Monday, May 21, 2007

Man Cat and Tell Momma Monday - Edition 3

I, Earl Grey, would really like to go outside. Mom says I can’t because I’m a little kitty and it’s a big world out there. Plus, she's just super protective of me after that whole eating the dog toy/obstruction incident. *much eye rolling* She did say that once I get my shots up to date and a microchip, she would probably get me a harness (and also reminded me that I’d have to wear a collar and tags outside with my harness – boo, hiss). She was wondering if there was anything special that she needs to know about harnesses. She’s been scoping them out at the pet store and the cat ones look pretty basic. Are those what you guys have?

She’s also worried because she had a dog once that would slip out of her harness and she certainly doesn’t want that to happen to me because I may run away and I won't come back like her dog did and she doesn’t want that to happen. It really worries her that I can get so boneless and rubbery. Has anyone slipped out of their harness?

Finally, she’s wondering about a leash. Titus has a ginormous 6’ leather leash that would be much too heavy for a mancat such as myself, but she’s wondering if the leashes that match the harnesses that she saw at the store are sturdy enough to wrangle me. I told her that she wouldn’t have to wrangle me because we’re not in a rodeo or anything.

Hmmm, I think after all these harness questions, I may have her talked into a stroller. *grins*
I guess that’s it for Tell Momma Monday.

Peace out.


  1. We have both. We use the harnesses in front of our condo and the stroller at the park. Tiki is a baby and cries the whole time, but I really love the stroller!


  2. Hello Earl Grey: Great picture and information. I think a stroller would be nice.
    Be blessed,
    Samantha and Tigger

  3. I guess as long as the stroller goes with your fur...

  4. I got a harness and leash for my cats - I only got one for the two because 1) I didn't think I could handle both on a leash at the same time, and 2) I didn't know how they would react to the harness and leash. I ended up having to go back to the store because I went to the kitty section to get the harness (instead of the dog) and it was too small for my cats - they are about 12 lbs. So I ended up in the dog section with a small harness and matching leash - the cat one was extra small. The leash is just a standard woven leash as is the harness. My cats are almost 14, so I wasn't worried as much about them getting out of the harness as much. Besides, if they got out of it, I found that if I turn the hose on them, they tend to run right back to the house. I would suggest trying them out somewhere where they are a bit easier to catch if they do manage to wriggle out - just make sure the harness is snug. My cats don't seem to like being on the harness all that much - I think it is too confining for them - but they also haven't had the opportunity to be on it much - we don't have a yard in the backyard, so I have to pick and choose when it is safe to take them out front. You might want to start with putting the harness and leash on and just holding them and walking up and down the block to see how they do outside.

    I think I am going to have to get a stroller for them - they both like being outside while being held, and they keep trying to sneak out, so I think they would do well with a stroller. I hope this helps.

    Tara (not the cat)

  5. That's a nice photo, Earl Grey. :)

    I have a cat harness and the matching leash came with it. I've never slipped out of my harness, and my mom says the two cats she had growing up never slipped out of their eithers. If the harness fits properly, you shouldn't slip out of it.

    I wear my harness in our Garten (yard) and if my humans want to take me elsewhere (ie. the park) I use my stroller. I love going outside with either one! Since I have to be an indoor-only cat (due to my lack of hair, plus my mom thinks it's safer that way) I'm only allowed out on my harness or in my stroller, fully supervised.

  6. duhr ... wut'z a "harness" an wut'z a "leash"?
    i know da sum uv mi grate blogosphere frendz will think it'z crazee ... but i don't yooz either.
    luv--yer frend--jh

  7. Tara – Thanks for the information, especially about sizing a harness. Mom thought the kitty ones at the store looked a little small, even for me. She also giggled about you having to get the hose out for your kitties - but I don't really think that's all that funny. ;)



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