Thursday, May 3, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 8

Thirteen Places We Like to Take Naps

1. Titus: On the couch, preferably laying next to Mom or Dad. They are just so snuggly sometimes, especially when it's cold out.

2. Tazo: In the basket on the ledge in the family room. Momma bought some baskets for the bathroom shelves and had one left over. She set it on the ledge so she would remember to take it back to the store and I immediately hopped in there and fell asleep. She said I looked so cute napping in there that she couldn’t bring herself to return it. I scored a new napping spot! Hee hee

3. Tazo: On top of the cable box, especially when Momma and Daddy watch TV. Sometimes, I’m so tired that my feets flop over in front of the sensor thing, so they can’t change the channel. Hee hee

4. Earl Grey: On Mom’s lap, EW’d under her blanket. EW'd (pronounced as ee' dubbed) stands for "earthwormed" - this is what Dad calls it when I creep up onto the couch/bed and scootch myself under the covers. I'm really good at it because I can make myself go boneless - like when a toddler has a tantrum and gets all rubbery and hard to hold onto. Heh heh

5. Titus: At the foot of Mom and Dad’s bed. Or on Mom’s side of the bed if she’s not in there.

6. Titus: On the kitchen floor if it’s hot out. That ceramic tile feels really good on my tummy.

7. Titus: In the grass right by the patio (if it’s sunny out).

8. Earl Grey: At night, I like to sleep on top of the covers, right on top of Mom’s legs. Sometimes I'll sleep on Dad's legs, but Tazo's usually hogging him.

9. Earl Grey: On top of the scratching post.

10. Earl Grey & Tazo: On the back of the couch, with the curtains open a little, so the sun hits us just right in the afternoon.

11. Tazo: In the disposable litter box (don’t worry – it’s clean) that Momma put on top of the dryer. It came to be a good napping spot pretty much like the basket from #2. Momma had it left over and set it on top of the dryer for a minute and then I hopped up there, laid down, and fell asleep. When the dryer is running, it is just about the best place to take a rest. It's super warm and I get lots of tummy rubs because Momma says I look so cute laying in there.

12. Titus & Tazo: On Daddy’s lap when he’s watching TV. This makes Momma very jealous because I (Tazo) almost never lay on her lap.

13. Earl Grey & Tazo: We take turns napping in Mom’s lap when she’s working on the computer. She loves it. Then she lets us play Stack the Cats when she’s done working. It is soooo much fun.


  1. OH, these are good ones! Your list was great! I had a stepkitty brother who liked to sleep in the litter box when Mommy cleaned it. He was weird!

  2. We loved these. All of you are a great three some. How fun!

  3. Wow, that was a great list. I am a big fan of napping! My current favorite is the rocking chair in the living room. But last week my favorite was the rocking couch. Who knows what next week will be???

  4. Hahahah! "Earthwormed"! I can go rubbery too, when I am really really sleepy and warm. I like your list. Napping is fun.

  5. hehehe! So many good places to nap! Youkitties have got all kinds of nice spots scoped out. Napping is an art, for sure!

  6. Numbers 3, 4, 8, and 13 are great! This is a great TT!

  7. Wowy! We could thing of 100 places to nap!

  8. Datz furry informtif. An we jist discofereded dat we ist no gud at Stack da Catz.

    Luf, Us

  9. Those all sound like good places to nap! :) I like to sleep at night on or behind my mom's legs, and I like to nap on mom when she's on the computer. Dad's lap and legs are cozy when he's watching TV. :)

  10. Wat a fantastic list! My favorite wud haf to be my beans' laps. Their laps are soft, always heated and scritchies come packaged.


  11. I agree that napping should be a sport! It takes very many skills to take a good nap and you are all very talented!



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