Friday, May 4, 2007

Ear Fur Friday

My ears aren't froot batty, but they sure are furry. Mom teases me sometimes about my "old man ear hair." Then she tries to play with my ears. Um, I don't really like that. I much prefer scritches behind the ears or on my cheeks. Moms these days...


  1. I think ear fur is cute. You only have to worry if you start getting nose fur.

  2. You've got great ear fur there, Earl Grey! And hehehe at what Daisy said about nose fur. I get lotsa fur in my nose, but I get it from playin' wiht my big floofy sister.

  3. eer fur ... u mite or miten't know how i feel abowt it. i luv it! mi noo brudder matsui haz verree long eer fur. it'z ekstreemlee hansum!
    dere'z nuthin like eer fur!
    luv--yer grate frend--jh

  4. I think eer fur is very nice. It looks very manly too.
    We do not have much for eer fur.... maybe a dozen furs each eer... not very impressive.

    This picture made my mommie say AwwwWWwww

  5. Aw. Yur mom shouldn't tease ya. Ya look just fine how ya are!!!

  6. You have very cute ear fur. :) Although I'm hairless, even I have a bit of fur in my ears - it's very short and curly!

    You look very cozy snoozing there. :)

  7. ear fur is great! fingers in ear fur is not great. don't like it. in fact, mama...stay away from my ears!


  8. Yup, we don't like our Maw playin with our ear fur either. Obi has tons of ear fur, and his ears get very dirty. He doesn't like it when Maw sticks her fingers in there.

    Luf, Us

  9. Earl Grey yer toes look just like Shadow's. But we think you haf more ear hair than her ~poiland tribe

  10. I think your ears look like mine...and I KNOW mine look fine!



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