Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Tummy, Toes, & Tinkle Tuesday

It’s already been a super busy Tuesday in Furry Kid Land this morning. First, check out my tummy. This is one of Momma’s favorite poses. Whenever I do this, Momma always says, “Good evening,” in a vampire-y accent because she says I look like I should be in a Dracula movie or wearing a little cape or something. It makes Daddy laugh. Maybe you just gotta be there. :)

Second, Titus, Earl Grey, and I set our tummy clocks back a little last night before we went to bed. So they went off at 5:11 am and woke us up. (Usually, they go off a little before Momma’s breakfast alarm goes off, but we just amuse ourselves by tearing around the house, while she begs us to nap for a few more minutes.) We all decided that we couldn’t wait for the breakfast alarm, so EG took it upon himself to wake up Momma in a different way. Her toes were sticking out of the covers (which is very rare at our house since Momma always has freezy toes), so he put the bitey on them. She didn’t really wake up right away, so he had to grab her foot, put the bitey on her toes, and then bunny kick her foot. And guess what?! It worked! She jumped out of bed really quick and then fed us to keep us quiet. Score!!!

And lastly, heh heh, we got Momma back for trying to get ideas on how to keep us out of the kitchen while she cooks. Heh heh heh Somebody (and we’re not saying who ~ well, except that it wasn’t Titus because he’s a goody two shoes) peed on the carpet just outside of the litterbox room while she was in the shower. Whee! See, in addition to gathering all sorts of information on how to keep us from getting good snacks while she cooks helping her in the kitchen, she dared to add clean litter to the litterboxes, without covering the new litter with the a little bit of old. Grrrr. We thought we had her trained. Mommas – can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em.


P.S. – Momma says thank you to everyone who offered advice to her Tell Momma Monday question. She’s going to be firm and consistent and fill that squirt bottle up.


  1. Peeing on the carpet is a good plan for keeping the humans on their toes. I'm going to keep this one up my sleeve in case I need to teach my humans a lesson. FAZ
    p.s. I think I just mixed a few metaphors

  2. Oh good job!!! The Lap Lady must have set her internal alarm back too because she was up an hour early today which is very unlike her. It was great for us!


  3. That's right, show her who's boss! The need to take care of your every need, when ever you have a need! I've been peeing on everywhere lately. AND, I pooped on the little girlbeans bed! HA, fear my wrath!

    Kim here, I don't know what's gotten into Oscar lately but he's becoming a naughty boy lately!

  4. sounds like you kids have come up with some good ways to train your mom!


  5. Oooohhhh! It's Count Dracula, I mean Tazo! You look so cute, and look at your back legs stickin' straight out!

  6. Tazo, you look very cute sleeping like that.

    Ooooops for the pee on the carpit.
    I am also very fussy about how things should be here...

  7. Hahaha that's the way I like to sleep. If we want feeding I put my cold wet nose on mum's nose to wake her up, and Eric walks on her hed.That allus werks, and she wakes up shouting "Eric yer scalping me"

  8. Hee-Hee "Good Evening" That as funny!

  9. Cute tummy. Thank you for your comment on my toes. Earl Grey. So nice to meet you you all. My mom squirts Tigger too, but he just jumps down and then jumps back up two seconds later. He like to know what's cooking all the time. I only jump on the counter to drink from my water bowl. It's so nice they love us anyway. Have a god Wednesday.
    Samantha & Tigger

  10. Maw wants to blow raspberries on your belly.

    Luf, Us

  11. *giggle* and *purr*! I like to sleep like that, too. Sometimes I sleep like that with my tongue sticking out! It always makes my mom and dad laugh.

  12. Hi Tazo,
    Yu look furry kyoot wif yur belly showin and yur littel kurld up footsies!

    yur littel pal

  13. Tazo, you have a very cute tummy. :) You look very comfy lying there. :)

    I'm not surprised your mom got up quickly when Earl Grey put the bitey on her toes.

  14. Awwww - you look so cute sleeping like that!


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