand, new litter. Only she forgot to put a little used litter in with the new (EG is weird that way – he won’t use new litter until I break it in for him. And if he has to go before I do, then he pees (or something else) right in front of the litterbox). But instead of thinking outside the box (so to speak), he started eating the litter. Momma was not pleased. Yes, it’s all natural. No it does not belong in *anyone’s* tummy. She had visions of another obstruction surgery. Daddy asked her why she was crying…

13. EG woke Momma up at 2 this morning, trying to get one of the kitchen cabinets open. She flicked on the light and saw him running down the hall carrying a bag of pasta. Again, more tug of war and growling (from both EG and Momma). I supervised the whole scene. EG did a really good job, but Momma won. I think she usually wins anyway.

As you can plainly see (Momma loves it when Skeezix says that), we’ve had a very busy week. For some reason, Momma thinks we’re ganging up on her. :shrugging:


  1. Wow! You three have been very very busy! It sounds like Earl Grey has been a little bit naughty, too. Your house sounds like lots of fun. I like zaniness.

    Now Titus, don't make me hyp-no-tize you again!

  2. What a busy week! It sure looks like lots and lots of fun. Mommy nearly snorted out the pop she was drinking when she read #5. She feels for your mommy.

  3. Wow! I'm very impressed with everything you guys did but I think I'm in awe of EG.

  4. wutta busy week fer u all.
    EG iz espeshullee smart.
    i'm still workin on a mantra fer titus.
    it'z comin soon (dat'z not da mantra)
    luv--yer grate frend--jh

  5. You all had a very busy week! I am very impressed with Earl Grey's ability to open cabinets and drawers! Tug of war sounds like a fun game! I may have to try it!

  6. Wow so many tricks we have learned from you, tug of war sounds like great fun especially late at night.

  7. Mom started laffin' when she read "marble rye". Something about Seinfeld, she's sayin'. I don't know what she's talkin' about. Humans!!

    Your friend

  8. Geez. You 3 actually make Maw feel good about the 10 of us. Go figure. Of course, you guys don't yak every night either... And you don't have the cat flap to bang bang bang in the middle of the night.

    We're gonna have to try that drawer thing though.

    Luf, Us


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